Vogue! Knitting! Live!

By Kay Gardiner
January 17, 2019

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  • The year VKLive changes the date for the show, I have to travel to Michigan for my brother’s 60th birthday party. I won’t be able to concentrate on the party because my mind will on VKLIVE and the knitters i’m Missing this year! Have a great weekend!

  • Loved the video. Looks like so much fun.

  • Proud to say that I went to the first one. It was so fab. Wanted to go again this year….but sadly other things intervened. So sorry to miss you.

  • Sad to hear that there’ll be no MDK bar recap, but I was glad to see you at Indie Untangled.

    The subway storm last year was a Hoot and hopefully, with all the publicity, we will have enough turnout to take over more than one car.

  • Can’t wait! It didn’t really hit me that Periwinkle Sheep will be at VKL and #bangoutarevolution. I haven’t swatched yet so perhaps some Periwinkle Sheep is in my future. I do love her yarn.

    • Thank you!! Will I see you at the show then? xox

      • Yes! I will see you there!

  • Kay, glad to hear that MMM is on the mend. Hope that she will soon feel much better. Glad you’re getting to work on your parallelogram scarf while on watch. It looks lovely.

  • VKL in New York – someday!! Sounds like too much fun!
    Pussy Willow sounds like a great idea for a scarf pattern. As a new knitter, I could envision stockinette with maybe some brioche as the catkins. All done in various shades of a gray-green.

  • So looking forward to seeing you!! But remember it’s the Periwinkle SHEEP booth when you try to find me 😉

  • One of the big hospitals in Michigan that I once worked at as a nurse, had a yarn store inside it for a while. !!! It was tiny but stuffed with yarn and they also offered classes. It was my time of smaller children so I mostly worked on Sundays when it was CLOSED! I used to go stand outside the store with my nose pressed against the glass during my break. It was sad. Keeping healing thoughts for MMM.

    • It was a wonderful knit shop. I was so sad when it closed. It was a great place to be while waiting for someone’s surgery to be finished.

    • Went to VKL several years ago. Wish I could be there again.

  • Hi Kay! Glad MMM is on the mend. Your scarf is beautiful. Love the colors. I need to watch my Knit Stars videos before I embark on my parallelogram scarf. Got the yarn, got the videos, just need to make the time.

  • Hope to see you there! Taking a class with a friend for the first time – guess it will save me from buying more yarn.
    Of course, hoping it does not snow …. why do they schedule this in the middle of winter (cheap conference hotels in January, I suppose) but I am always leery of the occasional snow storm and trains not running (the ‘joy’ that is NJTransit, that is).
    But knitters in Times Square is a joy to behold indeed. Where are they taking the train to???
    Hope MMM is on the mend. Hope you are not too tired. Glad you have your knitting!
    p.s. – thanks for the tip on carrying yarn … it is working out very well.

    • We ride to south ferry and back!

  • Love the scarf. Can you tell us the adjustments to pattern? Can we purchase these beautiful colors of yarn?

  • That subway storm video was so FUN to watch!! I would love to be there;)) Y’all have a great time next weekend

  • Sending healing thoughts for MMM. Thanks for the itinerary of your attendance!

  • How fun was that subway ride?!?!

    • It was amazing, especially the sing along.

  • Wonderful!! Soooo looking forward to VK Live NYC this year!!

  • Geeez…..wishin’ and hopin and hopin’ and wishin’…..that there was a knit-sit closer to home….. ((;…..off to google the definition of ‘parallelogram’; ((: Take a square…..?…..or rectangle…..?….. by the upper right corner and the same at the bottom left corner ….slightly pull apart on it to stretch it into an odd shape……two sides equal…..and the other two sides equal….I think! LOL!!