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  • That dog gets everywhere….

    She’s looking Tragic. What have you done to her? When did she last eat an anchovy?

    B x xx

  • Anchovy this weekend. Promise. BTW this is an old picture. She might have been stuffed to the gills with anchovies that day.

  • This video makes me want to (re)learn how to sew. Never mind that I was terrible at it 35 years ago when last I tried.

  • Natalie Chanin is teaching an online class at craftsy.com for this embroidery style. Looks very interesting and the price is very reasonable with the level of instruction you get.

    The class name is “Hand-Embellishing Knit Fabric: Stenciling, Appliqué, Beading and Embroidery”

    Several years ago I ran across a reference to Alabama Chanin and got the stitches book out of the library. I’ve been in love with it since. Lately, I’ve been thinking about using these techniques to make quilt blocks out of my husband and son’s t-shirts.

    • I took the whole class. It’s excellent, encyclopedic. Plus you get a Donna Karan jacket pattern in the mail!

  • And now I feel the irresistible urge to sew. Thanks, Kay. Thanks a lot.

    Gorgeous women, inspiring piece!

    • I do it because of love.

  • Ditto Pam and Cara! The video DOES make me want to sew–thanks a lot, Kay.
    ….and that cutie, Olive, stuffed to the gills with anchovies, indeed!

    Keep on keeping on!


  • Okay—after watching that video, I’m headed to my sewing room to spend some time working on the quilt I started two years ago. And please give that poor, starving dog an anchovy for me—she seems to have the weight of the world on those tiny shoulders.

  • Nothing to do with this post, but in the UK BBC Radio 4 has a “Pick of the Week” programme on Sunday which plays a selection of clips from the previous week’s broadcasts. They included the programme on knitting in tonight’s show, and what clip did they select? “Pardon me, I didn’t knit that for you”! I guess the BBC can’t get enough of Modern Daily Knitting (you were both named in the clip too)!

  • Wow. Such a lovely tribute to an amazing artist! I feel even more honored to have met her a few years ago. I always thing of Natalie when I thread a needle and caress the thread. Now I’m off to look at that Craftsy offering ~ XXO

    • I just listened to that too! It was great.