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  • Olive is such a sweetie. LOVE the sweater. Will be watching for the array of fine woolens for pups as winter approaches. Are hoodies in her future?
    Congratulations to the awesome speller – WAY TO GO!

  • OK, firstly, well done Carrie, you star. Secondly – Olive’s little face over Joseph’s shoulder looks like a little Joey! No wonder as she’s part Aussie Terrier, but how cute is that?
    Well, out-cuted by THE SWEATER! And Olive in THE SWEATER! Oh my. x x x

  • That is positively the cutest dog and sweater combination I have ever ever seen. I have a Golden Retriand live in southern California. Dog sweaters are not in my knitting future. Good thing you’ve got it covered, what?

  • I can’t stop laughing at Olive’s expression! I can’t!
    And your other two victorious pets . . . so thrilled for the Yankee and proud of the speller!

  • That is positively the cutest dog and sweater combination I have ever ever seen. I have a Golden Retriver and live in southern California. Dog sweaters are not in my knitting future. Good thing you’ve got it covered, what?

  • Olive is just the cutest dog in the world! I can’t wait to see what you make her next!!!

  • Congrats to Carrie, of course! People often say that spelling is unnecessary now that we have spellcheck, but those are usually the same people whose notes to the teacher, grocery lists, and thank-you notes are chock-full of errors. Pleased as punch to see that Carrie will not be among them!
    Olive, by the way, looks as though she is Not To Be Messed With.

  • Hello Olive. You are looking lovely today. You are lucky to have such a fabulous mom.

  • Congratulations on the proud Mom moment of having a spelling Bee winner. We watched Akeelah and the Bee and I have been trying to convince my 10 year old that spelling is where it is at…And Olive – what is there to say – I think her sweater suits her well 🙂

  • OH, the sweater is cute, I’ll grant you that, but what MAKES that sweater is how PERFECT it goes with Olive’s personality. I see “yarn snob” written all over her little face. LOL. (makes me want to knit something for my little papillon).
    I can see why your kids are working so hard these days for recognition — must be tough playing second fiddle to the ever-adorable-nomatterwhat puppy. Your daughter did have an edge, didn’t she — having an Entrepeneur for a mother?! Congrats to all.

  • Oh Kay. What a combination of Beauty and Severity.

  • Congrats to Carrie!
    I’m normally anti clothing for dogs, but Olive’s so adorable in her turtle neck that I have to make an exception for her.

  • Ahhhh Noro! Of course! How could I have failed to see it whe I imagined Olive’s first sweater? Truly an inspiration (thinkin’ ’bout something similar for my cousin’s little dog Squirt…)
    Hearty cograts on the winning of the spelling bee to the lovely young lady with the gentle smile.
    And, Go Yankees! (You know, I know a grown Man who also has a Yank’s shirt–wore it to/from work over his regular shirt. I won’t mention his age, but let’s just say he’s old enough to remember who Beatniks were…)
    Knit On!

  • Ahh, Carrie, brains and beauty!!

  • A Noro turtleneck for a dog. A dog that looks like flight (as in hovering in mid air, not fleeing the house) is an option she can easily obtain. Perfection. Thank you for this post!!!

  • Congrats to Carrie! Spelling DOES matter!
    Olive’s sweater is adorable, but the look on her fuzzy little face is priceless. “I’m only humoring you, human….remember that!” Too funny!

  • Congrats to Carrie! Spelling DOES matter!
    Olive’s sweater is adorable, but the look on her fuzzy little face is priceless. “I’m only humoring you, human….remember that!” Too funny!

  • Olive grows more adorable by the day. And congratulations to your daughter, from the woman formerly known (when I was Carrie’s age) as “Mean Melanie Jean, the Spelling Bee Queen.”

  • Way to go Carrie! And Olive is a very lucky puppy. She’s aDORable in her lovely hand=knit sweater. Please keep incorporating Olive in all your photos. I would love to get a puppy but our lifestyle as retirees doesn’t permit it. I’ll just live vicariously through you. 🙂

  • Your son has excellent taste in jerseys! I’m waiting for my World Series Champion hoodie to arrive! The last one was getting moth-eaten, but now we’re back on track :-).

  • How clever of you to pick Olive–a dog just made for modeling Silk Garden. She looks like a young Audrey Hepburn–those eyes, that sleek figure.

  • The sweater is adorable, as is Olive herself. But the real winner is Carrie and the spelling bee. Yeah for pizza parties! Boo for the Yankees, but that is only because I am from Philadelphia. It was a great series.

  • Your dog has awesome ears! Love the sweater!

  • Your dog has awesome ears! Love the sweater!

  • Well done spelling!!! I’m so impressed. I have always loved being the walking dictionary. I once had a dream of being an entrepreneur and making dog sweaters of unbleached cotton. I even had a name “A Perro” (apparel/dog get it?).

