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  • My daughter just got her Master’s degree from Pratt in May! Small world.

  • Can’t Wait !!

  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Can’t wait to see what she’s up to!

  • The suspense is killing me!

  • Stop teasing and tell us already!

  • What a cliff hanger! Hopefully all good things will come to those who wait (impatiently, I might add!).

  • What a cute, devilish look!! Can’t wait!

  • She looks like Cindy Lou Who, all grown up!

  • And she’s adorable! So looking forward to the big reveal!!

  • From now on when people ask me why I moved to Nashville, I’m just gonna say, “Juliana. Duh.”

    • Best answer!

    • The Arrival of Karen Templer, soon to be a major motion picture, ranks as the moment Nashville became A Whole Awesomer Thing.

  • I think I know – it’s a MASON DIXON YARN LINE!

  • Teehee…you all are amazing. Cannot wait.

  • You gals are so much fun! Looking forward to the surprise. And I just love this young woman. So talented….and she has a face that shines with light and amusement.

  • *smacks forehead* while dozing off, watching Nashville…of course it’s an art installation, featuring Mason Dixon creations!