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  • Anything for yarn. No, the tree will not fall. πŸ™‚

  • Anything for yarn. No, the tree will not fall. πŸ™‚

  • It will stay.
    Though I recommend watering as an experiment next year. When we were extra vigilant (pre-baby) and watered properly throughout, ours budded. Three trees, three years in a row.

  • I predict that whatever day it falls, it will be at 3AM. Because stuff like that always happens at 3AM.
    Since I have to pick a day I’ll go with December 20.

  • Yes the tree will fall—Dec. 24 @3:35pm

  • Yes the tree will fall—Dec. 24 @3:35pm

  • The tower in Pisa hasn’t fallen in all these years, so I’m voting a big fat NO. But good call on the paper ornaments, nonetheless!

  • It will stand, as all ugly trees do, until that moment when you are taking it down to return it to its native environment post-December 25th.
    We have a white wire tree. It leans too. Can’t win.

  • Hummm….I could take into account the surrounding air mass around the tree…you know, humidity levels in the home…do a quick calculation…oh heck, I bet that thing will stand…and fall on Dec. 26th at 6am.

  • Yes it will fall at Dec 23, 2:30pm.

  • It’s going to stay upright! I LOVE this tree! In our attempt to create the all too perfect holiday setting this tree throws perfection to the wind and shines on in all its glory!

  • I hate to say it, but I think it will fall, unless there are unseen wire holding it up (are there?). I vote sooner rather than later. Dec. 18th, 11:57 pm.

  • It won’t fall before Christmas. I can feel the good tree karma comein’ in and taking over.

  • It won’t fall before Christmas. I can feel the good tree karma kickin’ in.

  • (Need more info–is there a cat in the house?) Working without a full status report vis a vis pets, I predict no, it will not fall. It would if all your fancy breakables were on it, but I think the crafty paper ones will work like an umbrella at a ballgame.

  • OK Scrooge, I predict the tree will not fall! Just to spite you!

  • Oh yes tree will fall before Christmas. I say tomorrow very very soon. well, I’ll give it one more day for good luck: 12/18 at 3pm. When I got married, 26 years ago this week!

  • Like the leaning Tower of Pisa, the tree will stay aloft far longer than one would expect. I think it will not fail until New Years Day.

  • Like the leaning Tower of Pisa, the tree will stay aloft far longer than one would expect. I think it will not fail until New Years Day.

  • I’m voting that the tree will stand. I’ve had trees WAAAY more crooked than this last all the way til 12th night!
    ps I think you need to show us some photos of your office. Without cleaning it up!
    Happy holidays to you and yours! Catharine

  • I predict no, it won’t fall, it will stay as it is. Unless you have a 20 pound cat that likes to climb trees like we do! (That’s how one of our Christmas trees was taken down a couple of years ago). πŸ™‚

  • It will stay up through 9 am, though I don’t think it will last much longer. Maybe till 6:00.

  • I vote a NO it will not fall.

  • I vote a NO it will not fall.

  • December 22nd at 2:22
    (which was actually voted on by my assistant, who liked the symmetry of all the 2s).

  • I think it will stay up. After all, Pisa has been standing for hundreds of years (which, btw, my husband and I agree was a highly overrated stop on our trip to Italy!).

  • I guess no because it’s the effing holiday season and I’m all full of positive cheer! πŸ™‚

  • Oh Man, I just love that tree. It expresses my life these days!

  • The tree will not fall – on it’s own. I can’t say what might happen if someone skateboards into it or a cat climbs up it etc.
    I enjoy my fake pre-lit tree immensely.

  • I hope it doesn’t fall, but from the looks of it that would require a miracle. I’m guessing it topples as soon as someone tries to stuff an oversize package underneath. So December 24th 3:30pm.

  • It looks like it’s about to take flight!
    Very festive!

  • Nope, I think that tree is sterner than you think!
    Stand tree! Stand!

  • Hmmm… lots of folks are picking middle-of-the-night times, so I’m going with Dec. 21st, 6PM (right in the middle of Sunday dinner?).

  • I say it will not fall. these things have a will to survive no matter what.

  • I guess, since I am anything but an optimist, that it will fall the 22rd. Approximately 2 pm. I am being generous, here, and giving it more time than I really think it has.

  • It’s beautiful. It’ll hold up until at least Christmas night (when if nothing else, out of sheer desperation you’ll yank it down). Just relax and enjoy it’s individual beauty. Merry Christmas!

  • HALF FULL! I tell you.
    Ever the optimist, I say it stays up.
    Merry Christmas!
    I LOVE that stocking. Makes me want to make one for…well…everyone.

  • Sorry, but that puppy is goin’g over. 2:30 am, December 24, because these things always happen when you especially don’t want them to — like when you are sound asleep.

  • 9:35pm, 24 December 2008. That’s my guess and I’m sticking to it. Because I’m so glad things like this happen to other people too.


  • i’m thinking it won’t fall. i’m trying to be optimistic for the holidays and all.

  • No.

  • I am definitely a pessimist. It will happen when there is the maximum number of people in the room. Since I have no idea when you are having a party, how about Dec 21 7:42pm.

  • My guess is that it will topple at seven minutes past nine on Christmas morning, just to be contrary.

  • Hmmm the crack in the tree stand does not bode well, then again, the non-breakable ornaments almost certainly mean it will not fall. Which will ultimately win out, Science or Faith? Quite the Christmas conundrum….
    It’s going to fall 11:59pm Christmas Eve cuz some neurotic angel has to straighten that star!

  • going down, baby! Dec. 25 at 6:30 am (the time of the birth of my youngest, turning 18 this year!

  • I give you till Wednesday the 17th at 8 pm. Or 5 more minutes…
    Good luck!

  • With no water in the base it’s probably not very stable. I’ll say it falls December 21 at 2 in the afternoon.

  • It will fall. . .Dec. 19 9:35 am

  • You didn’t mention a cat or any curious toddlers in this equation, so my vote is NO.
    If a tree falls in your living room and no one is there to note the time…is it still upright?

  • I don’t think it will fall!

  • I hope after all your hard work it will stay up, so I’m going for staying up.

  • Yes, it’s going to fall because you are tempting the Christmas Spirits! It will go on Friday, the 19th after 7:30 p.m.

  • I hope after all your hard work it will stay up, so I’m going for staying up.

  • NO!
    I believe in the power of your brains, and the lack of breakable decor. (Not to mention the lack of extra weight!)
    Three Cheers!

  • No way it will fall before Christmas if you have that thing wired good to the wall. I’m holding out hope that it stays until Christmas. And thanks for entertaining a newbie knitter!

  • It will fall December 23 at 4:00 am

  • It will fall December 23 at 4:00 am

  • It will fall December 23 at 4:00 am

  • The tower of Pisa made it this long… I think your tree will probably last through Christmas (although non-breakable ornaments are probably a good idea).

  • I think it will stand until you forcibly remove it. That’s how these things work, I think!

  • December 25th between 10:30 and noon.

  • No, the tree will not fall.
    My family are veterans of “Charlie Brown Trees”. Even the one that flew off a truck at my dad’s windshield managed to make it through Christmas. Have hope.

  • Oh, the essential Charlie Brown tree! I say it will fall at 2:15 am, Dec. 25th, just when you and Hub are hitting your rem sleep after wrapping, assembling, looking for batteries and eating the cookies left for Santa. BTW, I prefer realist rather than pessimist…merry merry!

