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  • Happy New Year to you both. I love this post, having just returned from Copenhagen full of good-and-tidy intentions (ahem, see today’s blog post), I realise I need to read KonMari to sober up and get real. Also, LOVE Bullet Journal, anything with a new note book has me at ‘Hello’. TrueBritKnits would have loved this. Ax

    • I’m sad she didn’t have a Leuchtturm 1917 (at least not to my knowledge). But yes, it would be fun showing her my bullet journal. I think I told her about it when she was in NYC last March. Wish I could ask her!

  • Happy New Year! I am so glad you ladies are back! You are my knitspiration! I am in the process of Kondo-ing my condo, and last spring I picked up a book, The Science of Skinny, that sounds similar to the Whole30. (Clean eating, and no processed flour or sugar), but the Bullet Journal is a new one.
    Do you carry it everywhere? I got To-Do list pads at Staples for work and home, but not sure the journal wouldn’t save more trees.

    Wishing you all the best for 2016!

    • I do carry it everywhere but I am scared I’m going to lose it!

      Good luck with the condo Kondo!

  • Ah, I was *super* sceptical about KonMari (I have failed with decluttering so many times) but then my hoarding friend (she had a very bad habit) said it had worked for her.

    So I gave it a try. I miss absolutely nothing from the 7 boxes of stuff I took to Oxfam after a weekend of KonMari-ing. Or the three bin bags full of YARN (!!!) I gave away to my child’s school and to other crafty friends.

    Might try to tackle my list-phobia with this Bullet thing. I have lots of those, as all stationery sparks joy in my heart and so was not got rid of.

    • Lots of notebooks, that should say, tsk!

  • How can I return to work when there are dozens of knitting videos to watch?

  • Love this timely post, Kay. Just what I needed. The Magic Art …, I am familiar with and also highly recommend. It is a drawer/closet changer for sure. It makes getting rid of things a pleasant chore, instead of one that inspires dread. And I laughed at your spice drawer, because I just tackled mine. My husband cooks too and between us, that drawer needs a regular sprucing. And vacuuming!

    I am going to check out Whole 30 and also Bullet Journal. I just know (from what I know of you so far), that I will love them both. And thanks so much for the endless flow of wonderfulness that comes from this blog. It is the sugar in my morning coffee…a daily addiction. Love you both!

  • One of these days I will be more diligent about tidying up – I keep a pretty clean house, but cluttered, because if my stuff is out, I don’t need to remember where I might have put it …

    On the other hand, the bullet journal is the answer to the maiden’s prayer. I do not have a smartphone, for both technological and personal-preference reasons. I have a calendar on my work computer, a calendar on my wall at home, and a LIST on on the home computer. And I have needed a way to keep with me this list of plans, tasks and events that is not constrained by your standard date book format. I think the bullet journal might be called hitting the jackpot. Thank you, thank you.

  • I need to try all of these. Thanks for doing the leg work.

  • I came home and thought I must write a list of everything I have to do and then prioritize it somehow. While I was avoiding that task, I decided to check 0ut blogs I follow and there was the answer: the bullet journal. It sounds like a pretty simple, doable idea.
    About a year ago, I did a mini KonMari on my bedroom and then–for no explicable reason–stopped. After the holidays, I’m definitely ready to expand it to the rest of my house. You’re right; she’s a bit nutty (saying thank you to shoes) but I find the notion of keeping items that spark joy to be a good way to look at our belongings.
    Thanks for the inspiration on a Monday morning.

  • I (sorta) followed Whole 30, and my cholesterol numbers dropped 40 points, despite eating (paleo) bacon and eggs almost everyday. Didn’t lose any weight, though. 🙁 I wish I had a drawer like your spice drawer – still working on that mess because who needs three jars of curry? I’m going to try out the Bullet Journal, although now that I am retired, there are very few deadlines of consequence. 😉

  • Today is my first day on the Whole30! I ‘somehow’ fell into a big pile of sugar over the holidays and my jeans have told me to change my ways or buy bigger (which I am loathe to do and besides all that crap I ate is making me feel like crap!). As for KonMari, I love it! It’s the first thing I’ve ever done that I have been able to maintain. I’m going to check out Bullet Journal asap because – new notebook!

