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  • I’m commenting maybe first because I’m in England at the moment and most of you are still asleep. About Instagram: I don’t understand what it is even. I use an iPad. I email. I don’t know what a hashtag is or how you use one. I’m completely in the dark. I’m sure there are other knitters like me who need a very basic tutorial. I also don’t own an iPhone and don’t text. Is there any hope for us? BTW I plan on casting on soon after I return home on Wednesday, as soon as I swatch of course.

    • The short version of “What is Instagram even?” is that it’s a photo sharing app. People post photos and other people can comment on them. Period! That simple. And a hashtag is just like adding a tag to a Ravelry project in a lot of ways.

      In fact, *you don’t even have to join Instagram* to be able to view all the photos tagged with a particular hashtag. Example: the hashtag for the knitalong is #BangOutASweater. When people type #BangOutASweater in the photo description or comments, those photos can be gathered in one place. If you want to see them, you just add the tag (minus the #) to the URL instagram.com/explore/tags/ – so the URL for this knitalong is https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/bangoutasweater/ (no capital letters needed – hashtags are not case sensitive). At the moment, I see lots of swatches, but before too long there’ll be proper WIPs popping up on that page 🙂

      • There’s lots of hope for you. Think of all the money you’re saving without an iPhone (assuming you also don’t have one of Samsung’s pricier models) and by not testing! Besides, I have a theo0ry that so-called smart phones make people stupid. . .you should see all the loons in my neighborhood who walk into traffic without looking at anything other than their phone. And they get upset when you honk your horn at them!

      • Thank you this is helpful to me.

      • Thank you for this!

      • Thank you, Dianna, that was VERY helpful!

    • Glynis,
      I’ve been hoping to meet another individual without a cell phone! For the time being anyway, I just don’t want to be that connected. I’m sure we’ll still enjoy the KAL! Feel free to email me should you need any support , [email protected].

    • Instagram has an iPad app.

      • I was hesitant about Instagram as well, but I took the plunge and really enjoy it. I only follow about twenty of my favorite knitters and designers, and I don’t post photos myself. It’s a great way to learn about new patterns and beautiful yarn!

    • I don’t think Instagram has a specific iPad app, but you can download the iPhone app to your iPad, and hit the 2x button on the bottom right to make the picture fill your screen. You don’t have to have a mobile phone to Instagram! Have fun.

  • The video is delightful!
    Good to know that I can cast on at midnight. Knowing me, since I am so excited about my first KAL, I will probably fall asleep (like on New Years Eve when trying to stay up to watch the ball drop). If awake, I will be on Periscope sending hearts. Sending a few now just in case I’m catching some zzzz’s.

    Let the games begin!


    • Love the video and the fact that it was made in an airport is even better. I’ll have to order a copy soon.

      I’m looking forward to the KAL but I most definitely won’t be up at midnight. Sorry I’m not really sure if I’ll get to cast on tomorrow. It on what my swatch tells me. I may need to order some needles. My only 10 1/2 needles are 16″.

  • I BEEN ready! (Translation: I started yesterday as soon as the yarn arrived.)

  • Yeah, the book looks terrific and I can’t wait. But the important question is: what sweaters are you wearing?

  • A colleague brought me back a proof copy of Knitlandia from ALA Midwinter. Sadly, it doesn’t have Kay’s blurb. Happily, it’s all Kay says it is, and worth buying on the 16th!!!

  • February 16 is MY birthday!!! I am buying that book for my birthday present to me!!

  • No yarn until Wednesday (stamps feet like a 3 y/o and returns to the never ending Pebble Beach).

  • I have to keep talking myself out of this thing because I have three promised knits for others. I am very, very intrigued by the unspun icelandic. I can’t want to read what others who are using it have to offer by way of helpful hints. Single ply yarns unwind in my lap, because I wrap the yarn backwards from normal knitters (self taught lefty). I am curious if these lovely plates could help me avoid that. Also, the Schoolhouse Press website suggests using the yarn doubled for sweaters. Since this is an airier gauge, I can’t wait to see how it works as a single strand.

    • Empathizing! I have had to give myself a Good Talking-To every single day since this started…I really seriously cannot join in, and I really, seriously want to. I’m planning to enjoy it as a spectator, but wish I could just stop my brain from reactivating the argument every time I see a picture of that sweater 😉

      • I’m with you Quinn. We will be strong together!

        • Me, too on this line: “but wish I could just stop my brain from reactivating the argument every time I see a picture of that sweater”

  • Fiddling with gauge, trying to decide on the size. Do I want a loose, sweatshirt-like sweater, in keeping with the whole “bang it out” mode? Or should I fuss (as usual))? I’m thinking: no fuss, the colors were picked to face forward into spring, stop thinking, just knit it.