  • The tree will stand!

  • No way will it fall.
    p.s. If Santa knows what’s good for him, and is receptive to my ba-jillion hints, I’m thinking I might get a copy of your book right around Dec. 25. Just doing my part!

  • No – it will stand. It looks wonderful, like it could walk right around the house at night, but it won’t. It will stand.

  • Having had a seemingly perfect tree fall, I’m not going to be an optimist here. I think your tree is going to fall about 20 minutes before you are expecting company of some sort, likely within 2 or 3 days of Christmas.

  • it will not fall down. Tilt your head a little to the side, it looks fine to me.

  • I love the tree! It. Will. Stand. Because we will it so.
    Construction paper ornaments? How about yarn? Our first ornaments were needlepoint because of the cats. Then came the kids…

  • (Opps, I sent a comment to your e-mail instead.) Here’s my guess—the tree will remain standing until all the gifts are out from beneath it! I’m “leaning” heavily on a story from my husband’s family—the year the tree succumbed to gravity as soon as all the gifts were opened. I think it will make it to mid-morning Christmas Day—unless you have tree-climbing cats (like I do)!
    Jani B.

  • No, the tree will hold until you liberate it from the tree stand. It symbolizes how Christmas feels for me… slightly off kilter and hanging in there.

  • It will not fall down. Tilt your head a little to one side and it looks just fine.

  • hmmm how many people and animals are in your house again?
    12/24/08 at 1230am
    only because it will scare the pants off of you while Santa is visiting.

  • That baby is going down. Dec. 21. 3:30 a.m.

  • PS: Darn you! I had finally gotten that Hamster on a Piano song out of my head, and now I’m singing it again!

  • What a lovely stocking. Perhaps big sister could get one as a surprise after the holidays? ;^)
    The tree will stand as long as no one falls into, stares at it for too long or breaths on it.

  • I am an optimist. I don’t think it will fall down before Christmas!

  • It’ll fall at ten minutes to nine, on Christmas morning, just when you’ve started to relax and think you made it.

  • My vote is NO – I believe in the power and strength of those construction paper ornaments. They have it all over the grownup stuff. Merry Christmas!

  • Dear Ann, I am sorry but I do think it will collapse at 7.43 am on Christmas morning (your time). But even if it does I am sure you will have a WOnderful Christmas.

  • The tree will not fall, since you left off your breakable, family heirlooms, until after Christmas.

  • It will stay up!

  • I have faith–I say the tree will make it to Christmas!

  • It will stay. Not quite a virgin birth, but a lesser Christmas miracle.

  • My guess, Tuesday evening Dec. 22 at 8:45 pm, for no particular reason, the tree will hit the floor. I chose this time and date as we did have a family tree that once met its demise on this day at this time. Happy Holidays – Hester from Atlanta

  • The tree will stand. They only fall when decorated with really precious ornaments you have spent a lifetime collecting.

  • No Cat?
    I think it will hang in there, I’ve seen worse.

  • It will make it, I’ve seen worse.

  • I predict it will fall at 6:54 pm on December 23.

  • Hmm… I’m going to go with it falling. Only because I am playing the odds and most people are going with it staying up. In truth, I hope it does stay up, but I want me some yarn… πŸ™‚ Let’s go with December 23, 12:35AM. That’s when I will be arriving home for Christmas.

  • Unfortunately, yes, the tree will topple on December 23 at 1:15 a.m.

  • I say it won’t fall.

  • I had a number of these kinds of trees over the years and became expert at wrapping wire around the trunk and stapling the wire to the wall.
    No falling tree resulted.

  • Ann I have to vote No because like th Tower of Pisa your tree will stand the test of time! And I so recommend you go to Pisa, they have the most wonderful gelato and it’s crazy to see the tower! Nat from Chilly OK

  • I had a number of these kinds of trees over the years and became expert at wrapping wire around the trunk and stapling the wire to the wall.
    No falling tree resulted.

  • Our trunk is crooked-er than yours…Not a fake taunt, our base is about a foot to the side of the tip (why don’t they look crooked in the field BEfore they’re cut)? While we were Trying to put up the lights, the tree Did topple over and crushed our stand (at least we thought it was crushed until further inspection the next day). The “crushed” stand FORCED me to buy the antique cast iron stand (nothing says sturdy like cast iron, right?) I had admired at an antique store three weeks before (okay, so that one had sold, but it had a twin three blocks away). Yours, though, it’ll stay, right?

  • While I really need to know if you have any cats, or worse, any 90 lb. German Shepherd males with the body awareness of 11 year old male human beings (which is why I don’t have a tree any more) to fully factor the chances, I’m saying, yes, that baby’s going down. Dec. 22 at 4:15 p.m.

  • Well, in a mood of rare optimism, I say it will not fall(just don’t breath on it too hard).
    Merry Christmas!

  • I have lots of experience with Charlie Brown trees and they never fall. So, I say NO to falling down.

  • Like the leaning tower of Pisa, that tree will stand for all eternity (unless you have a cat, and in that case all bets are off!)

  • It will NOT fall!

  • Sorry to be pessimistic but my guess is 4:05 AM December 25th, just when you thought you’d gotten through to Xmas morning. I vote fall because I lost one myself, but it was fresh and the water soaked into the rug and it was a huge mess. I had a broken stand, too. I am secretly hoping it doesn’t fall, but I’ll take my prize if I win. Good luck on the stocking.

  • I’m guessing it will crash around dinner time – say 6:30 on the 23rd. That is one insane tree!

  • That baby’s going down. On December 20. 3am – just so it really startles the bejezzus out of all of you!

  • I think it’ll hang in there!

  • This is fun! December 23, 10AM

  • Not to be a big meanie, but I say it will fall at 2 am on December 25, while everyone is nestled all snug in their beds, effectively bursting those dancing sugarplum thought bubbles.

  • My guess is Dec. 20 at 12 noon. I hope it will stay up though. What a blow to the holiday spirit if it falls:-( Have you considered taking a break from the stocking knitting to construct a padded landing strip? I trust that you are taking precautions such as making sure the jolt would not occur near any lit candles.

  • Are there pets involved? (my cat has already taken down our tree once this season). If there are no pets, I say it will stand.

  • We also have a Leaning Tower of Christmas type tree this year. We are loving the tree for the tree it is, and not the perfect tree we wish it were. I predict the power of Christmas optimism will keep the tree upright at least until the 26th!

  • Nope I’m an optimist. It will stand (not so) tall right through the holidays. Unless you have an uncle visiting that is. It’s always someone’s uncle who topples the tree isn’t it? But I’m sticking with no for contests sake.
    I will also predict the successful completion of a second stocking. Since I’m the one who is doing no gift knitting this year who today decided that I must knit 4 dishcloths and another pair of felted clogs.

  • I predict the tree will stand!

  • Assuming no cat in the house, then it will stay up. especially since Murphy (see Murpy’s Law) has no interest-
    “If I can’t break something, why do it?” -Murphy
    Love reading your knitting adventures!

  • I am a lot more pessimistic than most…tho I would like to tell you I am just a realist. I don’t think this tree is going to make it until Christmas. I vote Monday, December 22nd 4 am.
    Good luck!

  • The tree will not fall, because it has unbreakable ornaments on it. Put one glass snowman on there, though, and it’ll topple!

  • It will stay strong, tilting, and true.

  • It will stay strong, tilting, and true.

  • It will stay strong, tilting, and true.

