How to Get Ahead of the Game

By Ann Shayne
April 23, 2019

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  • I absolutely love that green!!!!!

  • I’m right beside you with your ‘what game?” behind-ness. To be even more confusing add ‘what does that word’ mean … I just figured out what ‘deep state’ is so it must be time for a new version of another old word to surface.

  • Depending on where you live or where you intend to visit this summer, you might need a nice new sweater. Iceland in August had me wearing a LOT of wool with no irony whatsoever. The entirety of the Puget Sound is almost always sweater weather after 6 pm and before noon, 10 am if you’re lucky. Knit a sweater, then you have an excuse to take a trip to some mountains.

  • That Mohonk is truly magnificent.

    Funny, I recently wrote my own blog post on this same issue – the constant battle to knit in or ahead of the season. It’s spring now, but if you blink in knitting years, it’s going to be fall. Yikes!

  • I am super, super late. But I got the Field Guide. I love Isabell Kraemer’s designs. I’ve never done a KAL. But I think this is going to happen. Probably won’t be done in time, but I’m ordering the yarn. I cannot resist that Bottom Line Pullover.

    • Welcome!! You’re going to have a great time and you’ll love having this versatile pullover. Have you checked into the Lounge yet? There’s so much inspiration and encouragement on this KAL and everything else!

  • Love the green and the blue
    Would like the book and wool.