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  • I love that cowl, in my ravelry queue along with too many other things and UFOs, but it looks great on Carrie (who seems to always be looking great these days). And, I laughed out loud at the “matching the carpet” concept, as my husband has dubbed anything peach, coral, or light orange as “my signature colour” as I tend to buy yarn, clothes or virtually anything else in it (though not carpeting yet–talk about flashbacks….

  • Sometimes simple things are great! And your daughter is so grown and so gorgeous!! Good Job. πŸ™‚

  • Oh, she is lovely! (So is Carrie for that matter). Joking aside, C looks more beautiful every time you post photos of her. I will deffo be bringing things to photograph on her, if I can be arsed to schlep them all around the world first.
    Laughing at the matching of everything to the carpet and chair. What with that and Olive matching the other furniture, I think you’re just prone to it and will have to work very hard to get it out of your system!

  • Ok so Olive wants to know how it is that Carrie is so special and where’s her new scarf too. Love the girl. She’s growing into a beautiful young woman. Also love the shots of the park in the snow. πŸ™‚

  • Ok so Olive wants to know how it is that Carrie is so special and where’s her new scarf too. Love the girl. She’s growing into a beautiful young woman. Also love the shots of the park in the snow. πŸ™‚

  • With a chair that gorgeous, I’d knit everything to match it, too. The scarf is beautiful, Olive is hilarious as always, and Carrie is breathtaking. It’s hard to believe she’s the same girl who jumped on the bed in MDK Book 1.

  • Beautiful scarf! I was paging through you guys’ first book* last night and saw photos of Carrie then, which made me think about how she is becoming a teenager now. Seeing these photos I realize she is becoming a woman now, not a teenager.
    * Looking for the secret of how to make mitered squares square in stockinette, which does not have a 1:1 stitch::row aspect like garter. Thanks, you guys!

  • OK, so I hope to equal your speedy knitting since I must cast one on for Valentine’s Day gifting now! It and Carrie are gorgeous!

  • Wait…I almost didn’t get past “6:30 pm Go to yarn store.” Oh, to live in a metropolitan area where an evening craving could be acted upon immediately rather than relegated to the next day’s to do list! Alas, one of the trade-offs of living in small-town-Florida-paradise is that the nearest LYS is 30 minutes away, the favorite LYS is an hour away, and both close before dinner! Ah, well, helps curb that tendency toward startitis that I struggle(?) with.
    Beautiful cowl, BTW, and beautiful wearer!

  • i made the gap-tastic cowl for my sister a few weeks ago. she loves it too. i am thinking of making one for myself too (and other friends relatives etc…I really like it.), even though I have made a different infinity scarf for myself.

  • If I make and wear the scarf, will I look Carrie?

  • Loved the story,you always make me laugh!!Of course so good to see the very beautiful Carrie and Olive again. Love that scarf,it’s so pretty and so in right now!I have a daughter who would love one too, I’m sure by the time I finish the daily snow storms will stop and spring will be here… ( I wish)Think I have a new project!

  • Around the holidays I found & purchased a Japanese knitting book filled with versions of this type of scarf, something that held little interest initially. The book photos won me over, as do your shots of Carrie in her gorgeous new version, so I’ll be digging that book out today. (Wish you’d posted this a month ago…temps this week are forecast to plunge to single digits, daytime!)

  • I made this over Christmas and we let it end at about 10 “.

  • I have that pattern but needed to make a cowl ASAP last week for my college student in the frozen North, so opted for something smaller that apparently took about the same time to make. I am re-inspired to try the gap-tastic.

  • Sooooo, I am not the only knitter thinking she will be better off continuing to knit with a needle that slides free of the join rather than stopping to switch to healthy pair.
    Super glue on the shopping list.
    Glue dots don’t work.

  • Isn’t it nice when one’s children appreciate and wear what you knit them? Lovely cowl, lovely model. Have a great week!

  • Knitting success = a teenage girl wearing something you made for her.
    I experienced the same victory with my 17 year old (two balls of Peruvia Quick, and as you mention not a huge time investment which is good as lifespan of the cowl is probably limited).

  • “Realize that have once again chosen the color of my bedroom carpet.”
    Oh yes.

  • If the super glue doesn’t work, try out E-6000. I find that super glue is pretty brittle and doesn’t hold very long. E-6000 will outlast the needles themselves.

  • Carrie is really growing into a lovely young lady.
    Is the cowl mobius? The pattern doesn’t mention it, but it appears to be so in the accompanying picture. Thanks.