    • I am also fiddling with both gauge and size. I’ve knit 2 swatches, and after measuring myself, find that I am exactly halfway between 2 sizes! I have lots of too-big clothes right now, which is kind of nice, but I don’t really want to add to that pile. But you’re right…just knit it!

  • True confession, I cast on yesterday. Because I’m home sick all weekend, so I figured I might as well enjoy something 🙂

    I’m almost up to the first round of decreases for the waist and I am not a hugely fast knitter!

  • They’ve shipped my contrasting colors but not the main color! I’ll have some major catching up to do!

  • I’m really excited about my first KAL, and have already swatched and washed them. I have a couple of worries though:
    1.My gauge seems to be between 10.5 (14 sts ) and 11 (12 sts.) after washing. What to do?
    (this is why I never knit sweaters, and excel at rectangles, triangles, and cowls!)
    2. Is there a preferred cast-on?
    3. Worried about the color work, but will cross that bridge later.

    Thoughts? Advice?

    • Lynn,

      I’d go with the 14 stitches and just knit one size larger if it were me.

      No special cast-on; I’m going with the long-tail cast-on.

      Color work will be FINE!

      • This, exactly. I cast on at 2 a.m. and knit for an hour before going to bed. (That means 5 a.m. for you east coasters!) This morning I found that my gauge swatch had lied to me, and it was no longer 13 st/4″. Now it’s 14 st/4″. I just frogged and am casting on for the next bigger size. I don’t mind if a wooly sweater is biggish, but smallish would make me cry.


  • Putting aside the “Fussy Cuts” blanket for a bit to #bangoutasweater. Lopi due in 2/1 so all is good. Inspired by the true spring flower, violets. #Needlesup

  • And oh, the Alabama Chanin skirt. I must get busy!
    I will try to stay up for the Periscope so I can send hearts!
    Hope my yarn gets here soon. It was shipped yesterday.

    • BTW what is the periscope?

  • I appreciate every day the work you two are doing to post so faithfully to the blog. I cherish the long form medium in our world of abbreviated communication. Your witty, insightful, wonderfully written prose is a bright spot in my day.

    I appreciate the blog particularly because I will not be adding Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter to my repertoire. It’s not because I can’t figure it out; it’s a conscious choice to limit the deluge of information and screen time.

    So thank you for the gift of the blog!

    • Hear, hear!

    • Amen!

    • Michele: what you said!

  • Will Clara be coming to Portlandia to do a Knitlandia book signing soon?

    • I do believe she is . . . here’s the whole KNITLANDIA BOOK TOUR!


      16 Launch party at Aeronaut Brewing Company / Somerville Chocolate, 14 Tyler St., Somerville, MA, 6-8:30pm. Porter Square Books will be on hand with books for sale.

      17 Strand Books Rare Books Room, 828 Broadway, New York, NY, 7-8pm

      18 Loop Yarn, 1914 South St., Philadelphia, PA, 5:30pm (talk begins at 6:30pm)

      19 Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, Bainbridge Island, WA, 4-7:30pm

      20 Powell’s City of Books, 1005 W. Burnside St., Portland, OR, 4pm

      21 Stitches West, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, signing in the A Verb for Keeping Warm booth, 11:30am-1pm

      25-28 Knitting in the Hills Retreat, Horseshoe Bay, TX


      2 Interweave Yarn Fest keynote, Loveland, CO

      7-10 make.wear.love Retreat, Asilomar, CA

      • Yeah! I’ll be sure to wear my “Put a Bird on it” sweater (for Portlandia fans:)
        Thank you for the info!

        • I’ll be at Powell’s when she comes. I hope I’ll be wearing my banged out sweater! See you in yours? (It would be pretty fun if there were a ton of Stopovers!)

  • Thank you, MKG, for asking about the sweaters worn in the video! I was wanting that info too. I’ve already pre-ordered the book. Counting on Amazon to deliver it promptly. Great video advert.

  • Kay you crack me up! I can’t say I’ve been ever known the meat of a sandwich!

  • First – LOVE the video. Time in an airport has never been better spent. And I can’t wait to see the book, which fortuitously does not come out until this KAL is done, or we’d all be (insert your choice of expletive here).

    I have swatched, washed (in conditioner) and dried. It’s pretty hole-y, totally in keeping with the barbed-wire-like texture. I will soldier on, but I am concerned about barbed wire on my neck/under my chin. Has anyone thought about short rows to get that front down a little? Maybe before the colorwork?

  • My sleeve swatch has morphed into 2 finished sleeves and a cast on body. Oops. I think Kay’s lopi obsession is rubbing off on me – I’m already planning my next lopapeysa.

