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  • My favorite Halloween candy is Tootsie Roll Midgees. I may have eaten my body weight in Midgees (with some Laffy Taffy thrown in for good measure) yesterday at work.

    I was just ogling those very mittens yesterday.

  • Halloween: my kids are both allergic to nuts, so we go through their bags and nab all the peanut butter cups! The ideal is that we “regift” them to the late-comers after we run out… but occasionally Mom and Dad do get a few nutty candies.
    Those mittens would drive me nuts but they are lovely. Have you seen the ones (unlikely necessary where you live, I suppose) that have “Fuck Snow” elegantly knitted in? Like these: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/hilori/06-snowbird-mittens

    • How downright charitable of you to protect your kids with such a noble sacrifice.

      The wordy mittens are so eloquent!

  • Fun-size Snickers.

    And yes, the Forest mittens have been in my Ravelry queue for some time now. I also love the Lost Jockey mittens (look those up on Rav). I’m probably headed for a fullblown stranded-colorwork mitten jag, judging from the three pairs accomplished within a year so far.

  • Here, let me try a link to save you the looking-up time:

    http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#sort=best&query=lost jockey

  • Blog redeisgn question – how can I see the big picture at the top of the post after you’ve posted something new? I loved the picture of the knitwear hiding behind the tree and wanted to see it again, but it’s gone – all I get are Paydays or nothing at all. Chocolate is good but it’s not knitwear.

    • Such a good question. We really want to preserve horrifying photos of ourselves for future generations, but at the moment the giant photo seems to vanish once another post appears. We’re working on this. We have no idea what we’re doing (as you can tell!). Thank you for your patience.

  • Fully schmattecized. 🙂

  • This came in the mail yesterday; eye candy to die for

    • Mmm. Like the Princess Line Sweater!

  • Candy corn and all its friends and relatives, including especially the chocolate-tipped version and those Mellocreme pumpkins.

  • Candy corn, classic! But we’re also fans of Reese’s cups, Mike & Ikes and Junior Mints. Happy Halloween!

  • I absolutely know someone who eats Bit- O- Honeys!

  • Well, I can tell you that Butterfingers are NOT a fave in this part of Massachusetts. My house may get TP’d just for having them in the assortment! As for me, don’t think I’ve met a fun sized candy I didn’t like.

  • Our Halloween has been postponed until Friday night because of the bad weather. It’s blowing up a storm out there. So I will look forward to going through my children’s candy bag tomorrow night and taking all of the BabyRuths, Butterfingers and Almond Joys. I picked up a Heath bar last night at our church’s Trunk or Treat and it brought back found memories. It was my Dad’s favorite. My father-in-law called me “Bit-O-Honey” from the first time he met me and I was wearing a shirt with that candy logo on it. That was about 1974 – and he didn’t become my father-in-law until 1997, but he kept the nickname.

  • Really, Ann, it used to be that the term “wearing a rug” meant the gentleman was sporting a toupe. My, how times have changed! Well, I guess this is OK, so long as you don’t “cut a rug” (unless, of course, steeks are involved).
    BTW I like Pay Days, too.


  • The little bags of great chips. Somehow, eating six little bags doesn’t make it seem like a calorie overload! Love the sweater, by the way.

  • I’ve been eyeing those same mittens for a while now, especially the ones with the color change background. (Checking out the ones with the “word”!)

  • Why is there a felted rug around your waist, if I may be so bold as to ask?

  • I was so bummed my kids did not get even one single solitary MaryJane or Squirrel Nut Zipper! What. The. Heck. No peppermint patties either. I consoled myself with the Haribo Gummi Bears which were a nice surprise and have been sampling the differences between the Hershey and Mars lines.

  • um, Ann? everything OK? or were you The WoolClad Lady for halloween? Or, were you putting together an outfit for Rhinebeck next year?