  • OLIVE!!! (kissey noises and virtual hugs)
    How is it possible that another dog, a dog that is not my own, is SO CUTE?! :o) heehee!
    Congratulations to your daughter on the spelling win! I think Olive had something to do with it…
    But srsly, that dog? and that sweater? and the ears?! (((my dog is licking my face now to revive me)))

  • Congrats to the speller! Spell-check has been the first thing in my life to actually help me remember how to spell things. Weird. And ENTREPRENEUR-I am jealous.
    As a parent, you are involved in large, life’s work stuff everyday, it’s just not always knitting.

  • You’ve got to submit that photo of Olive in her sweater to Cute Overload. Absolutely adorable.

  • Carrie is looking so “teenish” these days, bet you won’t find that in a spelling bee! I have been known to forward a link to your blog to my own daughters, ages 23 & 19, when Carrie appears, just to say “look at how gorgeous this young lady is,” and now a Spelling Bee champ! The beauty increases with every picture you share. Way to go Carrie!

  • That is the cutest thing ever! Thanks for the morning smile!

  • I need to git me a smaller doggie so I can knit such cute little sweaters. I’m too intimidated by my boxer’s deep chest to launch into knitwear for him.
    And wow! How the time files. Carrie is growing into a beautiful young woman.

  • The children are wonderful, but Olive is truly adorable. Love the Silk Garden! By the way, what breed is Olive?? I want one!!

  • Congratulations!I WAS rooting for you guys…we went south, what can I say?The Red Sox break your heart at times, this was one of those.But glad to see it for you all…Olive and friends look adorable! Carrie and Joseph love that little pup it’s easy to see…glad to see it gives Mom-o something to do.She’ll need holiday sweaters too you know.I’ll get that book, as I have the two Yorkies of my daughters to knit for.Tho’ Clapton chews everything! The sweater is just perfect…

  • Imagine my surprise at seeing Olive working her sweater… and feeling an odd sense of familiarity! I will point out that the Everyday Turtleneck was designed by the talented Heather Brack.
    And congratulations to your Bee Queen!

  • In the video, I can see chickens on the mantel – are they knitted?

  • Congrats! I always loved spelling bees growing up (yup, a nerd).
    Olive looks stunning in her little sweater. Are you and Norma going to have a Sweater Off?

  • I love the Noro! Instant gratification knitting! Congratulations to Carrie!

  • Sweetness. All of it. 🙂

  • Congratulations to Carrie! That brought back memories of my own Spelling Bee win in the 6th grade, then on to the city Spelling Bee which was televised. We didn’t get any pizza party, though, but that was the mid-1950s, and there were no pizza delivery places, and TV was in black and white. My second-grader granddaughter is already a spelling princess–she’s got her Granny’s genes!
    SpellCheck? We don’t need no stinkin’ SpellCheck!

  • Wow. That Olive manages to look imperious and benevolent all at once. Love, love the sweater (although i must say i usually reside in the camp that would never clothe an animal.)

  • You are all awesome!

  • You are all awesome!

  • Oh that Olive. Way to rock a turtleneck!
    Congrats to Carrie, I love a good spelling bee. Word that knocked me out of 5th grade championship: GAUGE. Heh. Still giving me problems.

  • I actually squealed out loud at the picture of Olive in her sweater. Those ears! Oh my god! Cutest. Dog. Ever.
    And congratulations Carrie! The word that knocked my mom off her spelling bee throne? Mayonnaise. Turns out her family always used Miracle Whip. After that, my mom wouldn’t touch MW with a ten foot pole. Just goes to show, condiments matter.

  • Way to go, Carrie!!!
    And that Olive…
    Kay, you are making me rethink my policy on dogs. I only recently down-sized to what I considered “small.” After many years of Irish Wolfhounds I adopted a shelterpup: a 50-pound Scottish Monkeyhound (my best guess on her breeding is Scottish Deerhound crossed with a monkey). Now, for the first time, I am wondering if a wee tiny doggie would be a good companion for the Monkeyhound…

  • Is that a miter I see on Olive’s chest?
    I can’t wait to see more adorable sweaters on her.

  • Lovely, adorable little sweater! I think that you found the perfect model for it…I’m sure you chose Olive with how well she’d show off your knitting in mind, didn’t you?

  • Congratulations to Carrie (I was raised by the spelling and grammar police)!
    I love Olive’s sweater and also recommend Fido Fleece for winter, step in dog coats that have a velcro “zipper” for the back, reducing the need to have to yank something over those cute ears.

  • STEEKS on a dog sweater! You do know how to set the bar high!

