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  • And all this time I thought you were Michelle’s knitwear advisor…

  • Hilarious…any patterns for lanyard cozies?

  • I had to look at the photo twice before I noticed anything…unusual.
    Damn, you’re good.
    Carry on!

  • I don’t know…Sarah Brown is sort of looking back…I think she’s on to you!

  • Oh, dying to see you with Her Majesty. Give her a dishrag.

  • I’ll come and bail you out when they catch you. Mind you, I might have to re-mortgage the house to do it…. x x x

  • Thankfully our first lady has some fashion sense and dresses loverly rather than dowdy and ready for a funeral! Good luck in your adventures…maybe you’ll see Christopher Robin, too.

  • This photo makes me wish I’d worn my sparkly pink cardigan to the opera last night: then I would have looked all fashion-forward instead of just a follower.

  • So glad that you made it, but how did you get the llanyards — is Cheney helping you?

  • Kay, you should have told us about your trip to London! Or was it highly classified? We would have welcomed you to our Stitch and Bitch this lunchtime!

  • Michelle looks like spring, a breath of fresh air.
    I can’t quite catch a glimpse of your outfit, though. I’m assuming it’s knitwear!

  • Perhaps you can start a knitting and quilting circle at the G20 too. People who knit and stitch are unlikely to start wars or allow the world’s economy to go belly up.
    SUCH FUN! Do send some more postcards from your trip.

  • well they surely did not invite me
    you get to go every where
    our funny girl is at it again
    where and what next

  • Your best trick at avoiding detection is the fact that only your head is visible; the rest of your body is invisible! Michelle’s got the best legs and fashion sense of the two wives. You, on the other hand, have no legs!
    My enabler/supplier of all things Rowan lives just two miles from Stansted Airport where President Obama landed yesterday. She said that six military helicopters were buzzing over her house all day, and the area was swarming with police cars.
    Mary G. in Texas

  • LOL! Try to swipe an ashtray from Buckingham Palace or maybe tea towel. Just don’t let the corgis catch you – those little guys are vicious!

  • Where’s the rest of you? Did you have a splinching accident? (Harry Potter reference.)

  • It took me a while to see you there. You are stowing away gud!

  • Perhaps you could knit an cozy for HRH’s new iPod?

  • Knit a cozy for HRH’s new iPod? Nah, she looks more like a dishcloth gal to me! I hear she is actually quite natural and down to earth.
    As for you, Kay: clever, clever, clever! Thanks for the laughs!
    And, BTW, both of you ladies are pretty in pink…

  • oops ! Where’s you’re body gone ?!

  • Oops, where’s your body gone ?!

  • that. is. awesome. 🙂