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  • Thank you ladies! This is so exciting. I can’t wait to get the book and share with my knitting group.
    Oh, And I can’t imagine anyone, friend or foe,who would impersonate me. Even for giggles.

  • Fabulous Tea Congratulations to the Winners!
    Also, I see Polly in those socks too!

  • So bummed that I missed the contest! And my favorite tea is Yorkshire too. Now, if I could only keep my kids away from it…

  • I am bummed, but ordered my copy this afternoon, just in the likely case that I was not a winner. I hate being right sometimes.

  • I got all excited there for a minute when I saw “Sarah R.” Except that then I remembered that (a) I don’t have a Yahoo account and (b) I didn’t enter the contest. Darn it all! See…I would have won!!

  • I am not going to get through the more than 1500 comments of yesterday….but I have to tell you how utterly stunning and beautiful that shawl is. I also need to apologize for what I said when you were still working on it (I said “oh I’ve made a few of these!”) — because of course I have not ever made a shawl like that. I have made top-down shawls like that but not with wings like yours. What you did with that black border is knock-out beautiful.
    Now I need to go back in the posts and find out again how you did it, so I can make sense of it.
    Thank you for your patience with me!

  • Well done you random number winners!
    Beaded argyle knee socks?? That is crazy on many levels, but I’d like a pair!

  • okay, my losing stream continues. But congrats to the winners and I’m sure I’ll buy the book.

  • Darn it all. I wanted that book.
    Congrats to the winners.

  • Goodness gracious great balls o’fire, what a beautiful shawl. I forgot to say that yesterday. And what a beautiful red tea tin! Congratulations to the winners, and (since I’m not one of them) now I have an excuse to buy the book at our LYS.

  • Yes, congrats to the lucky winners. Isn’t it fun to enter these conests? It kind of puts a special energy into a “business as usual” day. Thanks, Ladies.
    Kay: I know there were a passel of comments yesterday; I do hope you got to read my comment about the beautiful shawl. It’s stunning!
    Re: today’s post: did they say what it was that they painted on the intarsia sweaters? That would have made all the difference. no? :):):)
    Knit on!

  • Congrats to the winners and gutted I missed the chance to post my favourite tea. I can’t belive how many replies you received. Tea is bigger in the USA than I expected.
    By the way I prefer Yorkshire Gold or Twinings Everyday Tea or M&S Earl Grey (almost too perfumed). Oh, that just slipped out…

  • Just wanted to tell you I think your shawl is very classy and chic. I really like it and now I am going to knit one too, for myself (I want to hide my bum too). I would have told you on your previous post but there were over 1500 comments!!

  • I, too, have a lovely losing streak going and I really would like a copy, too!
    Thanks for the previews. Now I know I really want it!

  • congrats winners!

  • Hot-glued sequins. That is so, so beyond wrong. As always the Mason-Dixon ladies leave me speechless. I won’t ask who saw/tried/invented that little manouver (English spelling for you, seems appropriate today).
    Thanks for the book review, though, I might get it. My house needs a cupcake tea cosy.

  • i just want someone to make me the socks