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  • I had no idea Olive was in on the act, but I suppose I should have expected it.

    Ah, those days of warmth. Now we need the Tamatoris!

    B x x

  • Great to be in on a photo shoot where necessity was the mother of invention of such creativity! Such an interesting perspective, too: photographs of the photographer taking photos (and with Olive consulting how could anything go wrong?). This one is so much fun I almost can’t stand stand it! Thank you so much.


    P.S.– Regarding the use of small bits of time, does anyone engage in playing Candy Crush Saga? Sweet!

  • Love the “we can never have enough cow(l) bell!

    From a lover of cow bell and cowls!

    • The “cow(l) bell” referance has gone way over my head! Is it somehow a play on words between cow bells and cowl belles? Please enlighten me!


      • Saturday Night Live reference, right? Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell. Funny stuff.
        Kay, you’re wonderfully witty!

        • Thanks, Mrs. Smythe. Although I enjoy SNL, I am either out or have fallen asleep when it airs.

  • Regarding Instagram, definitely the latter . I applaud the mermaids in cowls concept. I want to see a lopapeysas under the sea shoot next.

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  • I have no idea what happened up there with the “comment”, anyway…Everything about this is wonderful, the mermaid idea, the beautiful models, the underwater shots – its all amazing and inspired. I am definitely “roused”.

  • What pattern are the cowls? They are lovely! 🙂

    • Hello Kasia,

      If you search for ‘Tamatori’ on Ravelry you’ll find the pattern.

  • Mermaids in Cowls–they are just lovely. I had a Rowan moment!