  • I will be optimistic. I say it will not fall down. Merry Christmas no matter what happens.

  • The tree will go on Christmas Eve, between 5 and 6 pm. In the midst of Christmas Eve dinner, or maybe you’ll still be cooking at that point, doesn’t matter. It will go when you least need it to go.

  • Dear Ann,
    The tree will remain standing (such as it is).
    That said, it reminds me of a Christmas card in which is depicted a similar ‘leaning tree’. A couple is standing infront of it, gazing upon it. They are also leaning together in the same direction as the tree. One says, “what a beautiful tree!”. The other replies, “and so straight, too!”.
    What fun that you guys are keeping ‘The Leaning Tree of Tennessee’!
    And bless you, as well as all ‘up to the last minute stitchers’, this holiday season. The stocking looks G-r-e-a-t!

  • I say it will not fall, if you got it to stand while decorating it is in for the long hall. However no breakables is a good move, I would not think of that and would lie awake at night worrying they will break.

  • You have taken so many precautions that the will not fall.

  • here’s one for the no’s, Your tree will stand!

  • Tree will fall. Dec 25 at 11am

  • I say it will not fall, but you might want to water it.

  • I’m going with Dec 24th at 3:30 P.M. But good luck!!

  • I’m an optimist. I believe it will keep standing. Yea, verily so.

  • Hey…don’t dis the grandaddy of charlie brown’s tree!!! lol…. i bet that tree is also related to the bad boy that withstood rabid squirrels and chevy chase so it can tough out your christmas!

  • Hey…don’t dis the grandaddy of charlie brown’s tree!!! lol…. i bet that tree is also related to the bad boy that withstood rabid squirrels and chevy chase so it can tough out your christmas!

  • Yes, it will fall. 2am on Dec 23rd.

  • It will fall on December 20 at 8:08 PM, because I will be partying so hard to celebrate turning the big 5-0 that you will feel it all the way 3 states away! (sorry to cause your tree to fall)

  • having had a tree indeed fall one Christmas, I predict that it will fall at 2am on December 24th!. If you have a pet it will shoot into your room like #$% at that time. Why? because that’s what happened at our house. I wish you good luck.

  • It’s like a Charlie Brown tree, only all grown up! You can make it, tree! (Add me to the nos.)

  • If you have a cat, it’s probably on the floor as I speak.
    Assuming that you are cat-free (cat-less), I predict Saturday at 3:17 AM. And you will not wonder what that big crash was as you roll over and fall back to sleep. It’s mighty pur-ty though….

  • I think it most probably will fall right after you’ve put all the presents under it, & no later than 15 min’s after you’ve gone to bed, and just gone to sleep that night…so approxamately on 12/25 @ 1:20 AM.

  • I am an optimist. I think it will stand through Christmas. But I highly recommend that you take it down on the 26th. I’m all for optimism, but with a twinge of reality.

  • Yes, it will fall down – 2.48am, 23 December hopefully not breaking any of the gifts under the tree!

  • That tree will not fall. Gorgeously imperfect!

  • Ahhh.. boyfriend behind is muttering “December 21, 7pm when the heating comes on and the tree has dried out juuust enough.” I agree with his (sudden) wisdom.

  • No way, that tree will not fall. It will stay up all season, if only to spite you for putting construction paper ornaments on it! I love the tree!! It’s beautiful and hilarious, all in one!

  • It’ll probably stay upright, I’d say – but please, for the love of all that is reasonable, water it! Dried-up trees are a huge fire hazard!

  • I think it’s great and that it’ll stand.

  • The tree will NOT fall. And thanks for the lovely stocking you are making. That lucky child will someday realize what an undertaking it was.

  • It will stand. Me, I no longer put up a tree. Just making cookies and knitting sweaters for Barbie. And it is still Christmasy here at our house.

  • Ok, I gotta admit I’m an optimist. Tree will stand as trees should. Good luck with the stockings!

  • It will fall December 25th at 1:30 am.

  • The tree will fall at 10 pm on Christmas Eve, just as you are in the middle of a great dinner / DVD / sorting out what to wear for Midnight Mass / family argument.

  • My answer: Will not fall.
    Not watering? Then it will get lighter and lighter–so I say it will stay “standing”. I think it’s charming. You may start a trend.

  • Thursday, 12/18 at 8:52 pm. Tiiim-berrrrrrr!

  • i’ll be a cynic…i think some elves will knock it over just before your cut off time…let’s say 7:45 am on the 25th.

  • I’m going with Christmas morning, 8:45 am. Because that would be very dramatic.
    I love that it reminds you of Pisa. Hee.

  • AN IMPORTANT QUESTION, that I should know the answer to but don’t: Do you guys have cats, and if so, how many? If the answer is 0 cats, then my guess is that the tree will make it. If the answer is 1 cat, I predict it will fall down at midnight, before Christmas morning. If the answer is >1 cat, my answer changes depending on the number of cats. It’s complicated math, Ann.

  • The tree will not fall before Christmas Day. It is a proud tree, beautifully decked out in lights and construction paper and it will not fail you. However, I’m not sure it will last until Epiphany.

  • Is there a cat in the household? Or multiple cats? Because the cat factor really can affect the falling down tree affect. Ask me how I know. Really. Just ask.
    If there is 1 cat…December 17 at 2:45 am
    If there are two or more cats – yesterday.
    If there are no cats…December 23, 3:42 am

  • Nope, it’s going to stay standing until you have to try to get the damn thing out of the stand to throw it out and then it’ll refuse to be budged.
    I can’t look at that picture for too long without my eyes starting to cross, though.

  • I think it will stand. It will list gently to the side and press against the wall, but it will not fall.
    I’m not an eternal optimist, but I don’t remember you mentioning pets (well, other than children). If you had a cat, then I wouldn’t have given it a week.

  • Alas, I predict it will fall and likely at the most inconvenient moment it can possibly fall. However, as I don’t know what you’re up to that would make anything inconvenient, I’m going to vote that it falls on Tuesday, Dec. 23, around 6:30 a.m.

  • NO! I PASSSED MY PATHOLOGY TEST! There is hope in the world! HOPE I TELL YOU!
    HOPE. The tree will stay. As long as no one takes a swat at it.

  • It will fall on 12/20 at 11:18 pm… A small warning I am going to will it to fall at this time, so make sure you give it room.

  • Dec. 23 4:14 AM.

  • Sorry, but yes, it will fall as soon as you put presents under it-and it’s a good thing you’re not watering it, because it would get all those presents wet. Let’s see:Dec 24, 11:47 p.m. But good luck to one and all and merry christmas!

  • No I do not think the tree will fall down.

  • December 21st at 4 p.m.

  • The tree will not fall! It will stand. But THANK YOU for sharing your Christmas tree drama… helps me survive my own tree-half-strung-with-lights-still-trying-to-find-a-matching-string-after-6-year-old-unwittingly-destroyed-string-on-decorated-tree-while-nearly-electrocuting-self-saga.

  • Since I haven’t read anything about a tree-climbing cat on your blog, I’m going to go out on a very crooked limb and say the tree will NOT fall…

  • Just to conclude that yarny prizes are not in my future (I could have a contest and give a yarn prize, I have so much of my own), I predict the tree will fall, December 23 at 4:22 pm, in the midst of many family members and guests coming to the house to visit!
    Do I have to check all the comments to see if someone already guessed my time??

  • It’s totally going to make it. By 9:02am, though, not so sure.

