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  • Actually this Rev. has to go be Rev. today. I own all of the Vicar of Dibley DVDs, which come in handy for the annual Christmas tradition of watching the Christmas episodes,particularly the Christmas Lunch Incident.

    I do need to track down Rev and Grantchester, though, as I’m in a looooong stretch of stockinette.

    In addition to British Revs, I can highly recommend the Great British Baking show for knitting accompaniment.

    • I second the recommendation of the Great British Baking Show. And, ABC will be hosting an American holiday version with Mary Berry as judge beginning in early December.

    • I LOVE the Great British Baking show. They all put me to shame in the kitchen!

    • Rev. Emily if only you were a TV vicar you would definitely have made our list! Try solving some murders, will ya?

  • I know (and love) two of your three vicars. I’ll have to look for Rev. My tiny local library has the Vicar Of Dibly on DVD on their shelves. Another possibility for viewing.

    So glad your blog is back.

  • Caption: what if “the first one to complete the girlfriend sweater gets the girl”?

  • Not sexy, nor a vicar, but a British, bicycle-riding, crime-solving, man of the cloth is Father Brown. My PBS station just finished airing the third season, but the first two are out on dvd, and possibly available elsewhere.

  • Cardi: “My work here is done.”

    • That’s it!

    • I like the idea that her name is Cardi and she’s wearing a pullover.

      Related: why don’t I know any children named Cardi? Is it too late to work it in as a nickname for Caroline?

      Perhaps best to save it for my future corgi. Cardi the corgi has a ring to it.

      • There are “Cardigan” Welsh corgis too you know. I believe the only difference is their black color and maybe something about their tails. Probably worth checking out the Google.

  • I know she isn’t wearing a cardi. She’s complicated.

  • Thank you so much for reinvigorating this blog! It is wonderful to wake up, check the email, and have an interesting knitting-related topic (usually) to chew on. I don’t have a caption, but I do really like the sofa!

  • Hipster Guy: my mom made me a hipster.
    Girl: can she knit me one?

  • caption: i told you, i need pants, not another damn pullover.

  • Love all these shows. Rev is on Hulu and the Vicar is on Netflix. Enjoy your Lazy Sunday.

  • Oh, how I miss the Vicar of Dibley. I love that show and must check into the DVD’s ASAP. And Youtube.

    I do miss seeing the Vicar of Grantchester though. Unfortunately, my local PBS station chooses to air it late on Sunday nights, much to late for this working girl to stay up. I always forget I can watch it online.

  • Caption: “Cottage industry has never been more stimulating.”

  • “Only handsome guys Knit.”
    “and they already made me this lovely sweater.”

    Yes! to the Vicars. (How do you writ “nonononononon …yes.) Did you know they are filming a second series of “Grantchester?” Geraldine is always good for a smile and laugh (along with Miranda) … and there is bonus Richard Armitage in the series ending. (and apparently the set still exists somewhere …. Richard Curtis would no “strike” it … I think I read that, somewhere.

    I hate to think of a Friday night without the Britcoms. Or life without Masterpiece (though I could do without their enforced delay watching of series …. Downton, Poldark, mostly anything. Though this year we will get Sherlock on the same day it airs in the UK)

  • She: “We can’t go to the awesome sale at Aileron until you three finish your pullovers.”

  • Grantchester is the best! Loved the book series too.

  • Grantchester – yes, please!

    Re knitting photo: “You guys are so slow! I finished mine hours ago.”

  • Caption: “Goldilocks and the 3 bears: A Danish modern love(seat) story.”

    • HA! One of them is “just right.”

  • “Ingrid auditions prospective boyfriends. Whose knitting will keep her warmest?”

  • If you haven’t seen “Call the Midwife” there are 4 seasons to binge watch. I just finished season 2 and am doing my best impulse control to make the others last.

    How about “Knit 1, Purl 2. It’s all in the hands.”

    • Spicy!

