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  • Can you go to a yarn store,with your swatch,and hold it against Smoke and Majestic before you commit yourself.
    Lord is beautiful & gorgeous & sexy,and it’s not my Elfin,and what do I know anyway,and I don’t want to put the cat amongst the pigeons … I’m not convinced that’s the perfect combo.

  • Sorry :0]

  • Kay–I think Emma’s on to something. I hate to say it, but you may need to GO TO A YARN STORE for further field research. I know you find this distasteful, but please. Make the sacrifice for me.
    x0 A.
    PS I think the Lord is OK with it, but if we can drag this out further, all the better.

  • i haven’t seen those yarns in person yet… but i do like what you’ve shown here so far. but knowing emma’s color sense — she’s probably right! darn it! 🙂