bulky cowls

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  • These colors are luscious!!

  • Why are you doing this to me, Kay?

    • My intentions are good. I’m paving a road with them!

      • I ordered skeins earlier in the colors Amethyst and Charred Coal. Home sick today, but I am so excited now because there is a Portillo Cowl in my future! It will be my gift to Me. Since I already have Gale’s book, I will be able to make it right away. Kay, thanks for taking me along on your trip down that road!

  • Isn’t that Gale clever? I’ve made three of those cowls – lighting fast! Now I want that yarn.

  • You MADE MY DAY! My Portillo Cowl in Jill’s new yarn? I’m plotzing over here. Love love love love love. Thank you.

  • oh my. love it

  • Absolutely gorgeous! All the qualities I love, the colors are gorgeous, and the yardage in the skein is generous. You gals sure choose well.

  • 🙂

  • So pretty! I especially love the two colors on the left. On my monitor they are a beautiful purply-pink and a rich rust.

  • Stop it! You already ruined me by sharing the existence of 2048!

  • Oooh, pretty AND squishy! That looks lovely. And I happen to have a 24″ size 15 needle…

  • I’m looking for Brunswick Breeze yarn. I understand it is cotton and polyester, 80/20. I can’t seem to find it and I don’t know of an equivalent. Any help you can give me is appreciated.