  • Everyone Wants One

  • You forgot Father Brown! He is a priest in a small English village where there is always a murder he has to solve. It is delightful.

    • I’m a big fan of Father B, but I’m afraid he didn’t qualify in this round of Hot TV Vicars. The competition is fierce!

  • Vicars knitting knickers.

  • Caption: Next on the Batchlorette….Who will knit his way into her heart? Find out next week.

  • I’m afraid that my caption is NSFW.

    The Vicar of Dibley has been available on Netflix. Don’t know if it still is.

  • There’s always the vicar known as “the dishy vicar” on Keeping Up Appearances, as well…

  • I offer for your consideration a little show called Ballykissangel. No murder mysteries, just beautiful Irish scenery and delightful villagers, plus some good romantic tension early on. Later, Colin Farrell comes along. Sometimes available for streaming, but more likely must be found on DVD.

    • Oh! I know that one! The guy who played the vicar went on to play DCI Banks, a tortured detective whom I also love.

  • Regarding Grantchester, it doesn’t hurt that the vicar’s best friend and police inspector is played by Robson Green. 🙂

  • “Too bad that “Blu” pattern doesn’t come in adult sizes.”
    The important thing about that captionable picture is not that she is wearing a sweater, but that she isn’t wearing any pants. Why isn’t she wearing any pants?!

  • Caption: “With an Eilersen sofa, you get so much more than a piece of furniture.”

  • “I’ll have what she’s having” I know, it’s been done but it still seemed to fit.

  • No vicars in my house at the moment, but football Sunday is always good for knitting.

  • “Sit here. I’ll knit you some pants!”

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  • OMG! I love Grantchester! My husband and I went to Cambridge in September and visited Grantchester while they were filming! The cast were so delightful we took pictures with James Norton (Sidney Chambers) Tessa Peake-Jones (Mrs. MacGuire) and Jordie (Robson Green)…..they were LOVELY!!! Wish I could attach them but don’t see a way (is there?). They were so excited that we saw Grantchester in North Carolina, actors kept coming over saying “Are you the couple from the Carolinas??” The best day of our vacation!

    • Rosemary! Email me photos! That sounds like such a fun day.

  • I don’t always wear hand knit pants, but when I do, I get three men to make them while I wait.

    • You are the most interesting knitter in the world.

  • Grantchester is available on Amazon for Amazon Prime users. Started it this afternoon on your suggestion and it is totally binge-worthy!

    • Would not steer you wrong on sexy vicars.

  • When a friend of mine had knee replacement surgery two summers in a row after separating from her husband, I rounded up a number of our fellow choir members to stay with her post-surgery. When I spent the night, the Vicar of Dibley DVDs were a requirement. She (and I and anyone else who cared to join us) laughed our way through pain and recovery. Sleep? Not much, but we laughed and I like to think healed a number of ailments:)
    Thanks for this.

  • caption
    K1, S1, K2tog

    • Love this

  • Caption: “Wow, that’s looking great boys. Now who wants to make me a sandwich?”

  • All I could think of when I looked at that last photo/ad was “Hot Dudes Knitting”…

  • Thanks for the Sendak link! One of my early memories is reading Where the Wild Things Are to my baby brother over…and over…and over.

    Love the picture; don’t have a caption. Mind is blown from the Patriots Giants game.

  • I had never heard the Maurice Sendak interview and loved it! Thank you for bringing that to my attention. His words will echo in my mind: “I wish you all good things. Live you life. Live your life. Live your life.” What a treasure.

  • “She kept a harem of men handy to outfit her in knitwear, but for some reason, they were totally unproductive and she frequently had to sit around bottomless.”

  • Men. All alike.


    Repetition serves well.

    alt to the alt:

    Everyone dresses for yesterday’s weather.

  • Vicar of Dibley is on Netflix and possibly Acorntv.

  • The shirts and the facial hair get bigger as you go right (not including the woman, obviously).

    Danish Matthew McConaughey says knitting is a flat circle.

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