  • I am an eternal optimist. No!

  • It’s totally going to make it. By 9:02am, though, not so sure.

  • I predict 6:00 am on December 22 because it’s my birthday. I can’t believe you aren’t tying it to the wall with fishing line or something so nothing gets broke. Good luck with it!

  • Not even going to be a problem. It’ll still be standing; it might even make it to New Year’s.

  • Because I believe in Christmas miracles, the tree will hold.
    And thanks for the great laugh!

  • Of course it won’t fall. It’s Christmas!

  • Of course it won’t fall. It’s Christmas!

  • Even tho I am an optimist, I will vote for the tree falling down. Sunday, December 21 at 9:30 pm CT.
    Sure hope I am wrong! And LOVE that stocking.

  • It will stand tall. I know it. Unless you have a cat.

  • 0200 on Christmas morning. Same time (approx) that the tree at home fell on my sister while she was sleeping on the sofa bed many, many years ago.

  • Why don’t you put some actual flaming candles on the thing to make things more interesting…..otherwise I vote yes on Dec. 22 at 3:43 AM.

  • Looks a bit precarious to me- I’m guessing it will fall early on Christmas morning… 4:59 am?!?

  • The tree will stand.

  • I don’t think it will fall.

  • That tree is not going to fall. no way.

  • 7:23 p.m., Dec. 23rd, and the tree will commit arboricide. It’s a beaut, though. One year ours toppled, and once it was righted again, we made sure the &*(#er stayed up by looping fishing line around it, and securing the ends to the nearest bookcases. Not even the cat could tip it over after that.

  • That tree isn’t going anywhere. Except maybe to the boy scouts’ chipper after Christmas?

  • I say the tree will fall Dec. 24 10:23pm

  • So many extenuating circumstances to be considered. Presence of large dogs or any size of frisky cat or dogs who chase said cats. General deportment of household children in the preChristmas frenzy. (Do they scrimmage in the living room?) How hard do people generally slam the from door? How long has the tree already been up (especially from the standpoint of not being watered) How much will you continue to fuss with the lights, ornaments, etc.? How big is the pile of presents that will have to go beneath said tree. And so on and so forth. But I say that it will stay standing by force of will alone.

  • If I knew when you were going to have a bunch of boys visiting, especially if that bunch were there just before dinner, I’d pick that time. Since I don’t, I’ll have to choose 5:53 pm (just before dinner, maybe?) on Dec 23…after school lets out and they start going NUTS!

  • No! It will stand! Since you’re not watering it, it will shrivel in place like an overgrown weed! Long live the Pisatree!!

  • Sorry, but yes, it’s going to fall.
    At 2:37 am, Christmas morning.
    The arose such a clatter will be from the living room, not the roof.

  • Your tree is lovely and will remain standing.

  • If it weren’t for the cracked tree stand, I’d vote for it to make it–I’m assuming it’s plastic since it cracked?
    I’m betting that stand’s not going to hold up for long: midnight tonight.

  • The tree will stand [ unless a cat bumps into it] but yes IT WILL STAND

  • I believe it will fall on December 22nd at 9:36pm.
    That is my soon to be 7 year old’s birthday. The earthquake that you will feel on that date and time will be from my son and his friends in SC tearing up my house. This will cause the tree to finally crash to the floor. Happy Holidays!

  • No, it will not fall. Just like I hope I get my tree up this weekend, I’m trying to be optimistic!! πŸ™‚

  • If you have a cat, it will definately fall! Our cat has been trying to climb up our tree every night and ornaments have fallen. My guess? December 19th at 10/22 PM. Merry Christmas!

  • Christmas is all about optimism! I vote that it will NOT fall before Christmas morning, 9am. Now what happens after that is up to someone else!

  • Of course the tree will fall; that is its destiny. What’s more, it’s going to fall Christmas morning at 4:30 a.m. Right on top of the presents.
    The last tree I had, the cat knocked it over not once, not twice, but four times. Which is why I no longer put up a tree. At least not until I have a different cat.
    Merry Christmas!

  • It won’t fall, unless there is a canine, or possibly feline, related event.
    However, please water it, it’s a fire hazard and will be dropping needles which will be tracked absolutely everywhere for months.

  • Hmmmm……. I’m wondering if you have a cat or two…… because that factor is important to whether any Christmas tree stands or falls. πŸ˜‰ I’ll guess that it will fall on Dec. 17. Tomorrow! Good luck, tree!

  • I’m guessing Saturday, December 20 at 2:37 p.m., since its the middle of the afternoon when kids are sure to be around. From my experience, things like that always happen when there are kids around.

  • Unless you have an earthquake or children younger than 5 years old in the house I think the tree will stand and not fall.

  • It will fall – 12:57 am December 25. πŸ™‚

  • No, the tree will not fall.

  • Since the tree has unbreakable ornaments and there is nothing glass nearby for it to destroy, I think that baby will still be standing tall, erm sideways on New Year’s Day. One the other hand, if it had glass ornaments on it or could break something priceless when it feel, the sucker would have fallen in the first 24 hours after decorating it.

  • tree will fall (but who will hear it?) because it will be in the wee hours on Christmas eve—dec 24th 3 am

  • I don’t think it will fall before Christmas. Although Christmas is still 10 (or is it 9?!) days away! Hang in there tree, mama needs some new yarn. (I wouldn’t push it to New Year’s, though.)

  • No, the tree will not fall. In fact, that tree is going to be standing right up till you take it down on December 27th at 7:35 pm. Wait! That wasn’t part of the guessing was it?

  • It will stand (you don’t have cats, do you?). I

  • I predict it will fall on Monday 22nd at 5am. It’s a bad time to fall over but these things always happen in the middle of the night

  • I’m going to be an optimist and say it will stay up.

  • Unfortunately it will fall – 2:08 am on December 22nd.

  • My ficus looked like that before we tied it up, so I’m sorry to say I think it might fall. If it does, sadly it will be at a most inconvenient time, like say 5 am on the 22nd (meaning early Monday morning if I got the date wrong).

  • it’s falling – on wednesday the 24th at 6am. at least you’ll get a chance to right it again before santa comes…

  • Seven-thirty, Christmas morning. Narrowly missing a kid or pet.
    I’m not an optimist.
    But your tree has much more personality than my not decorated (three year old + cat = yeah right) artificial.

  • I don’t think the tree will fall — if you’d put some breakables on it I’d change my guess! Every year I worry that our tree will topple and it doesn’t happen — have faith.
    Merry Christmas,

  • I think it’s going over . . . right after Santa comes – my guess is 12:01 a.m. on December 25th. Glad it’s unbreakable!

  • It will stand! Tall, proud, and leaning as he**!!

  • it will stand strong, and crooked through the holiday!!
    and it looks great that way!

  • Nope, that tree is staying up — unless given some encouragement.

  • I predict it will fall at 7:07pm on December 22.

  • I think it will fall… 12/22 @ 1035pm

  • 12/19, 9:00 PM. Watch out!

  • can’t resist this one. It will fall 12/24 at 11:05 p.m.
    Love the stocking. I have faith in your ability to always make a deadline. The tree on the other hand is going down.

  • I’m going to say no. If it were full of breakable ornaments, then it would fall, but since it is not, that tree will stay in a lean til you take it down.

  • My husband the engineer says its a static system and unless a cat or something tries to climb it it should stay up. therefore I vote no it will not fall.

