When Sweaters Talk

By Kay Gardiner
April 19, 2018

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  • Your sweater is just lovely. I love the way it drapes! Yes, Kay….hurry up and finish !!!

  • I was pretty sure this post title was referring to the Big Flower Jacket…..

    • Hah. I almost forgot Big Flower but I’m glad of the reminder to kibitz Kay about it. Kay, this log cabin looks beautiful and we look forward to seeing it. Also Knit Stars. Why so long an advance time? Also Field Guide. At least we will see that tomorrow.

  • I’m actually flying, to LA, early tomorrow, so I signed up yesterday. You are Knit Stars!

    Your Relaxed Log Cabin looks terrific- finish ‘er up! (This from someone with 2 Log-Cabiny projects near completion. A True Friend in my MDK Rifton, and a Gelato tunic in a summer weight Noro that’s an hour or two from done. But I had to put all else aside to make a baby blanket. I’ve used the Moderne Baby Blanket from your book for inspiration, but am working it in crochet. Crochet goes so fast, my knitting will barely register the infidelity.)

    • I can’t wait to see the True Friend in Rifton! But baby knitting does take precedence. I have a shower this Saturday and luckily had a small stash of baby things that Past Me had knit just for fun.

  • Your Relaxed Log Cabin “feels” relaxed. Maybe is the yarn!? My Porter Bin Purgatory (kkkk) is overflowing…

  • Very excited for tomorrow’s big reveal! And I draw strength from your hope in a better, more spring-like world. It’s snowing outside my New England window as I type this…

  • What a great interpretation of a classic sweater! I never get tired of you log cabinisms. Carry on!

  • Once it’s finished, you may never take it off. Gorgeous. And yes, weather used to be different. I had to shovel out from the ice storm. The bluebells that were coming up are under a thick layer of ice, and my crocuses haven’t even tried yet.

  • I love the drape on this sweater and can’t wait to see it finished!

  • Knit, Kay, knit! I want to see this sweater finished. I’m inspired. (And I also think I need to try some Slyph. . . ) 🙂

  • Your sweater deserves a life because it’s going to be beautiful.

  • That looks so soft and comfy… hurry up & finish!!

    • I have a slight worry that it’s so flow-y and drape-y that I’ll need a Foundation Garment [screams].

  • Mmmmmmm, just think about how that sweater is going to feel against your bod. Delicious luxury. You are almost there. A plane ride would do it.

  • I love the sweater and yarn! What color did you use….Zephyr?



  • I love the idea of knitting baby things just for fun!

  • I love your Knitter’s Tote that just ‘happened’ to be hanging on the door knob in the background. Your Mini Porter Bin photographed well too!

  • You can do it! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Yes, what has happened to the Big Flower Jacket?? Did it go back down the equivalent of the knitter’s rabbit hole?

    • It is resting quietly in a secure location.

      • Is that a new synonym for “sleeping with the fishes”?

  • Knitting Studio themed decor. HA! You really are the best at spinning things. (and I do not refer here to the exercise bicycle nor the creation of yarn from fleece). xoxox.

  • Wonderful “corruption”!!! Thinking maybe you should skip a little sleep and get this Beautiful Baby finished. I LOVE the drape of this Log Cabin and think perhaps you should schedule ‘wearing dates’ so you don’t KILL it. Either that, or choose another color and knit it again. Or maybe a couple of again’s. It is something I would want to wear again and again and again.

    Thank you for sharing this. I am now ‘officially’ inspired. ; )

  • O.M.G. This comment: “ so naturally I adore it so passionately that it’s asked me to give it a little personal space.)” I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Love it! Thanks for the laugh!

  • I signed on for Knitstars! I love this sweater Kay. It is tone on tone texture and light with DRAPE!

  • I cannot imagine my life without my knitting . I’m 65 years old and took up knitting seriously when my children were little. Knitting was my social life and my refuge while my daughter endured 25 months of chemo for leukemia. She survived but my marriage tanked. Thank you for opening up more doors daily for me to open and explore.