  • Girls, er.. Ladies, your red carpet appearance was fabulous…the couture divine. A hoot!
    My yarn is still coming from various retailers, US and Iceland, so I’m using some stash Lett Lopi to bang out a baby sweater instead of swatching. The yoke decreases are going to be tricky due to the BIG gauge for this yarn (Lett Lopi), but I figure I’ll get something useful instead of a plain ol’ rectangular Barbie dollhouse rug.

  • All of you with your yarn and your blocked swatches are making me so jealous! I’ll be watching my mailbox like a hawk tomorrow. And starting the KAL with the second wave of knitters waiting for yarn that you two have apparently caused a run on in the US. What power knitters have!

  • Waiting or my yarn from Iceland! Washed swatched TBD.

  • Okay. Okay, already. I hear you. I will do that thing required to reset my Instagram password and will begin to send my photos appropriately tagged. #BangOutASweater

    I will probably be casting on right along with you Kay. I have company coming for dinner tomorrow night. I decided to try cooking again and banged out a whole lotta meat a balls and gravy this morning. It’s important to stay fortified when juggling multiple projects involving both hooks and sticks.

    (unless of course I cheat and do it tonight. not sure my swatch will be useful by then though.)

  • Midnight knitting – YES ! Will be Barking out a Sweater from stash. Up, Periscope !

  • Aren’t you both just the cutest?! I am swatched up, yarned up and waaaaaaay excited! I even attempted to get on Instagram last night, but with mixed results. I will try again today, and, if successful, post a photo of my own personal colorway for the sweater!

  • Oh, and midnight EST would work perfectly with my West Coast night owl tendencies, making it only 9 pm here. However, Monday is the one night a week that I am usually away from home. I will be 50 miles away from here, just finishing up a weekly rehearsal with my women’s community choir. (Another great activity, so it’ll be OK!)

    • Er, there might be some confusion over February 1 at midnight. Hubbo the lawyer sez legal types generally chose 11:59 PM or 12:01 AM and the day.

      • Lori…upon reflection, I see that you are correct! Kay would naturally cast on at midnight on February 1st, which would be Sunday night. Thanks for the clarification!

  • My yarn isn’t here yet, so I will be late to cast on. It’s ok, though. Everyone else’s photos will inspire and encourage me (and I will need encouragement, as this is my first adult sweater). I’m looking so forward to this!

  • I’ll probably be casting on on Wednesday, when my yarn gets here. I dawdled deciding and all that was left was “black sheep.” Which I am looking forward to. Kind of like “dark horse.” Exciting to be knitting along, and maybe boosting the Icelandic economy. Loved the Icelandic (sweater) saga blog. Hoping to be exhilarated, as well.

  • OMG- I am old or out of it. Was it Periscope?

  • I was on a roll, yarn ordered Thursday night, shipped Friday afternoon, out for delivery Saturday morning, and then this happened: “Your item has been tendered to a military agent”.

    WHAT. I do not live on a base. I live in a barely affordable apartment. There are no military agents in sight. No delivery notice, no doorman, no front desk, and now no yarn! I’m hoping it’s all lies & my yarn will get here Monday, but I am definitely mourning the swatch-time high hopes that one-day delivery had given me. I will be haunting hashtags in the meantime!

  • hahahaha! The meat of an Ann-Steven sandwich! Thanks for the great video – just pre-ordered the book. Am ready for the BangOutASweater to begin!

  • You ladies on the video are just adorable. I just started a big crazy scarf, so I probably shouldn’t #bangoutasweater, but I can and will buy that book!

  • Any thoughts on ease? Am knitting this for my niece Molly who is tall and slim. Her bust measures 40″. I am thinking the medium might work. According to the post office, my yarn is patiently waiting in Kearny, NJ. I am in Yonkers so my swatch is still a starry eyed dream.

    • Kearney, NJ? Road Trip!

      • I am considering it!! But if it gets anywhere near Yonkers tomorrow my mail guy will get it here. He totally gets the yarn thing!!!!

        • You’ve got a great mail guy!
          ♡♡♡♡, Karen. Have fun with the KAL. We’re holding up our ends for Yonkers. (Wonder if there are any more Yonkers knitters out there. )


  • Umlike you all (yawl?) I don’t have kids, so while I’ve reluctabtly joined Twitter and now Instagram, I must admit I have no idea what periscope is. Howany of these things are there? I’ve lived 1/2 century without these new-fangled things. Must I start now?

  • Instagram is my only social media and I love it! I am not into the facebook. I am “on” twitter” but I have not signed on in ages. My swatches are still coming along and I will be ordering yarn as soon as I decide on colors. I will have a finished sweater just not by the end of the week!

    P.S. Kay, that Alabama Chanin skirt is divine!

  • The MEAT in an Ann Hood / Steven West sandwich!!!

    • I love this!! I’ll be cheering you on as well. Can’t wait to see all the pretty combos!!