  • Well, Kay, I’d never have even thought of the bullet journal without you. Thank you! I’m an inveterate list maker, and I LOVE crossing things off, but lists are not my savior for long-term goals/projects. This system just might work . . .

    I believe in KonMari, but I haven’t quite swooped into all my piles of stuff to simplify. Nor do I have homes for everything. But soon . . .

  • I have been bullet-journaling since January 2014 and Kon-Mari-ing since last spring, so I know these two techniques work. You have never led me astray, Kay (from jeans jackets advice to denim yarn to Honey Cowls, to name just a few inspirations), so Whole30 may be just what I need to get out of my bad eating habits. Am off to learn!

  • The only thing I planned on doing this year was the Year of Making, which is to pay attention to the things I make (and of course photograph them daily) so I can look back at the things I do each day. I’ve been considering Konmarie, but don’t think I’m quite there yet.

    • She’ll wait for you! Love the Year of Making, hope you have a blast with it.

  • Love bullet journaling – keeps me on track (though I do sometimes feel I’m not doing it “right” when I see all these fancy layouts and spreads that others are doing on Instagram). I’ve decided to use it as it works for me and let go of the anxiety/jealousy/what have you of not measuring up because that doesn’t bring me joy. That said, Marie Kondo is a genius. She has made letting go of things (physical and emotional) so much easier for me. Who knew one little book/philosophy would apply so liberally to my whole life? I’m going to check out Whole30 at my earliest convenience – thanks for the recommendation

    • I’m with you about bullet journaling–mine is not ready for Instagram, for sure. But I truly don’t care; it’s so useful and functional. I had envisioned making collages of train tickets in it, etc., but I do not have the right combination of time and desire for that. Now that 2015 is over, though, I’m very glad to have my battered bullet journal, cross-outs and blank pages and all. It made my year a bit easier and it recorded at least a part of what I’d like to remember.

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  • thanks for the pep talk. I have grand goals for Kon-Moring to overcome my hoarding tendencies. As you know, my drawers can definitely use it.

    Love the Bullet Journal- but as usual for me, follow-thru has been an issue. Can you add to your Bullet Journal list ” remind Lisa to Bullet Journal”?

  • I could not agree with you more re oppressive Western culture and particularly North American ideals of achieving personal perfection, with constant striving to improve, improve! It eats away our self-esteem and we don’t even see how pervasive it is (fish swimming in the water asks “what’s water?”).

    On to the blessings of Marie Kondo: I am done with clothes, on to shoes, books are next. It’s going to take me the rest of the year bec. my job is so consuming, but I am on it! The whole book made utter sense to me until I hit the sock drawer piece, which made me hoot in derision– probably because mine was also full of knobs of socks! Oddly then, one of the most gratifying things I did was reorganizing my socks, folding them and stacking sideways (had already done this with t-shirts pre-Kondo). Sigh, peace. Oneness with my sock drawer. Only thing is, I keep thinking I should go to Goodwill to see what treasures await–with all this KonMari action, I bet folks are donating some amazing stuff. I know I have!

  • Thanks for all the great tips. I think I might even follow through on some of them!

    Happy New Year!

  • I’m a bobbin-finger-knitter!

    It started while on one of those endless stretches of stocking stitch, many years ago.

    I figured that if the yarn was disappearing from my finger, I was actually making progress, no matter what the tape measure told me…

  • I loved looking at all those young hands knitting–some with beautifully manicured nails–and wanted to pass on a message from a 75-yr-old knitter: I’m so happy to see you knitting and obviously enjoying it. My hands are gnarly and misshapen from years of an active life and arthritis, but I can still knit every day and relish the private moments of creativity. I can’t pick up things easily anymore, but holding needles and yarn is just like it was at your age. Knitting can be a lifelong love.

  • I started Whole30 today. So far, so good. 😉
    The bullet journal ~ how have I missed that? I am afraid that I may somewhat resemble Pigpen from Peanuts, ambling through life amid a cloud of random jottings and post-it notes. I’ll be checking that out in the morning!

