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  • What a cute town! I grew up in a fairly small town in PA and love that feeling of knowing everyone who lives within walking distance of you. You don’t get that same feeling in a city. Wish I could be there!

  • Oh that sounds so wonderful! I wish I could be there too. We should all get together (online?) and stage a knit-in in protest of not being in that cute little town. Okay, so my idea needs some work . . .

  • My heart stopped. I thought the first pic was the yarn shop – probably with a hobbit proprietor and a little fireplace burning peet! O I bet she could give me some pointers on what to do with all this hand spun brown wool!

  • Well, shoot! I was sure all the photos in the book were from your house – I obviously *did* fall off the turnip truck yesterday (or I just have house envy).

  • That house is beautiful. They were so generous to let you take it over and make your book just gorgeous.

  • You know, when knitters take over the world this is just the sort of place we should establish as our capital.

  • But I want to know about the little tiny underground house in the first photo! Can we go in there, light a candle, and knit?
    I love cozy hidden places like that . . .

  • Welll..as long as we can all imagine it and pretend we’re there…I guess that’ll hafta do…I don’t really have much choice, do I?

  • You’re such a tease…

  • i am sooooo jealous!

  • Wow, may try to have to sneak up there, not sure how far it is, but will look…..

  • I have always felt a kinship with this town because it is my maiden name. And Andes is NOT a common name!