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  • Congratulations Leesa!!!

    • Congratulations Leesa. You look ecstatic ad well you should.
      I won’t be at the front of the pack finishing my Stopover but I will get there.

  • I am a (very reluctant) non KAL-er. Busy season at work and a deadline sweater to be knitted have conspired against me. But I have plans to bang out a sweater at some point and would love a post on short-rowing the back and/or neck. I know how to do short rows but I can only find a few airy references like “then I added a few short rows before I started the yoke” for shaping help. How do I calculate how many I need? do I do them all at once or spaced out? Longer rows first? Where do they start? How far around? Before or after the yoke pattern?

  • I’m stuck on the gauge swatch. Queen of the scarves, and such, I never serously made one before. My yarn is Manos Del Uruguay. Yesterday morning I “had guage” after washing a flat swatch. By the time I got home, it measured differently (one too many stitches/4 inches, five too many rows) on my new 10.5 circular needles. The sweater is to be a small. It is going to be for a friend. I read up last night on making a swatch in the round. Shall I do that, then block? I’m itching to start the project. Up till now, all I have done is wind 3 colors (one hour each skein).
    What now?


    • Sounds like a plan!

      • OK. Good. Thanks!

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  • If I stand on that bed in a bit of wintery natural light and get a picture of my sweater without my shadow in it……….does that mean an early Spring? Seriously, I’m slowed down a little due to husband throwing his back out and my needing to pick up the slack in the chores department – leaving fewer knitting hours available. So here I am, knitting and MDK-ing at 5:30 a.m.

  • Leesa looks happy! That cat looks enormous!

  • Can anyone help to visually post or explain the YOKE attachment of sleeves to body? It seems like you would need to put all of the first sleeve stitches on waste yarn in order to have the use of your dpns to do the next? Also some stitches go to a stitch holder when do those get joined?

    P.S. Makes you want to see a sweater in every possible color combo!

    • Hi Di, when I got to that stage it made sense. I ended up putting the small number of oxter (armpit) stitches on four pieces of waste yarn – one for each sleeve and each side of the body. Then you knit the remaining stitches from each sleeve (on the shorter circular) onto the longer circ, which already has the body on it. Add the pieces in the order shown in the pattern (unless you have added extra bust stitches like I did and discovered you have created a front and back which naturally are in a different order to those shown, so I did right sleeve then left sleeve). I did have to reload the shorter circular with the stitches for my first sleeve as I had put them on a stitch holder so I could knit the second sleeve.

      The stitches on the waste thread get sewn to each other with kitchener stitch at the very end (foot of page 4 on the pattern).

      I hope this makes sense and I haven’t just muddled the situation.

  • I have this Dottie Angel dress/tunic pattern and Lori has given me a great idea how to wear it!

    Lori Ann Graham what are your awesome lopi colors?

  • I’m so enraptured with all these gorgeous sweaters–and jealous, too, as I’m not knitting one myself, sigh. I have two cardigans on the needles that I’ve been working on forever (and one is on size 17 needles, go figure) and I told myself I must finish them before I start anything else. For some reason, I actually listened to myself this time. As soon as they are cast off, I’m going to order me some Lopi and go to town! The KAL will be over, but at least I can still enjoy the sweater.

  • I know Leesa! Cashmere could not have happened to a more deserving knitter.

  • I have been resisting the call of this KAL, I need another project like I need a hole in my head, but Lori Ann’s sweater is so pretty that I may be jumping in anyway.

    • thank you so much! that’s how I felt when I saw maryjane wearing hers the first time! it’s a lovely sweater/design.

  • Lori Ann’s Stopover inspired me to join the KAL when I saw it on Ravelry – beautiful! I too am still struggling to get gauge but should start banging along this weekend.

    • thank you!

  • Leesa’s cat looks even cuddlier than the cashmere.

  • Uh, it may be awhile before I email a completed photo, considering after three days of knitting i have about 2″ to show. #bangoutasweaterwalkofshame

    • I will be there with you Annie! Had to restart my sleeve last night. Sigh…

      • Sleeve? I’m nowhere near the sleeves! Maybe we can catch up with the rest this weekend. Happy Knitting, Sophie!

        • I started with a sleeve as my swatch. First one is about 1/3 done. Am trying to knit like the wind while my babe naps. Good luck to you! 🙂

  • Btw, knitting is good for us:

  • thank you very much Kay and Ann, so many beautiful stopovers! Kathy’s is so lovely! I’m looking forward to seeing all the completed sweaters, the most fun part besides how quickly it goes, is seeing the infinite color combinations. x

  • You spotlighted the two Stopovers that sealed the deal for me, laong wiht that purple and grey one from Kirsten Kapur. I want to do a second one in all dark colors so that you need to get close to see the graphics. And Lori’s is the one that made me realize I can easily add my fifth Stellover Stopover color, though I will knit mine in instead of duplicate stitching . The internets! So inspiring!

  • Only cast mine on yesterday as wool only arrived day before, only to discover after 8rows that I had a twist in it and had to rip it back and start again! Doh! This is the first KAL I have participated in so hoping I won’t be miles behind everyone else! Good luck all! Xx

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