  • I am so happy about the knitting videos. I have been wanting this for years. There is something unique and beautiful in the way that everyone knits because each method is different but they all produce knit fabric. It is mesmerizing. Thanks for the heads up. Made my day.

  • Love new journals. I watched his video and I think I can figure it out. Thanks for a great informative post.
    I kon maried my clothes last year but need to do it all again. Even though I was not 1oo% km’d, I am a convert.
    I am sure I am knitting all wrong all the time and so slow. but tis what it tis.

  • Oh and on day four of the whole 30. Last year I did a convoluted intermittent 90. Lost so much weight and felt amazing. My blood sugar numbers went down as did my blood pressure. My birthday, follwed by Thanksgiving (and pre Thanksgiving) followed by Christmas (and pre and post Christmas) -Jiminy Cricket did I go wild. I had it in my mind that I would be back on track in January and so ate every little thing my heart desired for two months… gained back 10 pounds.
    But I learned so much and now I know the foods that are my triggers and those that make me tired and so on. It is good to know your demons.
    I look forward to your posts and wish you and yours a Joyous New Year!

  • Bullet Journal! I’m going to do this. I actually do something sort of similar already (and my ex did something like it, too – he’s where I got my idea) but I haven’t been as methodical. I basically have separate to-do lists and notes. I like adding the daily, calendar aspect. And I even have a cute new notebook to start with!

    Now I’m off to watch the knitting videos.

  • When I read the Marie Kondo book last year I kept thinking how strange so much of the advice was. But saying thank you to things for all they have done/taught me has made it so much easier to say goodbye. No guilt, just gratitude.
    I haven’t done whole 30 but have done paleo for about 7 years and have easily maintained a 35 lb weight loss. I cheat some but if I gain a few lbs. or start feeling achy I just get back on track again.
    I have a feeling the Bullet Journal will be equally a successful.
    Happy New Year, glad you two are back on a regular basis.

  • I love organization…files, labels, purging, etc.! I spent a cold New England winter last year doing a Kon Mari of my entire house and love the results! I thought I was organized and pretty clutter-free, but her book totally changed my thinking and my perspective (love her boxes inside bureau drawers- brilliant!). I learn so much from your blog and am so happy you’re both back! Now it’s off to Bullet Journaling…this is a new concept for me and as someone who makes lists every night for the next day, I know I’m going to love this. Unfortunately, the original Bullet Journal is out of stock, but the small delay will give me some time to learn how to use this system (some of the pictures on Pinterest are totally overwhelming!). Also love the videos of so many hands knitting – thanks for sharing! Happy new year to you both…wishing you continued success, happiness and good health in the new year ahead!

  • This is not the time, but surely this is the place!

    I am embarking on my first lopapeysa,(Riddari), and I am wondering, Kay, if you advise starting on smaller needles as the pattern directs or jumping right in with the larger needle size. I am using your updates (wider neckline, etc.). Apologies, I couldn’t seem to leave a comment in a related post. Thanks so much, and Happy New Year!

  • “I think that overall there should be a lot less talk and concern about weight and fatness and thinness. It’s so reductive, so dehumanizing. It’s also boring and ineffectual.” Favorite thing I’ve read in a long time.

    I glanced over the Whole 30 plan. Why no legumes? I suppose I would have to read more to understand but it makes it hard to follow if you’re mostly a veg.

    Happy New Year Kay! I love your writing and am so glad for your bright wit.

  • Somehow those two Instagram #’s are not working for me…..

  • Kay, I love reading your blog because you put in writing all the brilliant thoughts I’m thinking to myself but never seem to write down. I discovered Kon Mari last winter and Whole 30 last Spring, and you articulated exactly how they’ve changed my life. First January since –oh, I don’t know, since I was 13?–that I’m not ‘resolving’ something about my weight, eating habits etc etc. total game changer. KonMari IS nuts, as I warn everyone before I recommend the book, but it does change your approach to keeping and (especially important for me), buying stuff. Anyway, thanks for your insights, and if you need a resolution list, I did see an awesome list on Facebook, purportedly from the Pope. Have not verified this, but it’s good stuff nonetheless. And now I’m psyched to try the Bullet Journal. Happy New Year!

