A Starmore Fair Isle: Start to, Uh, Middle

By Ann Shayne
September 21, 2016

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  • Absolutely beautiful!!. I love Fair Isle. It is my favorite type of knitting. Great job. Enjoy

  • Simply beautiful!! Fair Isle is my favorite type of knitting but most of my projects have been smaller hats. However, I was so very fortunate to have my name drawn at my knitting guild to win a hand-knitted Alice Starmore vest which had been donated to the guild by someone who tired of knitting it. A Fantastic Knitter in the group finished it and it is really a Treasure!!

  • I have knitted several Alice Starmore sweaters. One even had steeks, which nearly killed me. I even knitted her Celtic knot sweaters. I didn’t use her yarn however, because I am poor. But she is a goddess and her books are breathtaking! Once you knit “Alice” you can do anything. I even designed my own fair aisles sweaters. So, Ann, keep going, you will be very proud of yourself when you finish!
    Monica Gottfried, RICHMOND, Va

  • I began knitting at 53, just 1.5 years ago, not ready for this project yet, but it is my goal. Sweaters like that is why I kept try to learn to knit at all. I’m tempted to “start” just for the joy of holding such beautiful yarn and rolling it in to balls. Happy knitting.

  • The colour mix in the top photo is just spectacular. Is it me/my internet connection or are the rest of the photos no longer available? I would love to see the other photos.

  • I was just last night spending time on their website wishing that they were taking orders – I am in awe of Alice and Jade and their patterns. And their sheer genius. Your project is amazing. Truly.