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  • (lots of your images are broken, she whispers)

  • I think you are safe from the KonMari troops. There really has been joy sparking around from all the VKLive! posts.

    Luckily I am in the midst of a studio overall, so I know that doing anything more than reading any of your links will NOT be a good idea. Off to write that out 100 times. 😉

  • Kay, I totally love this post.
    I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you and Ann. I went to VKL on Sunday.

    I am so happy you pointed out Jill Draper’s yarn. She is my absolute favorite!
    I buy yarn from her during the year, but it’s also a highlight to see her once a year and see all of her
    lovelies in person.

    A dream come true for me: I bought a skein of Empire! I lovingly stared at it all the way up the Hudson to home and can’t wait to get ready to make her Apple Picking sweater.

    • Empire state of mind! I love how big those skeins are. Pure magic. We will see you next time, Ellen, I hope!

  • It is always good to have Joy, in your life. Anything Isager does always brings joy. Please tell us what the pattern was for your cabled pullover.

    • Whitney by Jane Gottelier.

      • Whitby! Damn you autocorrect!

        Whitby by Jane Gottelier.

  • I believe the Kidsilk Haze Wrap is Melody’s Shawl. It was interpreted and popularized by Espace Tricot (Montreal) in Koigu PPM but it looks fabulous in KSH http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/melodys-shawl

    • Thank you!

  • This wrap. Kid Silk Haze, doubled. Acres long. Stripe-matched fringe. Readers: any idea of the pattern?

    Try this … over at Morehouse Farm … the sideways knit shawl and you fringe it after the cutting … might take a little fiddling with the kidsilk haze … but kidsilk haze has been doubled … should be a tad less strenuous … it’s Melody’s shawl … http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/melodys-shawl … will say though not quite sure that one needs to buy that pattern … just saying … it’s an idea really and depends on the width ya’ want!

  • Kay Kay Kay … mini Missoni found here … http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-miss-chevy … Little Miss Chevy … perhaps was upsized into the koigu wonder you saw … or the holes were omitted here in this one from drops … http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/105-26-jacket-with-zigzag-pattern … and the TOKYO shawl … knit worthy indeed … I want one too!!!

  • In the second picture, would love to know the cowl that Ann is wearing – pattern and sweater. Thanks!

    • Meant yarn the cowl is made out of.

      • I want the cowl pattern, where is it, please?

        • Hi you guys, it’s the Kiki Mariko stitch patttern from our second book, and I think this is from Ann’s stash of Jamieson’s? She just kind of made it up, working that stitch pattern in the round until it was cowl-length.

  • We have been accused of being the knitters’ devil of temptation on many occasions in the past. We are used to it. ? So glad you like the kit!

    And very happy to meet you both! Hope to see you many times in the future, at VKL in NYC or on my visits to Nashville to see the son!

    • So great to see you, Cindy! Give a holler when you’re down Nashville way.

  • The Indian Artisan needles are great for anyone who has arthritis. They are more comfortable than the square needles and you can get the circs (needle part) in different lengths. I bought some about 5 years ago and my knuckles love them.

  • The Missoni-esque cardi reminds me of Ann Weaver’s [Monomania](http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/monomania), but Weaver’s design has set-in sleeves while this sweater looks to have a yoke construction. Hmm . . . Monomania has been in my queue for quite some time . . . lots of Noro languishing in the stash . . .

    • Whoa – joke’s on me, I now see you already have a Monomania and know that the enviable cardi worn by the VK Live attendee is from another pattern, one with yoke construction. Never mind!

  • First thing I thought, too … Melody’s shawl. I’ve seen it done in all kinds of yarn. I made one in Habu Tsumugi stranded with bamboo. It’s a fast, satisfying knit. Mine rolls, but works nicely as a scarf.

    Love that Rifton colorway! And the Tokyo shawl kit is superb.

  • Chameleon Sock in Beige was my very first yarn purchase on my very first day of my very first Rhinebeck (2015). I haven’t decided what I’m doing with it yet, but I take it out every so often to pet it.

