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  • I need about a month of knitting disguised as spring cleaning!

  • I’d rather think about other things as I wait…like “Why FRENCH Mustard?” “Why not just ‘Dijon’ or ‘Moutarde’?”

    • And the when it’s arrives, it will look nothing like the color of mustard of any nation. “Oh, Rowan!”

      • Like the vibrant multi-coloured yarn of Indigo Dragonfly (I hope I got that name right), that is aptly called……Beige.

      • I’m gonna be a stinker here: Are you sure the color name is not
        “French’s Mustard”??

  • I clean up by knitting, too. Works for me!

  • Two wonderful new baby blanket ideas – thank you!

  • KonMari knitting – at last a term for the type of knitting I’ve been doing over the past couple of months. I’ve also been busy harvesting yarn from old Rowan Denim cardigans that were no lmger wearable due to weight loss.

    I’ve also dug out my copy of Glorious Knitting & am pondering about trying to create my favourite ever jacket in modern non-Rowan yarns

    • Picking out new yarns: such a research project!

  • Knitting from stash totally counts as spring cleaning.

    • Might be my new mantra. Because stash knitting is SO much more fun than traditional spring cleaning.

  • I need more Kaynomi in my spring. Definitely.

  • I’ve been doing some modified Kon Mari in my knitting corner as well. If the project still “sparks joy”, I’m finishing it; and if not, it gets frogged. So far, a lot of frogging…

  • OK I just gotta say it warmed my heart to read the term “beauty parlor,” as that’s exactly what my mom called the place back in the day. XXO

    • We must keep these things alive, Maggi! “Hair salon” is not even half as fun as “beauty parlor.” Bonus points for “beauty parlor” with a Southern accent.

  • Wow, you knit in the presence of hair dye… I mean natural hair color? Wow!

  • Just this week, I was re-listening to Mason Dixon Knitting on my commute, and hearing about the Rowan Denim Sweater that would go round you twice, pregnant….

    • It had a ruffle! It was amazing. Now it’s yarn.

  • I moved last month, and I am just beginning to unpack my yarn et al. As I open each box (and there are many!), it feels like Christmas! I had forgotten about so much of my stash, having packed it up many months ago in preparation for the move. As I sort and rediscover yarns, patterns, and tools, it’s a sort of Spring Cleaning. It’s like a renewal of all the excitement I felt when I first planned each project. It’s the most fun I have ever had “spring cleaning”!

  • You must be feeling very smug with all that you are accomplishing. Good stuff, but I am particularly smitten with the Mitered Cross blanket. Love it!

  • Who knew that it would all get clean if I just sat and knit?? Who needs ammonia solutions and crumpled newspaper. I’ll stare at the windows and knit!

  • I’m working on the same spring cleaning plan. It is definitely loads of fun although the house doesn’t seem to be getting much better!

  • You just can’t beat The Regular Guy Beanie! It’s my go to hat for guys & girls! I might have one on the needles now……

  • I need to finish a little more spring cleaning by knitting, so I can get to some spring cleaning by quilting. I guess it is all in the market, this ‘spring cleaning’ thing.

  • Kon Mari knitting is the antidote to startitis … and the reason I’m happy to give in to startitis. Because I can happen upon a neglected project bag and say “oh look, a sweater in half the time!”

  • I think you should call it KayMari. Not quite KonMari, but your own version of using it up, sparking joy, and moving it along.

  • II have been “off task” this past week working up a baby blanket for my hair stylist’s baby. I had a a pattern but was feeling especially creative so I turned it on it’s ear and designed my own thing. Almost feel guilty about it but you just got me off the hook. I’m spring cleaning my yarn collection.
    Thank you very much.

  • Kon mari knitting going on here : EZ baby blanket with mitered corners in tartan Loft… made it too big and had to order even MORE yarn.

  • Love the circle of life story. Lucky baby!

  • One of the best lines ever: “It feels exactly like sitting on the sofa knitting all day, but in fact you are spring cleaning.” ????
    Oh, how I wish for lots and lots of that!!

  • My mother didn’t go to the beauty parlor (a.k.a. hairdressing salon),
    she went to the “hairdressing saloon”.

  • Nice post, Kay. Vintage MDK.

    I Kon Mari’d some knitting this weekend, too. Although I purchased 2 new circulars and some primo sock yarn, it was for a “duty knitting” project, a gift of socks that better be ready by the 1st week in May, and on which I have been procrastinating. I figure the Kong Mari part is that I have been thinking of doing this since before Christmas, and now I started it.

    Oh, it feels so good to let go of stuff!


  • Is that French mustard coming from MY or from another galaxy?!

    • MY should be NH, thank you, auto-correct.

  • Just finished reading KonMari’s follow-up book “Spark Joy”. She would think finishing up projects and turning a finished sweater into yarn are both delightful forms of tidying, with a yin-yang thing going on there, too.

    Sweater-into-yarn is a straw-into-gold type of magic that definitely sparks joy. I have a cotton sweater that I’ve considered turning into dishcloths . . .

  • Thanks for the up close and personal of the Loopy Mango. I’m in a new baby vortex, 5 due in the next 2 months. One deserving a “significant” blankie. Have been trying out Bernat Blanket Yarn I bought on a whim, but life is short, buy good yarn, you know, so the next one will be a little Loopy. Also like the ROWAN DENIM idea as I think baby blankets need to be tuff enough to survive preschool nap mats and the dog having puppies on the it the next life.

  • I just love that denim blue. At every stage of denim-blueness.

  • I thought of your Mitred Squares and Cornerstone blankets as soon as I heard about the earth quakes in Japan and Ecuador. I have those patterns, so feel compelled to bring them out and knit some good prayers.

  • That’s my kind of spring cleaning! In fact, I made a list just the other day of all the projects like that I have that need to go. Some are sewing projects, two of which are now totally finished in as many days. Cheer So!