A Wild Yarn, Part 3

By Ann Shayne
June 29, 2017

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  • I love everything about this. I love the name of this colorway – “pressed flowers” – it perfectly captures what the yarn does when knitted. I love that you didn’t worry about mixing and blending and trying to be sure that where the new skein started wasn’t obvious. Just trust and knit on. I love the unexpected golden sleeves. Looking forward to seeing it finished, and modeled, if you can stand to put it on in hot summer weather. Find some overly enthusiastic air conditioning! And last on this not all-inclusive list of things, I love you guys, every one of your guest contributors, and the people who comment with such appreciation, humor, and kindness! Go MDK!

    • Well that says it all. Ditto! 🙂

      • I completely feel the same way as Tamara! Everything about this is wonderful! Everything about this whole website/blog is wonderful! Love Love Love!!!!

        • Me, too. I love the way the hand paints build when you don’t blend skeins. I love pooling…

  • I third those comments. No matter what the day ahead holds for me, I start with a cup of tea and this blog. A giggle, an inspiration, a bit of encouragement, and maybe even a recipe or song…maybe if more people would do the same the world would be a different (better) place.

  • I could totally get into knitting a who-cares-if-it-shifts-colors sweater along with the third season of Bloodlines. Sign me up. I’ve grown to dislike every single character except I’ll always love Sissy Spacek playing anyone. Xox

    • The hubs and I just finished the third and last season of Bloodlines. I’d love to hear what you think about the characters after the last episode! My “learning to knit” got put on hold while watching Bloodlines!

      • Glad to know I was not the only one who could not stop watching Bloodline! I even had a project that was put on hold from last summer, waiting for season 3, and now it’s finished! as for Ann’s new sweater, it is lovely!

  • Gorgeous just utterly gorgeous & that golden mustard for the sleeves: genius. I can’tell wait to see it finished.

  • Love this sweater. It is unpredictable in such a wonderful way. I can’t wait to see it all sewn up.

  • I am completely smitten with this project and was heartbroken I missed out on ordering the original blue colorway. I am now on the hunt to find some “unpredictability glorious” yarn to inspire my own. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • This is my favorite of the Easels I’ve seen so far. Love the color combo. I planned to skip Easel, but this may change my mind!

  • I love it…thanks for taking a chance and leaving the succulent fruits of your labor to the rest of us!

  • LOVE!!!!!!

  • I LOVE THIS!! Can’t wait for the final chapter. 😉

  • I LOVE it!

  • I like the Marie Kondo-esque folding of your sweater pieces.

  • I love this sweater. I think it works in all its randomness. The mustard sleeves are pure genius. (And I’m quite sure the Morse code is saying “Come to Canada.”)

  • All of the above! Kudos to MDK.
    I love the sweater and the (sort of) Xs that formed on both the front and back in similar proportions, by magic!
    Completely agree about the hypnotic effect of watching color changes progress in yarns and how it can keep you knitting and knitting and knitting to see what’s next….

  • What great fun!

  • Love it!

  • Love it. Love the non matchiness and the mustard sleeves.