  • Olive is the MOST adorable dog on the planet!! And I have three pretty adorable fur-kids at home, but that Olive….well…..she is IT!!

  • Possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, thank you 🙂 x

  • I have never been able to properly pronounce that word, let alone spell it. CONGRATS!

  • i hope that olive will be present in the christmas family portrait! eeks, when did carrie become so glamourous?

  • I look at Olive and think of Yoda. She’s so cute and has such funny ears. I just want to cuddle her. It looks like she has lots of cuddlers! Carrie has grown up so much and is just gorgeous. What a combination — brains & beauty — watch out world!!

  • You will see all three of those photos if you look in the dictionary under W-I-N-N-E-R. Bravo!

  • I was wondering how long it would take you to get to this point. Not very long, it turns out! Congrats to Carrie, though I can’t say the same for your local team. Baseball ended for me when the Tigers lost.

  • That sweater is adorable! And the colors suit Olive perfectly.

  • lovely posting

  • I’m waiting for a shot of Olive wearing a ball-band “Swifty,” Kay!

  • Awesome job, Carrie! Entrepreneur?!! I can hardly spell “SSK”!! And that sweater makes me want to run out and get a cute little dog instead of a fur shedding, deaf, demented older one who chews on puzzle pieces….

  • Holy moly is Olive cute. My ovaries just went kaboom. Bobo, however, would not approve… and he wouldn’t wear a sweater either.
    Congrats all around!

  • Is SO a sweater! Yes it IS! (Voice gets squeakier and higher, as baby talk commences) What a pretty girl! Such Sweet Ears!
    trying to regain my composure, but can’t.

  • Quite seriously, the cutest dog ever.
    And the kids, we’ll they’re just adorable as well, especially when accessorized with a dog.

  • That is the sweetest sweater! And you can crank out dozens in the time it would take to knit people’s sweaters. I think you have a win-win situation here.

  • The subtitle of the book implies there are matching human sweaters within…when? Why NOT?
    I dealt with too many disappointed Philadelphia sixth graders to congratulate Yankees’ fans with good grace, but hurrah for the bee! Isn’t “onomatopoeia” the BEST?

  • heeeeeeeeelp – you’re slaying me with the cuteness!
    Congratulations, Carrie!

  • I think Olive is ready to discuss physics and world economic climates.

  • Can you fashion one out of mitered squares next? Log Cabin dog sweaters seem like a challenge too far even though Olive would look great with some denim log cabin action.

  • Ok, she was already the cutest dog in the neighborhood (I’m sure of that, regardless of my location,) but now she is surely the most fashionable, even before the parade of sweaters begins (which will scare me if it gets too plentiful – for real, proceed with caution.)
    I’m coming over here for my daily “D’aww,” you know.
    With the Olive, it’s involuntary. The Olive be-sweatered almost had me begging for mercy.

  • That sweater is stinkin’ cute and sweater with the dawg is divine! Congrats to the spelling winner, too! woo-hoo!!

  • Dog gone! I had to rush right out and get that book. Biscotti’s going to be sporting some Karabella in no time–

  • I’m not sure which is cuter, Olive’s sweater or her ears. Kudos to your home team and your champion speller.

  • As one good speller to another, Carrie: You rock! And Olive is so lucky to have a Mommy who dresses her in her best colors.

  • Ha! I won my 7th grade spelling bee, and I got to go to state finals. At the time, we lived in Winnemucca, NV, which means I won my family a trip to VEGAS. Crazy. Crazier? Jeff has been telling the following joke at least 5 times a week for about 6 months, to make me crazier:
    You know what entrepreneur means, don’t you? It’s French for “between preneurs.”

    (and congrats to the other sweetie – such a smartie!)

  • I think the doggie sweater is totally awesome.
    It takes a lot of skill and patience to design and fabricate such a garment. I’ll be glad when my knitting skills become that excellent. Happy Thanksgiving. Your dog is going to be nice and cozy this holiday season!!

  • love the sweater muchly, but the BEE QUEEN — Woot! Many congratulations. (I do love those blanket-stitched armlegholes.)

  • Well done, Carrie. And Olive is one lucky doggie!

  • That Olive! You know she’s doing to demand a matching calorimetry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/doggie-calorimetry) and baktus (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/doggie-baktus) next!

  • Olive is adorable in her sweater!!
    Go Yankees!!
    And congrats to the Spelling Bee winner!! Woo-hoo!

  • That is just the cutest dog-in-a-jumper picture I’ve ever seen! I’m usually in the camp of dogs shouldn’t wear jumpers but she’s so small and the jumper is so sweet… I’m having a rethink!!

