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  • I think you nailed it…hospital barf buckets…do not substitute with harvest gold; it will be worse ! I say “ditch the pink”…….pale blue, greige or good old off white!
    Almost all gifts for Christmas were knitted…to be knitted…until I broke some tiny bones in my thumb joints! I can knit, but it is slow and not pretty.
    Off to the Oregon Coast for Thanksgiving !!
    Wonderful Thanksgiving to all

  • I dunno how to add a picture, but I think you are thinking of those cotton receiving blankets they wrap babies in before you get to them with your handknits. Here is a link, tho. https://www.liveactionsafety.com/nursery-receiving-hospital-baby-blankets-100-pack/

  • I will admit, I LOVE to make swatches. After having knit some real DOGS because I was too excited to swatch and wanted to knit NOW, I learned to love a swatch or two, three, four. I will admit that some dogs do slip through the cracks but learn to love your swatch, block it, put a label on it with a description and some heart break may be avoided.