  • Gorgeous. I always appreciate it when I see people actually using the things I’ve made for them. It makes the time I spent on it all the more worthwhile.

  • I just have two words for you: super glue. I had a extra long circular needle and the metal screw thingy came off. I put a tiny drop of glue on it, and now it’s fixed! So much better than trying to keep jamming the needle onto the circular part. Also: beautiful scarf, daughter and dog.

  • Love it. I’m working on one of these as well, but I’m using the Yarn Harlot’s pattern Embrace. I thought I could finish it last night during the super bowl… only 10 rounds left to knit! I have a feeling I’m never going to take it off either.

  • Hi! I am normally just a lurker, but this post really hit home with me. I have an 18-year-old son, who will rarely wear anything I knit, so I, too, would be thrilled to have a request from him that he actually wore in public. Also, I have a needle which keeps slipping apart, and I was just thinking that no one else would tolerate this for as long as I have. I really do plan to glue it together soon…really. Maybe tomorrow. Or possibly Wednesday.

  • I concur with Eleanor and long for a welcoming yarnstore within 2 hour drive. My only quandry now is to knit the cowl, or get the teen to knit it herself. Oh to be young and trendy!

  • I love the color – apparently, I would love your house! And Carrie is so pretty….

  • Young and beautiful indeed!! And Olive is looking pretty happy with your young and beautiful Infinity scarved daughter.

  • Lovely model, scarf, and dog. I think I own a set of those same knitting needles. Notice how they never fall apart until after the yarn is on the needles!

  • EastEnders is fabulous knitting tv. I sure miss BBCAmerica, they know how to make a proper soapy soap.

  • you are the best mom in the whole wide world!

  • The scarf is lovely. Would you know where I could get the pattern?

  • You’ve obviously chosen carpet, chair and scarf to go with your daughter’s beautiful eyes. Great job on the scarf and in less time than it would have taken to accompany your daughter to the Mall to buy one!

  • This was a very inspiring post!

  • I reorganized my knitting projects/loose yarns from stash/etc. yesterday during the pre-game show – while waiting for fun commercials (trying not to listen to inane sportscaster comments). I realize now that about 75% of my projects are in your carpet color – obviously the color ‘du jour’.

  • That CANNOT be your Carrie, all grown up already! You’d better keep a sharp eye out, that girl is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll be needing a stick to keep back all her admirers, I’m sure.

  • Who knew infinity could be finished in so little time? Your daughter is GORGEOUS!

  • Love the color of your bedroom carpet.

  • Way to mobilize! Mark asked for a pair of socks a few years ago and I just finished the first one.

  • Ta fille et l’echarpe: vachement chic! Le chien: mignon comme tout!

  • Love the cowl…may have to make one for myself since it seems that winer may not end…
    I was going to reccomend Gorilla Glue for fixing your join..workes great! (I prefer it to super glue)

  • Obviously, Olive needs a vest to match her girl’s scarf. It’s perfectly clear. She only gets more terrierific with time.

  • The colour of the Infinity Cowl seems to match Carrie’s eyes beautifully. Gorgeous!!!

  • I love dotty chair shots!

  • lovely

  • If it’s anything like stirrup pants, you’ll know it’s out of style when I finally decide to get one.
    I’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t yet — so you have a little while. πŸ˜‰

  • Dear Kay, thank you for having knitting that matches your carpet and chair and for making me laugh.

  • Very pretty scarf and colors. Your daughter has grown into such a pretty, lovely young woman! You must be a proud mama. And I think the scarf might match her eyes.

  • At least you waited til you cast off to apply the superglue as a friend in one of my knitting groups ended up accidentally gluing a stitch or two of her project to the cable join. Much (creative)swearing ensued while picking and filing bits of yarn from the join. So do you take Carrie along while carpet and upholstery shopping, point to her eyes and say “Match those please”? Pattern just spit out of the printer- heading for the stash to find an appropriate yarn since that is exactly the cowl my oldest daughter described over the phone with a “please, please, I’ll come cook for you if you make it”. (Daughter and son-in-law are both creative, gourmet quality cooks and THEY CLEAN UP THE WHOLE KITCHEN!!!)

  • She looks fab, of course!
    I knit my nephews some hats once – that THEY requested – let them pick out yarn & everything. Naturally, once I had completed all three, they decided they didn’t like wearing hats (can’t have anything messing up their Beiber hair) Off they went to the Goodwill.

  • Your offspring is lovely — and so grown-up!
    And the cowl ain’t bad either!