  • I think it will fall on December 23, 11:38 a.m.

  • It will fall. Murphy’s Law, you know? And just to make it extra Murphy-ish, I’ll say it falls at 5 am Christmas Morning.
    But here’s my question– how will you know if it falls in the middle of the night? If a Chrismas Tree falls while all are sleeping, does it make a sound? Better invest in a motion activated webcam so you can document the exact hour, beyond all doubt.

  • Hmm…wonder when you put it up…how long has it been leaning like that.. I guess that it will fall on December 23 @1:24 p.m. πŸ™‚

  • Yes, the tree will fall at December 22nd at 2AM. And where do you find those crazy You Tube videos?
    Carolyn in NC

  • I predict the tree will stand. Ours did last year, and it looked about as tippy as yours does. My family has a unique ability to choose trees that look lovely and straight at the tree lot, and then become towers of Pisa when they are screwed into the tree stand. Good luck!

  • We’ve had 2 trees fall many years ago and they were completely upright BEFORE toppling over! And both times they fell in the middle of the night…so my guess is 12/22 at 1:45am. At least you’ve decorated it properly for the fall!!!!

  • No, like Pisa, it will stand for generations to come. Merry Christmas!

  • No, like Pisa, this tree will stand for generations to come. Merry Christmas!

  • Yes, It will fall Saturday, December 20th at 1pm while crazy kids are running in the house around it.
    Jimmy in NC

  • Yes, the tree will fall. Dec 21 , 2PM.

  • My guess is that the tree will fall at 11:59pm Christmas Eve. Good Luck with that!
    Julie in NC

  • I vote no – it will not fall before Christmas morning! It will defy gravity until at least lunchtime on Thursday! Good luck with the tree, and just make sure that nothing breakable is on the “downhill” side, just in case.

  • Yes, the tree will fall at 7:36 AM on 23 December
    Pessimistically yours
    M in M
    PS no fair CHEATING and wiring the tree to a fixed surface!

  • It will fall, December 24th 11:24am.

  • i really want to say that the tree won’t fall.
    But Yes,
    the Tree Will Fall.
    December 25th, 3:57 am.

  • I think the tree will stand. It’s the trees that you least expect to fall that do. A leaner like that? No.

  • Yes the tree will fall—Dec. 25 @8:59am
    Because life’s like that.

  • I say the tree will continue standing if for no other reason than to just thoroughly tick you off. I’ve had trees like that. It will never die. Even if you don’t water it…….. and a very Merry Christmas to you too!

  • This is like some weird version of Letterman’s “Will It Sink or Will It Float?”…I’m guessing that since you’re not watering it, it will remain in a petrified upright state indefinitely.
    Seasons Greetings!

  • I’m down with the Christmas spirit. It’ll stay up!

  • Gravity is on my side, but the unbreakable ornaments may bring some cosmic equalibrium to the situation. OK. The thing is listing worse than the Titanic – it will fall. 9:48 p.m. 12/23/08.

  • It will stand. It will stand. It will stand. (Just keep repeating until Christmas morning. No promises, though)

  • My fingers are crossed for the tree to stand tall (and crooked) until its time is up. Merry Freaking Christmas to ya’ll, too.

  • If it is still standing right now, sadly, that Bad Boy will not last through the weekend. I predict Saturday, Dec 20th at 2am in the morning after you were out Friday night to a fabulous Christmas party and you just dozed off.
    Merry Christmas to All!

  • Dude, I have total faith in that tree. NO WAY is it going to fall. Not gonna happen. Nope.
    Rock that stocking!

  • I am all for optimism. The tree will not fall. My husband is slightly less optimistic. He said it depends on how much the house shakes when the reindeer land on it.

  • It will not fall! I have a stubby chubby tree with a crooked trunk, it appears to be leaning backwards and laughing at the room, or is it laughing at me for going ahead and putting the glass ornaments on it anyway?

  • The tree will fall on December 19 when no one is home so you won’t know exactly when it fell but you will find it horizontal in all its paper ornament glory at 6:45pm when you come through the door with all your packages and all you want to do is have a nice quiet dinner in peace.

  • 8:25 p.m. December 24. We have a tree on our porch–it’s fallen over about 78 times and is now festively tied to the porch rail with clothesline. Have you considered clothesline for you tree-straightening needs? Merry Christmas! I wached your “I Didn’t Knit That For You” video and it cured my holiday stress. Thanks!

  • Looks to me like it’s halfway falling already. I say December 23rd, 11:11 a.m.

  • It will make it. If you had a cat it would be all over.

  • I think it will fall on Dec. 24th at 4pm. (I hope for you it doesn’t)

  • It will make it. If you had a cat it would be all over.

  • My guess is Sunday the 21st at 3pm!

  • There are no breakable ornaments on it? Then of course it won’t fall. Plus, the crookedest trees always last forever.

  • It looks like a plucky tree. My husband and I guess no, it won’t fall before 9am on Christmas.

  • I recommend taking all the ornaments off the right side and putting them on the left side, to balance it.
    Another idea: Since the economy is so bad, after this year, can’t we just give up Xmas completely???

  • If there is no cat present, it will not fall. Of course, any self-respecting cat would have already climbed it and knocked it over by now, so it would be a moot point.

  • I have faith — it will not fall!

  • I just hate to vote this way, but yes…it will fall. Tuesday, 12/22, at 6:45 pm. I have seen this happen.

  • It’s falling. Even more stable trees have been known to bolt sometime between 2 and 5 am early Christmas morning. But your tree is such an overachiever, I predict 1:38 am on Christmas morning, or thereabouts.

  • It will NOT fall. That tree clearly has the Will To Live. Enjoy it.

  • I’ve had that exact tree. It will stand through Christmas, then you will wake up the next day to find it lying peacefully on the floor, its life’s destiny fulfilled.

  • No. It will remain there to torture you, to make you wake up at odd hours of the night to check on it.
    Our tree is sadly leaning, also. I swear, they somehow disguise those crooked trunks when they’re on the lot. I got it home on the TOP OF MY CAR thankyouverymuch, and the had to figure out how to get it off the car and into the house. Alone.
    So standing there in 40 mph Texas wind, I cut the first bit of twine. Top loosened up. Ok. Cut the 2nd piece of twine. Bottom semi loose. Go around to other side of car, tug on tree. Bottom not going anywhere, but making like it wants to. Go around to other side of car. Cut twine.
    40 mpr Texas wind blows tree off car, trunk first. THUNK. Hits driveway, flops onto husband’s pickup. Husbands old pickup, thank goodness. Go around to other side of car. Tree still in one piece. Drag into house.
    Place tree into old tree stand. In a hurry to pick up son, so do a half uh-huh job. Let lean towards foosball so it will have something to lean on if it falls. Put water into stand ’cause thirsty trees make me sad. Come home to angry husband because tree fell over and spilled water onto bamboo floor that he sweated blood to put down. (I remember sweating a little blood myself when I did the self-leveler and helped with the floor…)
    If you water your tree, I bet it will fall.

  • I vote No – the tree will not fall before Christmas. (Maybe ON Christmas Day, but not before…) Imagining the process of gift removal (are they under the tree?) makes me think of a giant game of “Ker-plunk…”

  • It will stand until Christmas.

  • I’m betting that it falls JUST as “Santa” finishes distributing presents under the tree – so..11:13 PM Dec 24? Here’s hoping that it doesn’t!!!