    Thirding the pattern ID for the Kidsilk Haze wrap.

  • I *WANT* that cardigan! I have saved the picture. Now I must stalk Ravelry for the project. Giant time suck. Thanks, Kay.

    • I have to have it too! Somebody please help me out of my pattern obsession!

    • Me too!

  • I feel the same way after Stitches Midwest every year. We had a Vogue event in Chicago for the last two summers or so, but they have decided to cancel it. I am so disappointed—if it had been properly advertised and promoted and if they had scheduled it so that it wasn’t just a few weeks after Stitches Midwest, my friends and I would have gone. 🙁 We Midwesterners feel that we weren’t given a proper chance!

  • Ok, need to know the pattern for the cowl your niece is wearing in the picture with Cathy! Thanks!

  • Mini chevron version … here … http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-miss-chevy … Adult version could be adjusted from this … http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/105-26-jacket-with-zigzag-pattern … thought I had posted it … but not I suppose … y’all are so eager to put it in the queue and what not … knit faster … knit happy!

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  • What’s the chevron pattern in the the first pic? Is that Monomania? I’ve had my eye on that puppy for ages. I love the grays & creams in that sweater.

    • Yes–it’s Monomania in Neighborhood Fiber Company’s Rustic Fingering. A dream to knit and to wear.

      • Well, crap. Now I’m going to have buy the pattern, shove all my other knitting & other responsibilities aside, & get to it. Thanks a lot. I hope you’re happy.

        • I’m pretty happy. You will be, too. It’s a perfect pattern as far as I can tell.

  • Hey, that’s a Kiki Mariko as a scarf! Why didn’t I think of that?! Love it.

    • It was the most fun thing to make. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • chevron cardi….looks like this one:

  • I just finished that Tokyo shawl, in the lighter colorway. It was an addictive knit, and it’s beautiful, and useful.

    • Glad to hear! It will go with everything in my closet and I think I will enjoy the zig zags.

  • Love your Tokyo colours, but that is clearly a pattern that I could stash bust with, if only I could buy the pattern in English without the kit. Alas, I shall live vicariously through you until that can happen!

    • ELBOW RIVER from Heidi Kirrmaier is a good triangular match … http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/elbow-river … modifiable to rectangular shawl quite surely … and yes … stash busting kind of thing is how my cookies crumble on something like that!

      • Thanks. I’ll take a look!

  • If you use a fingering weight yarn for Starshower, you will end up with a kerchief. If you want something that looks like the picture, either double your yarn or use a heavier weight. I used Debbie Bliss’s Cotton Angora.

    • Respectfully beg to differ! I made mine out of fingering cashmere, and it is a great size for a layer of warmth. Check it out on Ravelry: I call it Stellar Starshower ( sorry I don’t know how to provide the link).
      I wear it often, and am kicking myself for not suggesting it.

  • I will get there one day to Vogue Knitting Live!

  • I’m the Susan from Philly wearing the mohair shawl. It’s an Artyarns pattern, here’s the link: http://www.artyarns.com/patterns/mohair-blanket-shawl-kit/

    • Thus settling the debate! Thanks, Susan!

  • It was so good to see you at Vogue & our quick catch up on the time that flew by. You gals warm my heart & light my LYS owner fire (we can sure use that today with the cold & windy weather), you remind me to rejoice & have fun. Thank you for keeping the knit world in stitches!

    • OMG – can you believe it?! You’re famous! So exciting! Stay warm.

  • I hope we find the true cardigan pattern! Serious sweater envy.

    The chevron cardigan looks like http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/105-26-jacket-with-zigzag-pattern, but I think it may have the following mods:
    – a centered double decrease to make the one line
    – kfb for the m1s instead of a yo
    – potentially in fingering instead of sport weight due to the number of chevrons?

    • Thank you Kate for the suggested alterations to the 105-26 jacket. I too hope the actual
      pattern for the Missoni like sweater is found so we are not all out there re-writing the pattern.
      Margaret from Boston
      Margfitz on Ravelry

  • ah, the rejuvenation of coming from a fiber event! All that inspiration! All those yarn fumes! Now that I am home, wishing there was more time.

