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  • She wants to take the sewing machine with her on a holiday getaway.

  • Have fun! L, C

  • I love those fabrics together. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt top!

  • Gorgeous! Where did you buy your fabric? Purl perhaps?
    Have a great time!

  • The quilt is going to be lovely! Can’t wait to see it finished. Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

  • What fun! Love the colors, can’t wait to see the finished project. I just paid another visit to Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC. A grocery store sized fabric store… all the colors, help me!!! Anyway, can’t wait to get home to the sewing machine. Thank, God, yarn and needles travel well.

  • Congratulations! Wonky strips and all! Beautiful work. Sewing machines just aren’t very portable yet for family outings. Knitting still reigns supreme there. I used to have a tradition of staying in on Memorial Weekend and sewing matching camp shirts for us. Until the child rebelled and refused to match. Well she’s grown and gone now. I was thinking about starting up with the matching shirts again. I think it’s time. Have fun with the family, I envy you still with kids in the home. I’m on hold for grand kids. Bye!

  • it’s so natural for sewing to be crook-ed….adds charm, is my excuse. is this quilt for miss carrie?

  • Remind us again where you got those fabrics – I recognize 3 different Munki Munki fabrics, all of which are very coveted – I’ve only got the swimming pools along the bottom and would love to have more. I’m especially looking for a gnome fabric from a few years back, but it always goes for more than $20 a yard on Ebay. Munki Munki is a boutique line that sold pajamas made of those cute fabrics – the fabric is sooooo lush.
    Keep up the good work on your very straight stitching! I am just the opposite – sewed for 20 years before taking up knitting, but the two go quite nicely together…

  • I think I found out about whipup from you guys (so you might have already seen this), but thought I’d point out what your dishcloth has inspired: http://greenmountainmama.blogspot.com/2006/05/whiplash-color.html
    Isn’t that cool?

  • ‘Tis a gift to sew wonky, and to be template-free…

  • Fabulous! I can’t wait to see it all in one piece!

  • Oh, I’m lovin’ the fabrics and the color combos.

  • Kay the quilting is beautiful. I especially like the wonkiness.
    Speaking of family, and with Father’s Day fast approaching, I was wondering about your Dad’s grey sweater. We haven’t seen hide ner hair of it in so very long.

  • the wonkiness the fabulous, the colours are marvelous! i can no longer resist you all and pretend that the book is just for me to read and drool over (and cara is killing me)… i am already such a square, i may as well start knitting them.
    hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • looking good Kay! perhaps the cottage needs a sewing machine of its very own?

  • This is going to be such a beautiful quilt! Love the fresh colours.

  • May Kitty rest in peace and your wonky quilt(s) be a consolation. Thanks for the lead on DS quilts.

  • templates are for sissies – you go, Kay!!

  • The problem with giving dishcloths as gifts to the un- (or newly-) converted is that you have to give them more than one. Like 3, or 4, or even 7 – one for every day of the week. And then they keep asking . . .

  • Why didn’t any one ever tell me it’s okay to be wonky!?! You make me want to try quilting again.

  • Just wondering, have you seen this, the amazing Space Filling Curve Art Generator?:
    Go check it out. You’ll see why.