  • I don’t think it will fall — that is as long as there’s no outside interference from pets, kids, or mischievous adults. πŸ™‚

  • I don’t think it will fall — that is as long as there’s no outside interference from pets, kids, or mischievous adults. πŸ™‚

  • No, it won’t fall — as long as there is no outside influence from pets, kids, or mischievous adults.

  • No, it won’t fall — as long as there is no outside influence from pets, kids, or mischievous adults.

  • I predict it will be standing after Christmas.

  • I think it will stand. Especially if you tie it to the wall (my parents have small hooks permanently embedded in the chair railing of the living room – after so many wonky trees they got tired of having to reinstall them every year). Good luck.

  • Sorry for the duplicate comments — the Post button in the Comments dialog was looking deceptively unresponsive (but it was obviously working).

  • TIMMMMMBERRRRRRRRR! December 24th, 9:30 p.m.
    You’re a riot.

  • It will not fall.

  • Midnight Christmas Eve. That tree is going down. And you’ll all jump from your beds to see what was the matter.

  • Midnight Christmas Eve. That tree is going down. And you’ll all jump from your beds to see what was the matter.

  • Ain’t gonna fall!

  • What a wonderful, happy tree! Unless you have cats, I don’t think you do, your tree is going to make it upright – right through Christmas and on to New Years. I love those paper based ornaments…they’re so special.
    Happy holidays,

  • I am the eternal optimist. I knit, don’t I?
    Therefore, I say that the tree will not fall. (Also, I believe you do not have cats. They are an unstoppable force of nature when it comes to things like this.)
    Yours optimistically,

  • 12/25/08 6am is my vote for the fall. Unless you try some fishing line tethering it in two or three points to some solid objects. But it does look great. Hope it stays up!

  • Our tree fell one year at 2am which was really fun, so I’m going with that. 2am on Dec. 22. It looks really pretty though, and I was surprised that your ornaments aren’t the breakable ones. They look beautiful. Happy holidays anyway– and your stocking is very pretty, too. Any contests about whether or not you’ll finish in time?

  • It is gonna’ stay upright (well, as upright as it can) and not fall down.

  • 8:30 AM Monday, December 22
    And congratulations on discovering an exciting new way to spice up the holidays.

  • I have faith – it will remain upright(leaning, but upright)

  • I don’t know–knowing how kids and tree stands are, I think the chances of it falling are rather high. I say that it will fall down on December 23, 4pm. However, I really hope it dosen’t because I know if our tree fell over I would be tempted to drink some tainted eggnog because I had spent so much time putting the darn thing up! Best of luck! I shall watch with interest…

  • A few years ago, sensing (correctly) I wouldn’t have many Christmases left with my parents, I went all out and decorated their tree completely–except for the side facing the wall. It was chock full of every ornament I could find. On Christmas morning, I heard an extraordinarily loud thud from the living room. My first thought was: it’s Santa! I do believe! But my second thought was correct: the tree fell over! In memory of my parents and a really dimwitted decorating job, I’ll say 10:00 a.m. Christmas day.

  • It’ll fall – I’ll say 12/23 at 7:35 a.m.
    But it’s a great tree πŸ˜‰

  • Well, it really depends on if you have any relatives visiting the you are on tenuous grounds with — if you have a MIL you dread or an aunt that never thinks well of your housekeeping efforts. It will absolutely fall down right in front of them (or on them).
    But given that you are not tempting fate with breakable ornaments,
    I’m guessing no.

  • ett (estimated time of “timber!!”):
    December 21, 8pm
    (but I hope it doesn’t)

  • ett (estimated time of “timber!!”):
    December 21, 8pm
    (but I hope it doesn’t)

  • I don’t think it will fall over!
    I hope I’m right.
    Happy holidays!!!

  • I hope it stays up, but I rather doubt it…
    I say December 24th, 5:05 AM.

  • Yes! I’m guessing December 23rd at 11:59 pm

  • It is the season to be jolly so I don’t think it will fall!

  • If it didn’t topple when you decorated it, I don’t think it will … at least not until after the deadline πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas to you all!

  • Yes it will topple! Dec. 24 at 1:23 a.m. πŸ™‚

  • Hey, it didn’t fall from “crooked trunk” when it was growing, so why now? Unless you have a cat…I have been victim of cat-up-tree syndrome several times. I predict it will stand, perhaps bald, since you aren’t watering it, but it will stand. BTW, who are you punishing by not watering it, the tree? You’ll be the one with the stick in the living room! How about some unconditional love, here?

  • The miracle of the season will be the tree still standing on Xmas day.
    And words cannot express how dumb I feel for not knitting my fairisles inside out to keep the floats are long enough.

  • Do you have a cat? If so, I predict it will fall tomorrow, Dec. 17, at 3:47 a.m.

  • It will fall 11:12 Christmas Eve.

  • Of course it will stand; it has unbreakable ornaments.

  • I predict it’ll fall at about 8:58 a.m. on Christmas morning, just as you’re starting to let out a sigh of relief that it’s made it to then.

  • Not to be a Scrooge, but it will fall. I am saying December 23rd at 6:34 PM. This is exactly why I went to an artifical tree and a Yankee Candle (Balsam Fir scent) – my natural trees ALWAYS fell over, usually during dinner. I really think going fake has saved my marriage! πŸ™‚

  • Being a glass-half-full gal, I have to vote for
    the standing of the tree. Christmas is a magic
    time and your tree standing proud is magic!

  • No, the tree will not topple.

  • My vote – it’s too beautiful to fall so, like Pisa, it’ll stay up!!

  • I think it will stay up but at 9:01 you better look out.

  • It will fall at 11 p.m., December 24
    Here’s hoping it stands.

  • I don’t think it will fall now if it hasn’t already, but for the sake of safety (not falling on an unsuspecting passerby)I would anchor it to the wall with a little fish line or um… yarn?

  • Is this tree in a room with traffic? Are there pets in the house? Is there a Wii game system nearby? All factors certain to bring down the best of trees. My husband has a driven desire to find the biggest, fattest tree he can despite the dimensions of room or tree stand capacity. Last years tree was tethered to a bookshelf. I thought all was going well this year when I discovered that the “really thirsty tree” is a leaking tree stand. Tis the season! And my vote is YES, the tree falls. 2AM, Dec. 20th.

  • The tree will stand through Christmas, but will fall at noon on the 26th!

  • I have faith! The tree will not fall.

  • I’m guessing it won’t fall because you didn’t put water or glass ornaments in/on it. If you had,fate would be against you.
    I love the stocking! I just finished the last of the stockings for my parents and siblings. (There were seven and they were covered in stranded patterns. whew.)

  • no – the tree won’t fall (maybe)

  • This is the season of miracles and optimism. No falling in this tree’s future.

  • Leaning that direction, that close to a doorway? That poor tree is doomed. I’ll say December 24th at 8:00 PM. You know, to make Christmas Eve extra magical.

  • No, of course not. There are no unbreakable ornaments on it so why would it?
    Merry Christmas to You!

  • My vote is Yes -it will fall 5 minutes before your biggest Christmas shindig πŸ™‚
    ps: does that count as a day and time? If not, I’ll go with Sunday, December 21st @5pm.

  • The tree will remain upright πŸ™‚

  • The tree will remain upright πŸ™‚

  • The tree will remain upright πŸ™‚

  • Pisa is not worth it… it’s the only thing in the town. Enjoy another destination, and maybe you’ll be able to find a white ceramic leaning tower of pisa cheese shaker, like i did. : )

  • I have faith. Christmas magic will not let this tree fall. (If you had used the glass ornaments, I would have voted the other way, but you didn’t so the tree is safe.)