  • Re: earlier post… Does Netflixing Singing Revolution because of your post and sharing it with neighbors and yes, shedding a tear or two–does all that count?? If so, add northern VT to the map. And Thank You
    Re: this post… I hate (dislike intensely) dog clothes. Why then do I feel that your Olive sweater is the most adorable thing going???? and I would make one for my dog if she weighed less than 110 lbs and didn’t have as much hair as she does, and I didn’t have a HUGE Christmas knitting list. Thanks, too much; I will die of the cute. KTHXBAI (see LOLspeak)

  • I’m not a dog person. I mean, truly, not.a.dog.person. And that is the damned cutest dog I just about ever saw. Truly, amazingly cute.

  • I’m so glad your family adopted Olive. She’s just what you all needed. And a wardrobe of silk-blend sweaters is just what she needs. Too adorable!

  • Friggin Adorable!!! I can’t believe that her ears continue to get bigger. Great job Carrie!!! Congratulations Joseph!!!

  • Love the sweater, love the dog, love the view and really love that Carrie can spell. Well done all around. And three cheers for you having a dog that will actually wear a handknit so well. I just can’t believe it’s not in denim.

  • You have killed me with the cute. Killed. Ded.

  • that is the sweetest dog I have ever seen. I usually am not a fan of dogs-with sweaters but I am a changed woman. It will only be Noro for my pups now.

  • OMG! the sweater is adorable,but it’s Olive’s ears that kill me. Way too cute!!!

  • Yay! Congratulations on the spelling bee win. My husband tells people that he married me partly because I could spell and he needs all the help he can get. So see? All kinds of interesting things happen to good spellers!
    Olive is the cutest thing. She looks like a runway model in her sweater, all sassy and sweet.

  • Adorable little sweater for adorable dog.

  • Utterly slain by the cuteness-I think if one felt blue, all that is necessary is to look at Olive in the sweater. Of course the children as just as good for that :).

  • I’m pleased to see that, not only is her head still significantly larger than her head, it also appears that her ears have GROWN!

  • Oh. My. I am not a small dog person (although after having owned a 95-pound shepherd mix for the past 8 years, I’m no longer a large dog person, either) but Olive makes me want one – desperately! She’s too adorable for words – and her little sweater? Snazzy!

  • Would that word be the one that has no French equivalent?

  • First of all, many congrats to Carrie on the spelling bee triumph! And then, the only thing cuter than Olive is Olive in an adorable sweater that sets her ears off to perfection. Honestly – could that puppy be any cuter? It’s highly doubtful.

  • That is one stylin’ pup!

  • That is one stylin’ pup!

  • Congrats on the spelling bee win…and OLIVE – you are SO CUTE! Co NOT tell my dog I just said that! Usually I think clothing on dogs is stupid – but this – pure deeliciousness!

  • If I had such awesome kids, I would burst with pride! But I must ask…do they wear sweaters as well as Olive?

  • I confess that I have been clicking on your site at intervals the last couple of days just to look at that picture of Olive. Truly one of the best dog photos ever taken. Now that’s a New York dog.
    Which makes me think: is it perhaps time for another round of your animal Project Runway? There’s clearly something about animal knitting on this site — and since this season of Project Runway is a dog, it might be appropriate.

  • Would you allow me to use Olive’s photo in her ultra cool sweater on my dog’s blog? We will give all appropriate credit, if you will and might even buy your new knitting book.
    Jo in MN

  • Would you allow me to use Olive’s photo in her ultra cool sweater on my dog’s blog? We will give all appropriate credit, if you will and might even buy your new knitting book.
    Jo in MN

  • For all of the dog clothes haters, I used to be one of you, but then I realized that I dont in places where our dogs stayed outside and got super furryer in the winter so they are air conditioned in summer and heated in winter, and even a big dog needs a fleece when they don’t adjust so much. Mostly, I miss my dog a ton, but her fleece coat is still on the coat peg near the door, so I’m glad to see them dressed or not.

  • All together now: Awwwwwww!

  • The “minor distractions” are often what makes our lives the most meaningful and the most remembered. Thank you for making me smile….

  • Ah, the face that launched a thousand milkbones…

  • “Hold me closer Tony Danza…I mean Tiny Dancer” Olive is so dang cute. Can’t wait to see her…oh and Carrie and Joseph and Sister too.

  • Does anyone else see a similarity between Piglet and Olive in a turtleneck?
    Absolutely wonderful – I think we should start requesting daily Olive pics…

  • Way to go, Carrie! I, too, am a spelling champion: 1984, fifth grade, beating the school champ for the past two years with “hippopotamus” and “guardian.” There’s a photo of me with the runners up. Boy, did that second-place winner have a scowl on his face that this younger GIRL kicked the tar out of him!

  • oh! I am only now catching up on your blog, and I can’t believe how cute Olive is!! The sweater she’s wearing is really perfect for her. And I agree that she looks like Piglet!