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  • How satisfying indeed, and it looks divine on you!

  • That skirt is magical. Wow!

  • Beautiful! So beautiful that, at 6 a.m. here on the iPad, I decided I could make one for myself! Thank goodness the kit costs $398 so I’m closing this window right now. Close call!

  • Beautiful! I confess that I have signed up for a 3 day AC workshop this November. Crazy amount of money for 3 days but it felt right in terms of getting my sewing skills to a place where I like what I make.

    • Woohoo! I will see you in Florence in November!! 😉

  • It’s gorgeous! I think if I made a skirt like this I would find an excuse to wear it every day.

  • Beautiful job on the skirt! You wear it well!

  • You look STUNNING. Beautiful work!

  • Really gorgeous, Kay! Yay you!

  • Stunning!

  • Stunning. Like it was designed for you.
    It needs a linen top. Maybe the tank in Drop Dead Easy Knits? Clean lines, smooth stockinette, just a little lacy thing at the hem.

  • Kay! You look AMAZING.

  • Kay, that skirt is purely inspiring, and you look amazing in it.
    I don’t have an Alabama Chanin kit languishing, but I do have some yardage and all of her books.
    I’ll wear my Easel to NYC some fall day and take sweet Olive for a walk.

  • So lovely. Even though it is the first day of the last year of my part-time grad program, I tried to convince myself that I had time to make one for myself! But perhaps an Alabama Chanin tee shirt is in the realm of possible. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Kay, looks gorgeous! One thing, it looks like you have an error in coding the link to the kit and you lost some of your text to it: http://I want to make another one right away, in a longer, swoopier stencil (such as Magdalena), which would be even more fun to stitch .

  • Fabu!!!!! Swan away !! Looks amazing.

  • Oh, very wonderful! That darn lesson about finishing things… I relearn it every time. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done! Nice.

  • Oh, Kay, that is so wonderful! I’ve never wanted a long skirt… until NOW!! What are the actual colors? Is it blue on black or blue on navy?? The negative reverse applique is perfect.

    • Peacock on black. It really changed color with cutting.

  • GLORIOUS! GLORIOUS! Thank you for the inspiration and the HOPE. Hope for my three AC kits languishing in the household. I had not the courage….what would happen if I MESSED. IT. UP??!!! Pulling out a box and a book today. Thank you! And you look marvelous!

    • Yes! This no of my four New Year’s Eves and start sewing. These kits are so forgiving.

  • This skirt is beautiful and you look wonderful wearing it. I’m feeling tempted. Thanks for telling us your story.

  • A work of art! I have all of the amazing Natalie’s books – you have inspired me to get them out and start a project – love all things Natalie – thank you for inspiring us!

  • Absolutely gorgeous!! Perfect.

  • Stunning. You look gorgeous. I’m working on my first AC kit, the journal cover, which is VERY small compared to this skirt, but you inspire me!

    • Just whip that up!

  • Yes, a long sweeping skirt with a train is just the right thing for you. FabUlous!

  • You, and the skirt, look absolutely fabulous!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! You and the skirt! And the inspiration…Today I will rummage through my sewing room to pick out a project to finish.

  • Looking good – hope the swanning was successful.

  • Stunning. You give me hope. I’m too large for the DIY kits, but I have all the books so I’ll give it a go.

  • Simply stunning. Love it and you should be wearing it all the time! I can just picture you and Olive walking in NY in your new garb with people seeing you and thinking-they must be doing a magazine shoot…

  • It is absolutely gorgeous Kay!!!! It looks so perfect on you!!! You were the belle of that wedding!!!! How wonderful!

  • Oh, and I LOVE those shoes too!!!!

  • Gorgeous skirt! Amazing job! A also love Olive’s coat. That pocked addin extra warmth is brilliant! On thing i claim stops me for knitting Bailey a dog coat is that he needs extra warmthnon his hips because of arthritis, but that always seemed like a hard thing to do. Not any more! (Although i think we all know poor Bailey is never getting a handknit coat from me. It’s a sad fact. — hoping reverse psychology works here!)

    • Hey, have I got the pattern for you! Decades ago I knit a dog sweater and I haven’t seen the same style since. It worked all the way down to the base of the tail and then squared right off to fall on either side of the haunches, down to just below the haunch. Then you sewed soft thin elastic on each side – one end at the corner and the other end to where the leg starts as you down the body. The sweater gives full coverage, it stays in place, and all the “utility bits” are free to do their bizness. Genius!

  • Beautiful! I love the colors!

  • New togs for both you and Olive? Win win win vacay work!

    The skirt is absolutely beautiful, and it looks beautiful on you.

  • Love the skirt, and the epic finish! Love the Olive sweater, but I’m glad that you explained “my nod to Easel’s asymmetrically-colorful sleeves was pretty subtle,” as I first thought it was a case of simply running out of the darker yarn while traveling. But I get it now. You both look wonderful!

  • How lovely is that skirt! You do beautiful work, Kay.

  • The skirt is amazing…..I have several of her books but have not attempted to make anything yet.
    This inspires me to at least try a top from one of her books. Wow!!!!!!!

  • The skirt is gorgeous, and it is even more gorgeous on you! I am trying so hard not to fall down the Alabama Chanin rabbit hole…. I don’t even really like to sew!

  • You are remarkable!!! This piece is a work of ART, & should be behind glass. 🙂

  • You look smashing. In fact, so good that I popped over to see if anything AC needed to become a long term project at my house. Alas, not quite me, but I’ll look again.

  • That skirt is to die for!

  • Oh, I hope you swanned and sipped happily! It’s beautiful. We’re in New York this week, moving a kid. Lots of people and clothes watching too, but no skirts like that skirt. I would have noticed.

  • Girl. You buried the lead.

  • That is so gorgeous! What a labour of love. And seeing how fabulous it looks on you has sent me on a search mission for a long skirt. If you want an evening type sweater to go with the skirt, may I suggest you take a look in Rowan book 54? One of my all-time favourites when I have a yearning to be glamorous.

  • This skirt was beautiful when I looked at it on my tiny phone screen. But when I got home and could really see it on a larger screen, the first word that popped into my head was “timeless.” Beautiful, for sure. But it’s more than that…a truly timeless beauty.

  • The AC skirt is absolutely stunning! It looks as if it was designed just for you. I also love the nod to Easel’s asymmetrical sleeves. Such whimsy!

  • What an incredibly flattering and beautiful garment. I hope you get many many wears out of it. Congratulations.