  • I predict it will stand until Christmas. After that, all bets are off. Merry Christmas

  • No, the [email protected]#!$% tree will not fall.

  • It will stand. Especially if you wedge a 2×4 or something between the wall and the trunk.

  • I think it will fall on Christmas Eve at 10:08 PM. πŸ˜‰ Mine fell about twenty minutes after the decorating was finished. Of course, there were three young kiddos in the room at the time, so…
    I can still hear my Mom laughing on the phone saying, “You mean you didn’t tie it off to something?!”

  • Nope, it’s settled in there. Not gonna fall.

  • Ann,
    I am warmed looking at this tree…..I’m remembering all of the years we sat outside in the parking lot before the after-Christmas sales of illegally discounted Radko ornaments! As you may remember, years ago I put Christ back in Christmas after my tree fell with my entire collection of over 300 of the suckers! I still keep a bowlful of the shards which I bring out for the holidays. You generously gave me “barbie’s mom” to get me going again and my collection is back at pre-crash levels. However, since we are waiting for our house to be renovated and are in a rental, I did not bring them out….our tree also is a collection of homemade and heirloom ornaments…and it has never looked better or more beautiful to me. Seems appropriate in every way this year, yes? Tune in next year though as our tree will be fully laden with glass and breakables…why not?! Merry Christmas!

  • When I first saw the picture, I thought you had somehow gotten a photo of our tree. Except ours leans the other way. Ours will stand (in spite of five grandchildren and two other children playing hide and seek in the house), and so will yours!!!

  • Well it actaully looks like its going to go any minute, but I will be a optimist and say 11:00 pm Xmas Eve.

  • Your tree will not fall. It has achieved perfect balance with everything around it, and will thwart that persistent bitch we call gravity.
    Be steadfast and have courage, little tree! You are a ray of hope for sagging boobs everywhere.

  • Ours-vintage 50s with plug-in branches–has already fallen over this season (with, perhaps, a little unacknowledged assist from the 2-year-old). Given the law of averages, I’m betting NO, your tree will STAND!

  • Ours–vintage 50s with plug-in branches–has already fallen over this season (with, perhaps, a little unacknowledged assist from the 2-year-old). Given the law of averages, I’m betting NO, your tree will STAND!

  • That tree is so going over. I say Monday December 22 12:45

  • If a Christmas tree falls in the living room and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? I’ve got a bit of the flu today and that tree looks like I feel. I didn’t stay up right very long today, and that puppy won’t either. I have to agree that the crack in the stand will be the deciding factor. It’s going down 12/18 at 2:50am, because the kids are still in school (I’m supposin’)and this will give them something exciting to talk about, and leave you and hubby exhausted the next day because of the adreneline fueled wake up call in the middle of the night. Sorry, don’t take it personally.

  • I say it’s gonna make it!
    BTW: not sure if anyone mentioned this, but you really need to water the tree… not to be a bummer but dry trees are fire hazards. I know you hate the tree and all, but it may strike back!

  • No, it will not fall. It’s lovely.

  • Wow, if it’s lasted this long and you’ve taken the precaution of hanging only construction paper ornaments on it, I’m thinking force of habit will keep it standing through Christmas morning. The kids aren’t allowed to play football in the living room, are they?

  • Murphy’s law says it’ll come down, but as to when… my guess is 8:59am xmas morning =)

  • That tree is going to stand!!! I just think it will. It’s lived it’s whole life leaning this way or that…it can do it for a little longer.

  • Nay – the tree shall not fall. Unless thee fell the tree, it shall stand.
    Live, tree, live! Hang in there! Remember Charlie Brown’s tree! You can do it, pal! Only… I dunno… seven or so more days… You can do it!
    Time for some ‘nog.
    Psst, tree. Hang in there!

  • I just know this tree will be standing long after all the gifts have been opened!

  • I just know this tree will be standing long after all the gifts have been opened!

  • I just know this tree will be standing long after all the gifts have been opened!

  • I think it will fall, but it will happen just after 9am on Christmas morning, just as the last gifts are being opened. So I guess that qualifies me as a “I think it will stand”.

  • It will stand. Or it will fall down in the middle of gift opening.

  • Dec. 23 4:36am

  • As someone’s already guessed my time, I’m going to go with the tree falling at 8:55 am Dec 25th… which will be as soon as a child takes a look under it to find presents with their name πŸ˜‰ However, no harm will come to either child or tree (or gifts!) πŸ˜‰

  • It’s a Christmas Tree and therefore will stand till Christmas (unless, of course the cat climbs the tree or the dog crawls under it, or the kids decide to play tug). Merry Christmas.

  • I vote that it will not fall down.

  • dec 19 11:45 am

  • How DID you manage to get it to stay at that angle??I guess it will come down at 0412 (that’s 4:12AM). So sorry.

  • D’OH!
    I did the same thing; I bought a Judy’s Colors stocking kit, way back when. Plenty of time.
    I started it…got distracted with some cracksilk and the days slipped away.
    I believe the tree will stand!

  • D’OH!
    I did the same thing; I bought a Judy’s Colors stocking kit, way back when. Plenty of time.
    I started it…got distracted with some cracksilk and the days slipped away.
    I believe the tree will stand!

  • I say the tree will defy the laws of gravity and stay upright. At least until after gifts are opened.

  • The tree will not fall, we’ve had some Pisa-esque trees in past and only one has fallen – I blame the tree stand (it was cheap). However, if you’re truly worried screw a hook in to the ceiling and tie the tree to the hook, Merry Christmas!

  • This being the season of miracles, I’m betting that noble tree has actually spent most of its’ life, leaning into the wind and therefore, will not fall.
    Uh…Maybe I should ask if you have a cat….

  • The tree will NOT fall down. Especially if you knit it an i-cord lasso and tie the thing off on the hook on the wall stud from the last time this happened. Okay, like it happened to meeeeeee. Don’tcha think every Christmas tree deserves a pretty tieback!

  • It will not fall! Think positive thoughts straight through Christmas.

  • Nope! I don’t think it will fall, but it will keep you guessing throughout the holidays.

  • I’ll take a wild guess and will predict that it will fall on the 22nd by 8pm. Your wise not to water and release a watery mess. Otherwise, it looks very festive!

  • I have to say that, in my experience, contrarian things always stick around to annoy you as long as humanly possible, so my answer is “no, the tree will not fall.” In fact, I would guess that it will give you quite a fight when you try to take it down…

  • Oh, and I forgot to mention that I now have “hamster on a piano (eating popcorn)” stuck in my head. Nice change of pace from Christmas music, but still…

  • It will stand!!

  • I’d like to be an optimist, but unfortunately I think it will fall. Probably just about the time you decide it’s really not going to fall after all. Say, 6:47 a.m. on Dec 25th!

  • I think it will fall on Dec 25th, 7:30 a.m.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  • It will stand. And it will look straight after a few eggnogs.

  • If the trunk does not fall but all the needles do, does that count as a yes? Must the tree fall of its own accord, or are the ministrations of small mammals of various species allowed to contribute? Is a knitted tree-sling in the works?
    I vote no, and I vote you water that poor thing even if it does leak all over the floor. Put a roasting pan under the tree stand. Or a stash bin. Stuff the stash bin with red and green acrylic yarn (extra points for the glittery kind) and you can call it a truly original bit of Christmas craftiness.

