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  • Congrats y’all! I bought three last night. Because I might need some extras for my stash.

    • You can color OUTSIDE the lines on the extras.

  • OH MY GOSH, I clicked on ORDER ONE before I even finished reading your post. I am very excited for you, what a fun new pursuit! Never have I been more grateful for Amazon Prime, it will be here in two!!!! Thanks a bunch for creating this! xo Tammy

  • Oh my god! That is fantastic! What a great idea!

  • PURE GENIUS! Brava!

  • I became aware of the coloring book phenomenon when I was shopping online for watercolor pencils during #DrawingAugust. Now I see it everywhere. Will knitters start rav project pages for this book? I bet they will. I hope they will! 🙂

    • Some time within the last 10 years, or so, coloring books featuring mandalas became available. Mandalas are spiritual and meditative. Coloring them was fun.
      I also liked wrapping paper with a quilting theme and would looovve to see it for knitters. Just saying.

  • Cutest thing ever! This will be hitting my list immediately. Whee… ?

  • Looks like great fun – I have ordered two as gifts. But, it may be that I just have to have one !

  • Best. Idea. EVER!!!! Just went to the top of my wish list! Thanks for this balm for the soul! I love you two!

  • Perfect timing! We were just talking about coloring books at my knitting group. I’ll be the first on my block to have this one!

  • Perfect! I bought a coloring book recently for a long haul flight. I thought I’d experiment with color for knitting and weaving. Last week I offered one to a knitter recovering from surgery and made that suggestion.

    You guys are positively brilliant!

  • Ordered. Saw that bandwagon and leapt on to add my voice!

  • I’m in, a holiday treat for myself! Can’t wait to see it live.

  • Love coloring.

  • Ordered one now! Next, the pencil set. Crayola, prismacolor, what the heck is ohuhu?

  • Just oredered one! Its going all the way to Norway! 🙂 this is awesome!

  • I can’t stop smiling – this post sure was a great & unexpected way to start the day. Thanks!

  • WOW…so worth the wait! I was in B & N last week and was instantly seduced by a beautiful set of colored pencils but left without them…because I knit! But coloring has been in the back of my mind…did a million and one hours of it when I was a kid! Just ordered three of your books…and thanks to Amazon Prime, they’ll be here in a flash! You two truly are brilliant…thanks for my next greatest addiction!

  • One for myself, one for my daughter, and one for my daughter-in-law. Can’t wait to get them!

  • This sounds great! Will it be on amazon.ca?

    • Such a great question! Will doublecheck that and let you know.

  • Just ordered 3!!

  • You guyzzzzz!

    Ordered mine just now, along with a set of watercolor pencils.

    Love, love, love.

  • This is VERY exciting! I broke my wrist a few months ago and needed surgery. My very patient sister told me I was whining through my anesthesia haze about not being able to knit. The next day she brought me a coloring book and pencils, which turned out to be an excellent new obsession. Off to order now…

  • I ordered one! I’m going to channel Jan Brett in The Mitten and color the hell out of some Latvian mittens. Maybe draw a bear and a hedgehog peeking out of one.

  • hey I’m Latvian (actually of Latvian heritage)! I’ve been working on a Latvian-patterned sweater for literal years. Coloring book sounds like the way to go — thank you!

  • AWESOME! This will be fun, but unfortunately, I will have to wait until after Christmas to order. (When children are involved, there are priorities.)

    Nice job filling in a niche market!

    Merry Christmas to all.

  • Santa has obviously had these on back order for a while. Fantastic marriage of many good things. Congrats to the three project originators for a job well done.

  • Brilliant! Just ordered two.

  • I didn’t even attempt to be coy – I found this on Amazon last night (I’ve been stalking) and posted a giant “Get This For Me” note on the bulletin board where no one in the family could claim to miss it!

  • Perfect! (And now, I have to knit a pair of mittens like the one you colored in black and green, the one at the 4 o’clock position on the mitten page).

  • Too clever! Gonna have to get one.

  • I ordered mine this morning, drove to work and spread the word to my knitterly co-workers.

  • Genius! Ordered 2!

  • What fun!!! Going to order one now. Pencils and pens and such are some of my favorite toys 🙂

  • Wow. I am so happy you two have each other to bounce these fantabulous ideas off of and to then to realize same fantabulous ideas.

    May I host a book marking party to celebrate your new creation – up here in Tarrytown? I know just the place.

  • You just made my daughters’ holiday-gift shopping so much easier. Well done!

  • Ya’ll are so smart!!!
    I have several coloring books and pencil sets waiting to be wrapped as gifts. I’ll buy this one to wrap for myself.

  • What a pleasant surprise and how fun is this going to be! I going right on over to Amazon to order a couple!

  • I think my mouth actually started watering, but I was too busy with the one-click ordering to notice. Wonderful! Can’t wait!

  • Wonderful idea! I’m in for 2 to start! Rosemary

  • Thank you! I have heard the siren song of coloring books, but haven’t wanted to give up my knitting time. Now you have married them for me! I can’t wait to start coloring!

  • This is genius, and I say that sincerely as I had the same idea when I started seeing coloring books for sale everywhere. I was just too busy/lazy to do anything about it, and now I can happily buy yours. Such a perfect excuse not to swatch for fair isle. I’ve always loved coloring, but stopped doing it in public about 30 years ago when a stewardess noticed me happily going at it on a flight and assumed I was mentally challenged (and back then I wasn’t). An odd experience to say the least.

  • Brilliant idea and just what I have been waiting for.
    Way back in time (1967) when I was in primary school, I was very envious of a classmates set of 72 beautiful Derwent pencils, even though not an artistic bone in my body. Fast forward to 2000 and we got to visit the home of Derwent pencils in England’s Lake District and I treated myself to a tin of 24 beautiful Derwent pencils. Now, almost 15 years later to the day, the perfect colouring book to finally put the pencils to paper! Now I just need to buy a pencil sharpener…..

  • Does Knitty City have the coloring books? Or will they soon?

  • One can never get enough coloring in during their life time!! So therapeutic. Pick me, please oh please.

  • Would love to buy this book! Do you expect to have a UK stockist, please?

  • Please sign me up for the newsletter. I have enjoyed knitting your patterns in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I just wonder when knitters find time to color. Looks like fun but….oh no, not another hobby..

  • I would LOVE to buy your color book wholesale as we are already selling other color books.
    My shop phone # is 269-552-9276