A Wild Yarn, Part 1

By Ann Shayne
June 6, 2017

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  • Love it!

  • LOVE!!! Looks like Raquel Allegra…

  • The suspense of what knits ahead is just too much fun. I can not wait to see the magic with each skein. I love this

  • Out of interest how often do you change your needles? Other than when they get shut in the car door or nibbled by a passing canine.

  • Lovely. I’m so glad you started with that purpley skein. I would have gone crazy waiting to see how it looked knitted up.

  • Now THIS is going to be fun!!!

  • Love this! I’m right by my computer eagerly waiting pictures and news of your progress!

  • Art in knitting! Truly. Absolutely one of a kind. One of those spontaneous inspired ideas of which you have no shortage. Way to go.

  • Great idea! Really interesting yarn.

  • I love this idea! I adore hand-dyed yarn. So many dyers recommend alternating skeins, Now I can see what will happen if I don’t. The suspense is intense.

  • Look in’ good!!!
    Have fun and be sure to post photos of the completed sweater.
    Go Red Wings!!!

  • I a man anxious to see what it looks like. It should match almost everything! Why not offer this as a kit!

  • This is a test of my patience, and I’m not a patient person. I can’t wait to see it put together!

  • I will be waiting along with everyone else! This yarn is fabulous , what a fun project!

  • I cannot love this more! Your words, the knitting, that unbelievably GORGEOUS yarn!!!! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Wild and beautiful! And this from a gal who has a LOT of gray sweaters. Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  • Oh, this is wonderful! What do you plan for the sleeves? Gray?

    • Well played, Pam! (And I’m guessing: gray.)

  • GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see more!

  • I don’t think I’d ever put it down. Keep us posted!

  • So Brilliant!! I cannot wait to see those beautiful skeins all worked together. <3

  • Are you even Ann? What got into ya?

  • Absolutely gorgeous. I have Pressed Flowers in their 1 ply finger weight and I just keep looking at it and admiring the colors! All their colors are amazing! I never thought about getting it in worsted weight, uh oh, this could be trouble!

  • Fantastic! That is going to be gorgeous! I woukd love an Easel KAL….. in fact I just wrote that in an email today! Perhaos I shoukd have written it in the lounge instead of keeping the idea quiet?

    Isn’t it odd to discover one changing one’s single color wardrobe palette? That happened to me years ago, as a New Yorker of course I wore black all the time. Then I lived in DC, SF & DC again, the final time while also working at a job that required a suit. SO boring! Especially at my price point, and with DC stores (talk about boring). I had no choice but to branch out. It was very odd at first. But I began slowly by fiest just wearing crazy pink nail polish on my toes which no ine at work ever saw. Talk about rebelling. I chose to find it funny instead of sad.

  • So pretty! I love those accidental X’s, too.

    Go Predators! (I’m all about bandwagons.)

  • Now, you MUST knit through the next game…but of course you already knew that….didn’t you?

  • Vaporous Grape Fanta! That’s the perfect description!

  • Just waking up to all this vaporous grape Fanta lingo & know now that this day has began with a drum roll. Today I’m knitting with a trekking friend who layed down her knitting sticks & fibre years ago. Since then she gave away her sticks & has asked for them back (from her daughter) for today. .. great energy from the lichen?

  • Pens Knitting Lady is one of my FAVVVSSS! 🙂