  • I found bullet journaling around the time of my birthday at the end of August. It was a perfect time since – 1. my birthday!, 2. Office supplies abound at the start of the school year, 3. I was moving into a new position at work. Bullet journaling combines my love of organization, office supplies, and art-y stuff (imma looking at you, collection of washi tape!) and now ALL my lists, calendars, and to-dos are in one place. Talk about sparking joy!

    Relaxation for me is looking at Pinterest’s bullet journaling posts while drinking coffee. And knitting.

  • I didn’t know anything about bullet journalling and I’m glad for you sharing about it. I’ve ordered a snazzy notebook and some pens and can’t wait to get cracking. List-making is already my forte, but organizing things more completely in this system looks awesome.

  • Kay, I will have you know you may have ruined my life with your plug for the bullet journal. I never heard of such a thing until I read this post. Then I watched the video and thought “WT#? Who needs this?” But it kept nagging at me for a couple of days and I kept wondering how something so simple could be so appealing to so many. Four hours, several YouTube videos, blog posts and Facebook pages later, and I am eagerly awaiting the bevy of materials I ordered from Amazon to arrive. I think I may have lost my mind and I have not yet even bulleted one task. If I never comment again, please send a posse. I might have suffocated in a lime green washi tape-enhanced Leuchtturm1917.

  • THANK YOU for the Bullet Journal recommendation! Picked up a classy navy blue Moleskine at my local bookstore last night and have been enjoying getting it all set up. Have only marked one task completed so far, but it’s a big one: · Get a purse that bullet journal fits into. New purse!! Woo hoo! I found a Fossil bag my daughter abandoned that’s perfect. It has a slash pocket on the back that’s just the right size and alleviates somewhat my fear of losing my journal.

  • I’ve been struggling with keeping track of bits and pieces of paper and ideas for years: steno notebook for telephone calls, post-it notes stuck to my computer monitors, scraps of paper littering my desk, digital calendar, and multiple digital lists.

    I think the Bullet Journal is the means to clean-up the disorder. A beautiful analog method is old school. And there’s no school like the old school.

    I’ve consolidated into the Bullet Journal and the results have great potential. For the first time since I can remember can I see my desktop. Its a natural finished cherry hardwood and quite pretty. Who knew? I sure didn’t. I can also see my computer monitors. So much room for text on the screen. My favorite part so far is that my brain feels lighter. I’ve emptied my brain’s to do list into my shiny new orange Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal. And I’m making good progress on the year’s to do’s. And this year is big: plan college athletic recruitment and college visits for first born, plan fabulous but affordable family Spring break trip, and keep first born’s GAP year plans on track.

    Thanks a million for the helpful blog post.

  • How did i miss this post?? I started bullet journaling after u mentioned it in the holiday store post. If only I’d remembered about it on free shipping friday, since I began with the smaller less bells and whistles version. I think it may be helping. But even if it’s not I enjoy it. Ironically, this is the only year of my life I bought I new calandar/planner for 2019 in November. Usually I don’t get to it til March. LOL. I love Murphy and his Law with no exceptions.

    Happy Holidays!!

    P.S. I love that Olive was included along with Kermit (and that she’s on the more used sizer. Whoo hoo!). One of the many knitting myths is that knitters aren’t dog people too!! Tho apparently the emoji people don’t know people are dog people at all! One bad dog emoji yet 2 options for a fish! My word! Maybe it’s to feed all those cat emoji?

  • Ok because once an anal lawyer (Kay, I know you understand). You might want to link the notebook links to this year’s store….. (although good ven the tight ship you run I know Ann has some of that in her too! Not to mention the knitting she produces is a dead guve-a-way. With absolutely no intent to offend, that kind of productivity is not what I think of as laid back. My envy of your Easel sweater productivity may live in forever. Or at least until I have one of my own.