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  • Somewhere, somehow, Sondheim is trying to strangle himself with a handknit scarf. 😉
    Can’t wait to see the finished Denim. Will Joseph model for us?

  • I nominate that as the Official Song of the Quest for the Perfect Sweater.
    And now I’ve got “somewhere…..somehow….somewhere” running through my head. Um, thanks, I think.

  • The Clapotis is beautiful but I’ll take Gumby instead!

  • I sit here reading this, while my hubbo reads his computer on the other side of the room, and I chortle at the funny bits and say, “You know, dear, some knitters are crazier than I am….” Have fun with Durrow and Belinda and the donuts!

  • You slay me. Period.

  • thank God we’ll still be sitting …..
    love the musical tribute dahling!

  • LOL. Hubbo just performed a tender rendition of the Official Song. As you knew he would.
    I can’t wait to see that Durrow. It’s a beautiful pattern, and it’s giving me Ideas.
    And I like the way friendships can begin with a Googling of one phrase!

  • First of all — “Gumby”. A PERFERT name for a dog. I may have to steal that someday, if I ever get a dog.
    Second of all, I can’t believe how DIGNIFIED Gumby looks wearing that clapotis. Who’da thunk it?
    Finally — it truly is a GORGEOUS clapotis. And if I had a remote chance of winning, I might bid on it. Perhaps I’ll bid anyway, just to jack up the price a bit. (I think that’s called being a “shill”, which ebay frowns upon, but hey – it’s for a good cause!) 😉 Seriously though, if I bid, I’ll bid for real. What a great idea for a fundraiser!

  • oh, and how about calling attention to a typo by CAPITALIZING it??? (PERFERT = PERFECT). Duh!

  • Knowing the name of his cardigan is definitely asking too much ! And as for the British accent, I think it’s just a case of the grass being always greener. My sister-in-law is soon to marry a lovely, exotic and foreign sounding American ( a Jersey boy no less) – tho’ I have to say he’d be hee-hawing at the thought that his accent’s exotic !
    Given that you’re the reigning denim queen – ever tried Sirdar denim ?? Is it any good ?
    Heather x

  • Kay, I have been doing some searching for a Perfect Handknit cotton substitute. I’ve done one swatch (from the Classic Elite Provence) and it is very nice. I have to go to the blood bank this afternoon to give blood and then I will reward my good deed by stopping at the LYS for more yarn to swatch. Did you have any ideas?

  • You have obviously become comfortable enough with the lot of us that you are letting your guard down. TWO entries recently featuring Kay’s poetic genius? Who knew you had such a talent for humorous poetry! You are the knitter’s Ogden Nash. So great you are.
    Next Mason-Dixon book: Knitting Limericks by Kay.

  • LOL Rachel, the limericks are just doggerel tossed off for light relief while working on my magnum opus: Cable and Lace Charts In Iambic Pentameter. I give you ‘Aye, let’s Go’ (get it? EYElets? har har har):
    yo, *k 2 together, then yo
    repeat from asterisk ‘ere 2 remain
    k 2 together now purl back across
    do centered increases to keep you sane
    You tell me, Miss English Teacher, if that was really iambic pentameter. It’s been a while since 10th grade. Obviously feeling WAY too comfortable. xoxo Kay

  • Howling LOLs here! A sonnet by our guest poet, Yoda!
    Boredom of my Saturday with rheumy scourge doth cast away!
    Knitting will I go back to now. xox Kay

  • Actually, I think SSondheim might be tickled with your version. And whose dog IS that Gumby? He’s so wistful and Goreyish ~ marvelous! And so are your iambs, m’dear ~

  • My co-worker and I have fallen in total and everlasting love with Gumby! Is he a mixed breed? He’s so beautiful, especially with that model attitude!

  • You mean Rowan Denim is NOT the perfect non-wool alternative?

  • No way!! I am currently in a production of West Side Story, here in Toronto. And I sing that song (well, the original one anyway). I like this rendition better 🙂
    And .. BTW .. said production of West Side is precisely why I have been woefully absent in the knit blog universe lately. I hope you’re all having fun working on your sweaters!

  • my dog would not even consider sitting still to pose for a pic with a scarf–is Gumby sedated?