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  • Kay, sounds like Ann took you to most of the hotspots, but did you have a Krystal burger? Thank goodness there is more to look forward to for a next time. So sorry I couldn’t be there too.

  • … what a jolly, jolly time!…i’m a hungerin’ for that tailgate antiques show,….the signage leaves me chuckling,…. and the “squareness”,.. well….all such beauties to behold. when is your next get together????….. lovin’ this blog!..

  • Now that you have visted Nashville and been “conditioned”, I hope you will venture further South next time. Have a “must visit” yarn shop awaiting your arrival. What an adventure it has been to follow you and Ann in cyberspace and, at long last, to get you together in NYC and Nashville!!!! Thank you for sharing these special “sew up” happenings…

  • I insist that Kay go back to Nashville so that we can get more witty entries in the travelogue and fun photos. Tailgate antique photos are a plus! (We expect shots of people eating lunch next time.)

  • HEY–Where’d you see those LAMPS? Holding out on me? I guess I was too busy thinking about the birchbark canoe to notice them.
    Kay, it’s just not the same here without you. All my nice friends keep asking what you thought of Nashville, in that slightly nervous, hope-she-didn’t-hate-it-here way. I smile like the Mona Lisa and say, “She had a great time” even as I know you got off that plane at Laguardia, headed straight for the Fairway at rush hour and just stood there, in the crowd of 500 people simultaneously shopping for arugula, and sighed. Home. There’s no place like home.
    Come back soon–life is all about contrasts, don’t you think? xoxoxoxo

  • Fab entry ! I’ve loved reading about your sewing bees,and how you both get on.

  • OMG – Thomas Kincade is a REAL person ??? And what a talent. Sounds like you had a fabulous time, I’m hugely jealous. Even of the grits.
    PS. What ARE grits ??

  • Heather: Grits are remarkably like risotto. Or cream of wheat. Depending on how you fix them. Adding butter and cheese sort of drowns out the Cream of Wheat connection. All I need to know is that they’re carbohydrates. xoxo Kay