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  • Hey there,
    I know awhile back you had a great bleaching experiment. Have you ever used the bleach gel pen in a post knitted state?
    Side Note: Gush gush about the book and will be trying some log cabin knitting soon.

  • Sounds like my kind of place! All that and Linda Roghaar, too? Woo.

  • Kay – you were as involved in that Knit Lit story as Ann – no doubt about it. I think you were a great choice to read it! (By the way, your new book – which I read cover to cover the night I bought it – has inspired me to knit log cabin designs. And … um … several bazillion other things that you tempted me with in that book….)

  • …experiencing serious pangs of NYC longing about now … and when does the book tour hit the Bay Area again?

  • I am laughing hysterically right now….after I noticed a ton of people coming to my site from yours (THANK YOU! – tho noone’s had the guts to buy the silk rhapsody yet, I’m glad I can support vicarous silk lust) I have now bookmarked your site. You gals are a whoop-it-up yarn fest for me.
    Am I the only one who LOVES your haunted modern baby blanket? Maybe. I like the weird colors. It may be haunted, but I”d buy it! (or love it for a gift) I may have to do one for my site (www.fabsweaters.com)-I”ll be using the blue sky cotton for a spring line of sweaters this year!
    Anyhow, love the witty repartee…love the hubby comments at the top, too!
    fibers for fanatics

  • I love love love Christine Lavin. I love that she is a knitter and I love that she writes about it. I love seeing all those Upper West Siders, too. I am trying to name all the yarns in the background of your pictures.

  • bravo clif! i do love those milestones. learning is everything!!!

  • Mmm.. sounds like a hippie arts and craft love fest. I would have loved to have been there!

  • I don’t know, it looks and sounds a lot like Berkeley too! Yeah Clif!

  • Nor was the non-bird a Quayle, which is how the CNN closed captioning spelled it. 😉

  • Clearly, I need to get out more.
    But ‘fess up, Kay. What did YOU buy on the book tour? Your adoring public needs to know. Otherwise we’re sending the paparazzi to follow you in Omaha…

  • now i REALLY miss manhattan!

  • Oh My God Chandler Bing – Christine Lavin!! I can’t believe it, our local ABC ( Australian!!) radio plays her songs, and there she is, in real life at your yarn store. Wow!!! I love her music!!
    Oh, and lots of lovely yarn too, but Christine Lavin!!!

  • Oh my God, I love Christine Lavin! I have her Live from…. Somewhere….. Don’t remember, anyways, that my parents listened to. She is hilarious.

  • ann, you, nilda, sahara have all prepared me for my next life–dynamite blogging. my own post about this event seems too low-key, though i did not think so at the time. it’s good to have goals after 60…besides saving the world. speaking of goals, your admiration of my rowan denim vest (love that upclose pic of the pattern) lead me to think about the leftovers i have. think it will be a rowan cotton scarf. is this an innovation? always need something around my neck in summer; it’s an elder lady thing. thanks again for your sweetness. yours, naomi

  • Thank you for highlighting Christine Lavin. She is a voice from my past also(not my parents). We used to play one of her early albums when we went on family car rides. And she is a knitter! The best. Now I have her bookmarked.

  • Who knew Christine Lavin’s a knitter! Now I love her even more.

  • I just purchased the Mason+Dixon Knitting book and was wanting to make the tilting log cabin on page 67 and could not find the pattern in the book. Was I ever disappointed and read in the upper left corner insert that to go to http://www.woollythoughts.com but it is not there either. Help–I would like the pattern.
    Thanks Marlene

  • I am so glad you got some Jack Stack! It is hands down the best barbecue in Kansas City. My husband and I moved from KC to Minnesota last year and we still crave Jack Stack. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  • just finished a baby blanket…major accomplishment for me because I’m new at this…was wondering am I able to sew a silky border around my blanket (most baby blankets made of cloth have a silk border around it)…didn’t know if you could do this with yarn…Thank, Michelle

  • I have just purchased the Mason*Dixonn Knitting book and would like directions on the Pamela Hubbard mini-version of Joseph’s Blankie. Thank you.