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  • I asked for these for Christmas – I hope I get them !!

  • Mine arrived on Saturday. It will be wrapped up as my present to myself. That way I know there is something I really want under the tree. It’s a system that took a quarter of a century to perfect. Each rime I walk by the dining room table I see a box of possibilities waiting to be explored.

  • I’ve bought the Field Guides as they’ve come out, but the bundle of them all at once would have been so much fun to open, I ALMOST wish I’d waited!

    • I agree! The bundle looks SO fun to open up!

    • Not me!! It is worth every penny more to have had these Field Guides and to study them and think about what I want to do next. I LOVE the Field Guides. Anyone who doesn’t have them JUMP on this offer, you won’t be sorry. I promise.

  • I have all the guide alread¥ and love every one. Is it possible to buy the bag on its own?

  • What a sweet idea! I love my field guides! One small suggestion for future editions would be a guide to other yarns that will play well with the patterns. I realize that the guides are meant to sync with what you are featuring in the shop but for those of us who have the Winnebago approach to stashing, it would be helpful to know our options. Happy Holiday Knitting!

  • I am volunteering to drive the Winnebago! Just don’t send me anywhere I would have to back up. I may become disoriented by the wool fumes!

    • Yes!! Pls drive the MDK yarn-mobile. It would be like the bookmobile that used to come to my town when I was a kid; only 1000 times better;) Y’all have 2 volunteers to drive, have more than one Winnebago!!

  • I love the Field Guides! They are easily digestible and very well done! I look forward to each and every new one. Now…about the Winnebago… I think that is an amazing idea! But, I wouldn’t want to drive it either!

  • I’ll be happy to drive the Winnebago. Kay, as you well know, I am used to driving a vehicle with a lot of stuff in the back!! So, I just realized I never ordered Big! Gotta get on that asap. I can’t imagine how that happened.

  • I think that if I ever saw all of your yarns in person, I would be lost forever. So best that there’s no Winnebago.

  • Got my box today! I may never sleep again!

  • The link for the Elaine Capelet goes to the Peek-through cowl. FYI.
    These all look so good… I told a friend that I already have about 10 shelf-feet of knitting patterns and she didn’t believe me, but it’s true!

    • Thank you so much for helping tidy up our links! xoox

  • I’m sure we could find a Winnebago driver. I promise to buy my fair share of their salary in yarn!