    I was at that Conversatinal Threads booth as well … bought the Loop book. Last copy.

    Love looking at what everyone is wearing – knitters are such a creative community.

  • Not only do I love that Missoni- esque cardigan – big Missoni fan that I am – but though I know I was at home for VKL, I’d swear the wearer is my doppelgänger, at least from the rear! Perhaps I was there in spirit….

  • I think KonMari should learn to knit and then we’ll see who is in a position to suggest we chuck it all. But if it’s sparking joy, run with it, not the scissors, but the joy. Love having you gals back to share your earnestness about yarn with us.

  • You guys are so dangerous! I’ve just started on a Lopi yoke sweater and now I need the zigzag yoke sweater.

  • My LYS is famous! My LYS is famous! Cathy and FAKP are the best! So glad to see them on a grand stage. That sorts it – you two MUST return to Swarthmore soon.

    VKL! was a ton of fun, but the highlight was when I spyed Ann, Kay and friend. I interrupted, gushed a little about my admiration for MDK and a Nebraska childhood, mentioned I couldn’t make the booksigning or walk, then … Kay gave me the pin she was wearing! I’ll treasure it always.

  • Could the sweater in question be this? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/menlo-cardigan

  • So much fun and so much to comment on. I feel (almost) like I’ve been there. I guess my most concise comment, is “Beige”. I have seen this in the flesh (fibre?), and it is magnificent.

  • Could the Missoni-esque cardigan be Maie Landra’s Jazz Cardigan?

    • I don’t think so, I think the Jazz Cardigan has set-in sleeves (hard to tell from the pictures but I think so), and the sweater I saw was definitely a yoke construction, as I discussed that aspect of it with the knitter/wearer. Curse my memory for not writing it down!

  • The cardigan looks very like Sprinkle from Loops 10, but done in stripes http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sprinkle-6

  • http://www.ravelry.com/projects/KateK8/ariann Or similar to this project

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  • I love Jill Draper’s yarns, not only for the fabulousness, but also for the names. I get a powerful nostalgia for Ulster County. As soon as she starts making something called Springtown (or better yet–Dug Road–LOL). I’m buying the whole thing.

  • can I post the sweater on Raverly to see if anyone knows the pattern?


    • Yes, please do! Let’s get to the bottom of this.

      • Please post the Ravelry link when you get a chance.

        • Yes, I think we all would like to know the name of this elusive knitted beauty!

      • I think I found it


        • That one looks nice but I am hoping to find the pattern written with a circular yoke:-)

    • Patty, any luck with your Ravelry post on the elusive but lovely chevron sweater?

      • I sent Kay a list of possibilities on my iPad. I will post tomorrow all the possibilities.


  • I think it looks like this one but sized up:


    • Great find AK. I love that this one is top down and goes up to a child’s size 12. Thank you.

  • It’s my LYS in the Mason Dixon blog!!!!!!
    Gah! And cathy!!!!! Can you two dynamos go to Pittsburgh knit and crochet. I will sit and sell.coloring books for you! I speak their language as a native burgh resident displaced to the burbs of Philly.

  • Earlier today, I found TassyKnitter’s Purple Casual Chevrons Sweater on Ravelry and her post mentioned Knitter’s Magazine Fall 1998 issue. Once I got home I found that yes- that issue had been saved and in it is the Casual Chevrons sweater and a tutorial by Lily Chin on Chevron Stitch Constructions. Neither the pattern or TassyKnitter’s project is a cardigan and both are in garter but I have enough to “chew” on for the time being.
    Kay, does this sound familiar – a pattern from an old issue of Knitter’s Magazine?
    My other idea was a pattern from a yarn shop or yarn producer but I have not found anything on those searches.

    • In the magazine, is it a pattern or a general idea for a sweater? It would be easy to convert a pullover to a cardigan. In fact it would be better to knit as a pullover then cut. The stripes would probably look better.

