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  • Speaking of brilliant: Sloth! LOL.

  • Checking my email (where this blog post waited) before I head out the door for SAFF. Wish y’all were going to be there, too!

  • I’m going to be a reclusive spinster knitter. