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  • Perfection, indeed!

  • I used to watch the Addams Family every afternoon. TBS used to show it for six months out of the year starting at 3:35, so I could catch it right after school. I always mourned when the six months was over and it was replaced with The Munsters. Who would ever have thought these two were in any way equivalents? Morticia Addams herself was enough of a reason to watch this show. As was Gomez, and Uncle Fester, and LURCH! Who could forget Lurch??
    I’m not surprised she knits. Probably in the dark and upside down, too, as she dangles from a bat roost. She’s so cool!

  • Yes, The Munsters were unsatisfying in every way. Yech!
    David wants to see Cousin It, who didn’t appear in last night’s episode. “He’s, like, a giant hairball, right?”
    (Those are Gomez’s feet to the left of Morticia–he’s doing yoga while they chat.)

  • Typo alert! Cousin Itt has two t’s.
    Each Halloween our tiny building organizes a trick or treat for the 6 kids who live here. We post a sign in the lobby inviting everyone to join in, using the theme song from the Addams Family with all the words changed.
    My favorite line of the original is
    Their house is a museum
    When people come to see ’em
    They really are a scre-am
    The Addams Family.
    Or is it
    They’re creepy and their kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    They’re all together ooky
    The Addams Family.
    And remember Dark Shadows? We had to watch it at the neighbor kids’ house because my mother was afraid we would be inducted into The Occult. Ridiculous but true.
    Casting a spell as we speak,
    Mistress of the Dark Arts,

  • Loved ITT and DS. I (mis?)remember Morticia was knitting something for an octopus-like cousin. When she wasn’t cutting the buds off of the roses to better display the thorns. Or getting smooched on by Gomez for speaking French.

  • Houston’s is my favorite restaurant in all the world, and yes, it’s always standing room only. I always loved seeing Morticia’s knitted creations – sweaters with three sleeves or giant turtlenecks. Wonderful!

  • Kay, have you ever in your life seen a rerun of Dark Shadows? I keep hoping I’ll cross paths with this show somewhere, sometime, maybe on a vacation or when scanning through channels. It never happens. I watched it regularly as a three year old and sat paralyzed with fear (I don’t think any adults knew I was doing this). I don’t believe there are any knitters on that one though.

  • Clif says they were re-running it on Sci-Fi for a while.
    Can anyone tell that Buffy is the youngest of the family? How many of us oldest children would have been off the radar like that?
    Anyway, I think it was around the time the Addams Family debuted that I learned to knit. AND I had a major desire to be Morticia when I grew up. AND Clif had a major crush on Morticia, so that worked out well.
    Miserable, darling?

  • Will coincidences never cease? Does knitting ALWAYS bring things full circle? I just logged on for the first time in days, and there’s the pic of Morticia. And JUST YESTERDAY my 14 year old niece, whom we fondly refer to as Morticia (behind her back) asked me to teach her to knit! To better while away the hours while grounded, apparently. So off we went to the LYS, where she picked out some uncharactaristically cheerful white fluffy stuff with sparkles. I thought it would be too hard to work with, but she was off and running in no time.
    A sad note:. I’ve been MIA for the last week, because my father passed away after a long illness. It is so good to be back visiting the M-D blog. You all brighten up the day!

  • Susan–So very sorry to hear about your father. I’ll email you separately.

  • I watched that episode! I remember sitting their asking myself…I wonder what brand of yarn she’s using..LOL.

  • Oh Mary Neal – you’ve just spotted one of the top-hole advantages of being the youngest ! By the time you come along your parents have just plain given up !
    A friend of ours once pointed out that with the first baby we zealously sterilised and scrubbed everything within a fifty yard radius, with the second we sterilised everything she put in her mouth – but by the time number 3 arrived we’d have washed her face with the floor cloth just to get some peace!
    Ah well, as my Grandma used to say, “Clean meat ne’er fattened a pig.”

  • This American Life haa a frequently rerun story about a guy, obsessed with Dark Shadows, who attended a Dark Shadows convention. As I grew up in rural Alabama with only three TV stations (two until I was 12 or so), I have never seen an episode of it. Go to TAL.org and search for Dark Shadows and you can listen to the story online, though.
    I’m positively hurled back to my youth by Kay’s quotes from the Addam’s family theme song!! That really makes my day.
    I personally loved Uncle Fester and the light bulb in his mouth, although Cousin Itt was pretty great, too. Lurch on the harpsichord. Wednesday’s headless Marie Antoinette doll. Ahhh, those were the days.

  • A longer-than-I-wish-to-admit search on the ‘net reveals that the Addams Family will be joining TVLAND’s line-up this THURSDAY night (as in day after tomorrow). What are the odds? They’re even having a “You Rang” sweepstakes and an Addams Family Marathon coming up this weekend!! This is getting creepy…
    It hasn’t previously been shown in our area, so it will be a breath of fresh air in my otherwise dull summer tv watching schedule. Sigh. I’ve missed the old gang.

  • Sounds like Must-Knit T.V.!

  • So completely off-topic, but as long as we are here . . .
    UPN has canceled Angel so they can do a remake of Dark Shadows. Not that Angel was all that good or anything, but it does represent the heat death of the Buffyverse. 🙁 And what’s with all the remakes, anyway??
    On topic: Spindrift arrived yesterday. Winding, winding, winding.