  • This tree would not think of tipping over – it will stand and be remembered for many Christmases to come as “that leaning tree we had in ’08”

  • 12:07 am on December 22

  • In the absence of a tree-climbing cat, a dog with a tail wag capable of leaving bruises and breaking ornaments, or Charlie Brown trying to fly a kite in the room, I predict your tree will make it not only past Boxing Day but on to Epiphany…primarily to spite you. Merry Xmas & Shalom.

  • Your tree resembles our tree, one fateful year (1999). And yes, it did fall…on Christmas Eve, right in the middle of my partner’s traditional reading of “The Hockey Sweater” by Roch Carrier…a story that has nothing to do with Christmas but has become a Christmas tradition in our fambly nonetheless (in a French Canadian, Jean Cretien-former-Prime Minister-only-in-Canada–kinda-way)!
    We had a great laugh, mopped up the water, and carried on…as I am sure you will do, since you are a knitter beyond compare (in my books!)
    Kudos on your last minute projects! My hands, too, are cramping with the joy of the season!

  • Wow, I thought our tree was tippy-looking this year. I think yours will manage to stay up, though.

  • I predict that it will topple over close to midnight (11:57 p.m.) on the 24th. That kind of stuff always happens just before bed time!
    (Though I hope it stands..)
    Happy holidays!

  • Well, I’m not usually an optimist, but I think the tree will make it, so I vote NO. That is, of course, unless you have children under 5 or a cat or dog, in which case it is probably already down. Merry Christmas!

  • Well, I’m not usually an optimist, but I think the tree will make it, so I vote NO. That is, of course, unless you have children under 5 or a cat or dog, in which case it is probably already down. Merry Christmas!

  • I think that the tree will stay up!

  • 6PM Saturday night.
    But really, we need more info. Do you have cats?
    Also, you seem committed to just letting the thing be, but have you considered tying it to the vents of your air conditioner/heater?

  • The leaning tree of Pisa WILL fall on 22 December at 1:00 in the morning! Just long enough to make you think it’ll make it, and at a time when it will disturb your sleep the most!
    It’s pretty; I really hope it will last the season.
    Merry Christmas!

  • I am going to have to say no – she will keep standing until Christmas. Of course at my house she wouldn’t have a chance – a certain black and white kitty who just won’t stay away or out of the tree would be the culprit. Thanks for the fun contest.

  • i’m feeling lucky. no, the tree will stand until christmas morning, at which point it will collapse.

  • i’m feeling lucky. no, the tree will stand until christmas morning, at which point it will collapse.

  • Yes, the tree will fall. Mine did once and it was a sight to behold. Yours will fall at 11:30 pm on December 19. At least you’re not watering it. We watered our falling fir, so my husband felt compelled to start a chain saw (!!!!) in our home to cut off the tree’s bottom so that if could get a fresh start when we raised it again. Ah, holiday memories….
    Good luck!

  • I think just to spite everyone…it will stay standing. πŸ™‚
    Merry Christmas!
    PS: Hamster on a what doing what?????!!

  • I’m guessing it will fall by Dec 23rd at 1:30AM.

  • I’m gonna say no, it won’t fall down.

  • I’m gonna say no, it won’t fall down.

  • Since we have had the mouth dropping, can’t quite compare excitement of the tree toppling(sp) twice, I predict that the tree will topple at the most inopportune moment…..whatever that might be. We now secure our tree to the wall, however, so that the tree’s ego will not be harmed, we use clear fishing line.

  • Your tree is gorgeous! And I do hope it stands at least until you get a chance to bid it a fond farewell after your Christmas celebration. However… I’m afraid that it will topple on December 24 at 10:37 am.

  • No, it will not fall!!

  • No, the tree won’t fall (you’ll only keep thinking it will).

  • I don’t see anything wrong with this tree, it will not fall.
    Merry Christmas!

  • I too will think it will stay up. Note to self– by a fake pre-lit tree next year! Unless you just can’t go there πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas Ann!

  • Of course it won’t fall – haven’t you ever heard of a Christmas miracle?

  • if it hasn’t fallen already, it will not fall.

  • Stand strong…stand proud…stand wonky if you must…just stand til after Christmas.

  • I’m going in the “close but no cigar” category and will say 2 a.m. on Christmas morning. So close, but yet so far away ….
    And really? I hope I’m wrong and that it stays up. But in the spirit of the contest, I must submit a guess! πŸ™‚

  • I’m going in the “close but no cigar” category and will say 2 a.m. on Christmas morning. So close, but yet so far away ….
    And really? I hope I’m wrong and that it stays up. But in the spirit of the contest, I must submit a guess! πŸ™‚

  • No, it won’t fall. In a fine example of my “glass half empty” mood, I think it would only fall if it were covered in vintage glass ornaments!

  • It’ll stand. And I wish I had something whitty to say but the sinus pressure is blocking my thoughts.

  • No…if it’s lasted this long, it’s in there. We are an all-expendable ornament tree this year because our kittens won’t leave it alone.

  • December 23, 2 am

  • No, the tree stands. With breakable ornaments, it would have long since fallen, however, you though wisely and it is here to stay until Christmas day when it will succumb to the chaos and children running, screaming, and playing with new gifts (oh wait, that is my house).

  • That is a great tree – last year, we finally had to tie our leaning tree to the railing of the stairs to ensure it didn’t take a premature nosedive. I’m going to guess it’ll fall Dec. 25th at 4am.

  • not gonna fall. trees never do silly things like that!!

  • not gonna fall…I hope for your sake!

  • it will stand, unless someone bumps into it or another totally random thing like that, but, if left alone, it will stand

  • I’m thinking the tree will fall right at the worst possible time – 5:00 PM Christmas Eve.

  • I predict that….it will FALL,@ Midnight on
    Christmas Eve…Poor thing…But so Pretty.

  • I think the tree needs all the support it can get. πŸ™‚ So I say NO! It will stand! (Let’s hope.)

  • No water=lighter tree. It will not fall, unless there is a gale to blow it over, and that’s cheating. A shimmering beauty!

  • No water=lighter tree=No falling–unless there is a winter gale, and that’s cheating! That is a beautiful handmade shimmering tree!

  • Have faith; the tree will not fall. Those preschool ornaments sure do come in handy. Beautiful moldings in your house!

  • Have faith; the tree will not fall. Those preschool ornaments sure do come in handy. Beautiful moldings in your house!

  • No; Your fantastic tree will not fall. Love the ornaments. Just like the trees our family decorated when we were little.

  • I say no, the tree will not fall before Christmas….die and have falling needles, yes, but the tree itself will stand tall.

  • By now the tree has fallen at least twice. December 15 and December 19…and you are waiting for it to happen again!
    I know because I’ve had lots of experience with falling trees.

  • I predict…hmmm. Which one? That it’ll either fall down in a spectacular way once all the house is abed on Christmas Eve,or that it’ll fall over when presents are pulled out and unwrapped (that’s all that’s keeping it up there).
    I’m gonna go with 8 am, Christmas morning, because you have kids and there’s just no way they’re going to wait until 9.

  • Our tree fell ahead of schedule – approximately 2:59 am, Tuesday, December 23. It’s now properly tied up to avoid further tree drama.

  • Nopers gonna stay standing strong!

  • I think that I shall never see the falling of this tree.