  • So very glad to read that kids really want the fruit of their mom’s needles….
    Carrie looks lovier every time we see her; and, the scarf looks lovely on her, too.
    Tres chic!

  • Well, although you’ve occasionally been distressed by imperfect yarn estimation, pattern flaws, or other snafus that foul up your knitting in the short term, you’ve hit the mark and been quite clever in the ultimate long range plan for a life of knitting. Giving birth to, and raising your own lovely knitwear model seems to have gone beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Such a funny post – I laughed several times and I thank you for that humour on a dreadfully cold day. Lovely photos.

  • Wow, is Carrie growing up! I miss the way the camera used to make her eyes big! But the best part is her appreciation of knitting and nice fibers πŸ™‚

  • Treasure these last moments of your teen/preteen ‘requesting’ a knitted item! Question – how do you think it would turn out with 70 yds less yarn than the pattern calls for?

  • Have to echo so many other commentators – lovely Carrie, lovely Olive, and lovely cowl!

  • Carrie is awesome! I love it when she is in your blog!

  • Wow is Carrie a knockout! How old is she now? 20? HAHA. She’s always been cute but now she’s just gorgeous! The scarf is very nice, too. Love seeing the kids (mine are so OLD).

  • Carrie and the scarf are GORGEOUS. The scarf may be the color of the carpet, but it’s also great for Carrie.
    ANd what to do with the leftover yarn? Make a new sweater for Olive, of course. The picture demonstrates how nice it would look on her.

  • One is gobsmacked!
    You only have ONE pair of US 11 circular needles?!!!

  • The yarn is gorgeous, cowl is gorgeous, and of course, Carrie is gorgeous. But that Olive-she knows how to steal a scene, doesn’t she?!

  • just cast on. Dang you, I was own one in the WIPs, and now I must have one.

  • On a much different note, what’s this I hear about Mission Falls Yarn Co. closing? Upsetting enough about Elmore-Pisgah, now Mission Farms. Just when I had discovered its virtues only a few years back. Total Bummer. Totally.
    Lamenting in Yonkers,

  • How gorgeous is that model of yours? (Very.) I totally understand the thrill of progeny-appreciated knitting. I knit my son a hat. He liked it and was willing to wear it. Two weeks later, he still has it. This is SUCH an improvement over the last hat I knit him, which was lost within (literally) 3 hours of coming off the needles!

  • After some stash-trolling, I’m now on the Gap-tastic bandwagon, too. I found some old Noro and some ANCIENT Bernat yarn, and am seed-stitching away. I did knit a lovely lace cowl from another pattern, but after trying it on, realized that I have WAY too many chins to wear it. I think this looser, more relaxed version is kinder to those of us over a certain age. (!) Your version is gorgeous, as are Carrie and dear Olive. (And I agree—your leftover yarn should go to knit Olive a matching sweater.)

  • Nothing new to add, but just had to agree that both Carrie and the cowl are lovely. Then there’s Olive — what is up with those ears! She never fails to amuse . . .

  • Beautiful model and great cowl – and many thanks for the call out on the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads project.

  • ” To see a world in a grain of sand,
    And a heaven in a wild flower,
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And eternity in an hour.”
    William Blake

  • No judgements here of course, but on second look it appears that Olive is wearing a store-bought, non-knit jacket. Is she going through a preteen, embarassed to be seen in Mom’s handknit clothing phase too?

  • Lovely all the way around!

  • She’s gorgeous! And happy in that lovely scarf; I would be too.
    Thank you for mentioning our Warm Hats Not Hot Heads campaign over there in the sidebar!

  • Brilliant little knit, and I’ve never seen a daughter who deserved it more.

  • I love it!!!

  • Cool scarf, cute dog. Struck, as always, at how beautiful your daughter is.

  • You’ve inspired me. Have had some chocolate brown worsted from a sheep named Agnes, that a friend brought me back from Ireland. It’s been waiting patiently for THE project. Love the instant gratification. Cheers.

  • Wow, those are some really gorgeous photos! Now I want to make that cowl πŸ™‚

  • Fingernail polish works wonder on needles that come out of their joins. Just be sure it is dry before the yarn comes in contact with it.

  • Move over, Pam Allen’s daughter! Ga! Kay, please consider keeping Carrie locked up for the foreseeable future! She is stunningly beautiful! Thank for sharing, and btw, love the scarf and doggie, too!

  • After reading this post yesterday I just HAD to go and buy some yarn and cast on for this scraf. Thanks for sharing the link on ravelry, I am loving this pattern, so easy, YAY!