      • There is a pattern and I have a copy. But my guess is that the mystery sweater was knit with a more recent pattern. In the Fall 1998 pattern, the 3 sizes are made based on needle size.
        Here is a link to the sweater made form the pattern.
        The pattern calls for 24 repeats at the yoke after joining the parts and some decreases- the pattern is written bottom up.
        The sweater on Ravelry is modified by using a DK (not worsted weight yarn), more repeats and did not start the repeats at the neckline but used a “filler” stitch. It must be spectacular in person.

        • Here is the link to the magazine on Ravelry

        • Thanks, Margaret, for your perseverance! I don’t see a chevron sweater when I click on your link for the Fall 98 issue. Could you please provide the name of the pattern and the designer? I got rid of all my old issues when I moved – I keep regretting that decision!

        • The pattern I found is on page 108 of Knitter’s magazine Fall 1998- the designer is Lily M. Chin and the pattern is called Casual Chevrons.

        • Thanks, Margaret! That Casual Chevrons by Lily Chin
          particular pattern is not one that is up on Ravelry that I could find?

        • It would be so much easier if the knitter of the sweater in question would just leave a comment here. Hello! Where are you?! Tell us about your lovely sweater.

        • Did we consider this pattern?

          It is top- down which I like. I think the neck could be tightened up by using a smaller needle ?

  • Or this one ?


    • I think the Noro123 one was mentioned up above. Either that, or I saw it when I searched Ravelry on zigzag or chevron. I don’t remember anymore. Anyway, the sweater in the blog post wasn’t quite so lacy. I wonder if the other one could be changed with a provisional cast on, then going back and adding more rows so it comes up higher. It might be tricky with the chevron. I’m not sure.

      Another possibility: Find a top down yoke sweater you like, and put the chevron on it (ie, design a sweater).

      • If you knit it top down, would you still get the zigzag edge at the bottom? That’s just one of the things I like about the iriginal sweater.

        • I just started knitting a sweater with Noro Silk Garden I have on hand using Ripple Effect as my primary pattern and Mim’s chevrons pattern for the non-lace chevton pattern.

        • Well done, Margaret! I agree that Ripple effect is the closest. I want to try this with my KPPPM stash. Would love to keep in touch on your progress- friend me on Ravelry? czp22 Thanks!

          I guess I haven’t given up on the mystery knitter presenting herself (& her pattern!)

        • AK, I am not sure about the bottom edge with a top down sweater. I think if you don’t do too, much of an edge you should end up with a zig-zag edge.
          See http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amalfi-poncho
          that pattern is different in that it is garter stitch and that stitch does not require an edge…
          I am working on a swatch based on 1/4 size of my expected sweater so I can work out the numbers I need for use with Silk Garden (which is thicker than the yarn in Kay’s photo and thinner than the yarn used for the Ripple Effect pattern). I am using the Ripple Effect pattern as a starting point
          AND I want a higher neckline.
          But I still hope that the illusive knitting pattern will show up 🙂

        • I want the original knitter to show up, too!

          Well, the Ripple Effect sweater is very pretty, so that’s a pretty good starting point.p

          I knit the chevron socks from Sensational Knitted Socks (Charlene Schurch) and the edge zigzags a little, and has a garter stitch edge. The repeat on it is 22 stitches. You could just knit a bottom up yoke sweater fitting into a 22 stitch repeat.

  • A 22 stitch repeat may be too, many stitches for easy manipulation when you are trying to figure out the total number of body and sleeve stitches (think of your body measurement at your biceps). I am thinking of a 10 stitch repeat at the bottom of the yoke increasing to 14 stitches at the hips. If you are following this part of the conversation make sure you look to Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Percentage writings at least as a starting point.

    I am happily playing along with my Silk Garden (towards my Zig-Zag #1 sweater) but I hope for a later version using Koigu that we have a pattern to follow 🙂

  • I think this one also looks like the pattern, have we considered this?


    (Hope that link works)