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  • It is gorgeous, Ann! Just gorgeous! (funny – i was just thinking A Suitable Boy ought to be digital. it’s *heavy!*) Have a great trip!

  • Thank you for sharing with the beautiful photos! I especially love the handwritten tag. What a very special gift!

  • I just read A Fine Balance! It’s a long read, but a good one. I hope you’re having a great trip.
    And wow what a blanket!!

  • Ann, I honestly think that is the most beautiful knitted afghan I have ever seen, ever, ever. What a lovely gift. I am awestruck and will now go about my mundane Tuesday chores with an underlying sense of not doing enough with my knitting or possibly even my life.

  • WOW.

  • Oh, Midnight’s Children, so excellent.
    The blanket is gorgeous indeed! Take a million pictures for us and have a blast!

  • That blanket is so visually pleasing and happiness-inducing…really GORgeous and the perfect wedding gift. As for your “notebook” computer (made me LOL), hope you brought a stylus or two (aka pen) to help document your travels!

  • The blanket turned out so beautiful! What a fabulous gift. Went to the movies a few weeks ago and saw ‘The Lunchbox’ and really enjoyed it. Put it on your list for when you get back. No car crashes(crazy India traffic-yes), no sex, just a charming but quiet story.

  • Fussy cuts, minus all the fussing and cutting. It’s divine: Mississippi Masala meets Monsoon Wedding. Let’s have a film festival when you get back!

  • That afghan is a celebration of all the awesomeness of Noro, times all the awesomeness of garter stitch. It’s the absolute ultimate wedding gift. Makes me want to go to the yarn store now and buy all the Kureyon.

  • Gorgeous! But what a shame that A Suitable Boy wasn’t ready for Kindle. I loved it, but agree that it’s a bit heavy to tote around on airplanes.

    Eagerly awaiting your posts and pictures from India.

  • That blanket is breathtaking. The colors and the pattern were made for one another. (A good wedding omen?) Happy and safe travels!

  • Wow…just…WOW! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Love the blanket!

    Also, did you know that they’re bringing Rowan Denim back?? Rav Link

    I thought of you as soon as I saw it!! haha

    Katie =^..^=

    • Wow, great news. I’m sure Kay will convince them to add black back too!

  • Breathtakingly beautiful! Such a special wedding gift…what a lucky couple to receive such an exquisite labor of love! I’ve always loved Noro – made many sweaters but you’ve inspired me to knit a blanket! Thanks for sharing…safe travels…enjoy every second!

  • My fussy cuts (almost done with square 9) now has another example to aspire to! Keep the instagram photos coming!

  • I must admit I had my doubts about the edging being knitted in Noro too, but I was clearly wrong, wrong, wrong. Perfect choice for a festive, happy wedding blanket. Bon voyage!

  • Love the spice coloured borders, they make the cooler blues and greens really sing out!
    Speaking of singing out I was delighted to hear the dulcet tones of the Mason Dixon duo on BBC Radio 4 this morning! It took me a few moments to work out why it seemed familiar but once it had dawned on me it really made my morning!

  • I actually gasped aloud at your first picture. Maybe it’s tame for Noro, but your choices with the red border have made it A- freaking-Mazing. Congrats on finishing in the nick of time. Have a blast in India!

  • this blanket is absolutely beautiful
    I want one
    will you make one for me?

  • I LOVE your blanket! I also love India and hope you do, too.

    Has no one mentioned William Dalrymple to you? Start with “City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi”, but by all means…read everything. “White Mughals”, “The Last Mughal”, “Nine Lives”, “The Age of Kali: Travels and Encounters in India”, etc. Non-fiction by a mesmerizing writer, one of my favorites.

    I would also recommend the lovely “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy.

  • Absolutely beautiful! I love the label too. What a wonderful way to finish things off and since this will no doubt become an heirloom, the descendents will know that it was a wedding gift from Great Great Aunt Ann.

  • Hope the flying was uneventful in the best possible way. Hear Kay has some laceweight shawl tips. Re: new computer – my kids are recommending I use a “pin” though I’m not sure how they mean that. My husband suggests a “Ball-Point,” which must be similar to my ballpeen hammer, but I’ve never thought hammers and notebooks should be so close together.
    If you need to make a note in a pinch, carry a penny – my kids were really pleased to show me their “magic trick” this weekend of how to write on the wall by scratching with a penny. Try it!

  • Just gorgeous! Smooth & spicy & looks cozy! Lovely work Ann. I second the film fest idea!

  • Ann–The blanket is so very beautiful! Also congrats on having it finished in time. In true MDK fashion, you worked with a will and “got ‘er done”. The Instagram pics are amazing! Glad your having such a wonderful time. Looking forward to your return.–LoveDiane