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  • Ruh-ROH! They asked for 100 baby hats and socks? Have they SEEN what we can do? Wonder if they’ll take 25 HUNDRED??? 🙂
    I’m still groovin’ on your hats, too.

  • YAY! For the pattern! Thank you so much. Love it!

  • Thanks for the pattern. Looking forward to the book and the perfect sweater.

  • kisses and hugs to you, kay– thanks for the hat pattern!!! (it *is* pretty crazy)

  • Thanks for posting about the baby socks and hats – I love doing socks and baby socks are great! It’s instant gratification, plus doing some good!
    Norma is definitely right – they’ll get WAY more than 100! Hopefully they can use all of them…

  • You must be from the Midwest because you are Always Productive. And in a very practical way. I’m so impressed with all your charity knitting, and in the way you inflict it on your only daughter. Priceless! All this knitting makes my little pair of Jaywalker socks seem so…so all about me. And not in a fast way, either.

  • carrie suddenly became a young lady….how did this happen so soon?

  • But have you tried the magic loop method?

  • Oh, please, define the magic loop method. Thanks for the pattern, can’t wait to make one.

  • Do you have any suggestions for free infant hats and socks? Those definitely sound like items I can handle.

  • OK, Kay. I’ve been making up a list of petitioners. What are we going to have to do to get the two of you to the west coast? We have knitters promising to drive from Portland and L.A. if we can persuade ya’ll to add San Francisco to the tour. There are so many fabulous yarn stores you are missing out on. Heck, maybe we could arrange for you to go back to St. Helena and visit the fainting goats! 🙂
    What if we small but faithful clutch of west coast knitters vow 5 baby hats a piece or something equally worthy?

  • Baby Bjorn was introduced to me by a patient’s mother a few years ago. I cannot see one without thinking of her and her wonderful family. She swore by her bjorn. I thought it was a California thing…..little did I know!
    How nice that yours has cuddled so many

  • Love the hat pattern, and its Kay-ness. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the hat pattern. I am inspired! I made one today, not exactly like the pattern, but inspired by it. I need more scraps.

  • Hi Kay,
    I just read your comment on Yarn Harlot’s website and I hopped on over here to comment. I just wanted to agree with you on the case for envelope-pushing. Love it or hate it, it shows what can be done with two sticks and string, that these aren’t your grandma’s doilies or itchy acrylic sweaters and socks of our youth. I think that some of those types of patterns(Alterknits comes to mind) have fascinating design elements… even if I know that those patterns won’t fit or whatever. I just thought it was a good point to note that avant-garde doesn’t equal bad for the craft.