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  • 3 weeks for a sweater…maybe not the one I was thinking of. I’ll mull it over today.,

  • I’m dying to join this KAL, but I won’t even be ready to start until the end of January (at best). I will follow along to learn what I can. I want to make the “coins” pattern in a pillow for my daughter’s couch (she’s the one who gave me the Field Guide). Waiting for the yarns I ordered to come from England; wish I had known about this discount sooner!

  • Hey guys! Can I be in the KAL even though I started my fassett socks yesterday? (I had to get rid of my Saturday sock as it was too small). That puts me one day early. Not a big deal if not.

    • That’s perfectly fine. It’s all about sharing. It’s not a race and nobody is refereeing. (Reminds me of Julia Child saying, “Nobody is with you in the kitchen!”) Would love to see your sock, Sue!

      • Yeah well I’m onto my third try! I won’t even have to think about Julia! I am a fan of 2mm needles for socks, but even with 72 stitches they are too small. Not enough positive ease and double the fabric. (sad trombone) Time to bring out the big guns and start again! Of course I will be posting!

  • I’m in!! I love this Field Guide. I have already done one cowl and started on the coin scarf in Seafarer and Clay. I’m still not good at judging how much yard I need, so I ran out and quickly ordered more yarn. But then . . . I saw a photo on the blog of Nell with the blue and white coin scarf turned into a cowl. Knowing that copying is the sincerest form of flattery I copied Nell’s brilliant idea and my present was presented on time. I have promised two more pieces to my Saturday morning walking group. I took some of the balls of yarn and the color guide and they all went crazy. Oh no, what have I started?????

  • I am confused. I want to make a tubular scarf in the coins pattern. Actually. I would like to start with a provisional cast on and Kitchner the ends to form a cowl that goes around my head twice. The long scarf pattern will do, but I can’t seem to find how much yarn I would need. Can you direct me to the page where I would find the yardage required for the long tubular scarf in coins pattern?
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    • Hi Angela,
      On page 52, we gave the yarn quantities for the samples of scarves and cowls that were shown in the Field Guide, with page references to the photographs of the samples. If you change up the colors from those used in the samples, you of course don’t change the total yardage, but the amount you need of each color will change. For example, the coins tubular scarf in the book used only 2 colors, and it took 3 balls of each color, so a total of 6 balls. I made a tubular scarf with 10 colors, evenly distributed, and it used about half of each ball, leaving me with half-balls of 10 colors. Hope this helps. There’s a bit of trial and error involved. Hopefully more trial than error!

  • I can’t wait to get started on this knit along. I have my yarn, I have my needles, and I have the pattern. Just hope there are enough frozen dinners in the freezer for hubby!

    • Let’s light a candle for hubby!

  • Is the felted tweed on sale until the 31st as well? If not, when does the sale end? I couldn’t find a separate date specifying that. Thanks!

  • That’s my question too–I really want to try the coins scarf but I don’t trust my choices. I think MDK had some bundles as kits or something like that which I’m willing to do but I think, if I’m getting this right, the kits are sold out. Do you know when you will put together more kits or what would you suggest? I ordered the book and the ebook which I just realized I can access myself probably now which I will do. sorry for the long note.

    • Hi Judy!

      We can’t offer the bundles at the moment but we are currently offering a 10 percent discount on Felted Tweed. You can make your own bundles—woohoo! The colors that were in our Dusty and Bright 10-packs are in the photo gallery on the product listing here:  https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/shop/felted-tweed/   The last two photos show the bundles and have the shade names written on them. Hope this helps!


  • Will you be at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC with samples of the Coins Scarf for us to see? Can we buy the Felted Tweed yarn from you there, it would be nice to see the colors in person.

  • How do I set up an account? I ordered the guide 13. But have no way to access it.

    • Finally have my Guide and the yarn came yesterday. I sat down and started with a provisional cast-on and two of my 10 colors of Rowan Felted Tweed that I chose myself. I think I will do a Christina variation but did just cast-on 72 stitches. Last night I started the first stripe and I am excited about this knitting. I also just sent for an 16 inch Addi Rocket needle in size 5.
      With the left over yarn from this scarf I think I will do 1 or 2 cowls. What fun this color work will be going forward.

  • Great fun learning stranded knitting with “coins” pattern. Feeling confident now that I can cut a “steek”. Thanks for the great tips.