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  • I couldn’t help smiling at the thought of Belinda, a few months ahead of Mr Bowie at the Pearly Gates, welcoming him and offering to show him around, maybe knit him something suitable for his “Heaven’ look….Ax

    • I am so sorry and shocked to hear that Belinda has passed away.

      • Hi Sara,

        Yes, it’s true and so painful. If you look back in our search function there is a post “Belinda Boaden.”

  • oh the exhibition was fabulous – wish I had gone more than once but it was 500 mile trip to V&A! it is touring at the moment currently in the Netherlands so check out and see if it will go anywhere accessible to you next.

  • I saw that exhibit in Toronto. The clothes were totally amazing. The Union Jack coat by Alexander McQueen! But also things like the keys to his apartment in Berlin and his paintings… Mind-blowing.

  • I was happy for the opportunity to see that show in Chicago… blew my mind, as Bowie always did and always will!

  • We were lucky to have the David Bowie Is exhibit here in Chicago at the MCA. It was great. I can’t help but wonder if Stephen West got his idea for “swants” from David Bowie??

  • Thank you for posting this video. So interesting! One of a kind.

  • I saw it in Chicago, too, and am so grateful I had the chance. He certainly was the fashion plate. All those suits were amazing. And so was he. *sob*

  • I was also fortunate enough to see the exhibit in Chicago. We spent 4 hours there. What an amazing tribute to an amazing man. He will be sorely missed but we will always have his music and photos.

  • It’s hard to imagine, in this age of gender fluidity in popular culture, how cutting edge David Bowie really was, back in the day. He was outrageous, in the very best sense of the word, and fearful, and magnificently creative, and thoughtfully provocative/provocatively thoughtful. So many current artists stand on his shoulders, in art and music and fashion and theater. Strong enough, as an artist, to conceive and perform his own farewell to this world. He was a giant, not just a star, but his own constellation.

    • It’s awe inspiring, truly. I can’t watch that video or imagine his strength to make it.

  • I was never a huge Bowie fan, except for his role in Labyrinth, but he was so, so interesting.

  • I was a huge Bowie fan (since Starman) so I flew to London to see the exhibition (although my family thought I was going over to see them- shhh don’t tell them). Then I saw it twice in Toronto. And it was indeed mind blowing. As I sat in the final room the first time I saw it watching the footage of him killing Ziggy it occurred to me that it felt like the whole thing was a posthumous exhibition. I felt like David Jones had killed off Bowie and now his final album – is this the true man?

    • You’re worse than me with the McQueen exhibit, Fiona! I totally get it and don’t know how I missed seeing it as it traveled.

    • When you listen to the new album, this feeling will be even stronger. It is remarkable anyway, but even more so when you realize how I’ll he must have been when he made it.

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  • What an extraordinary legacy he has left us. He will be sorely missed, and no doubt, reinventing himself up there on his star.

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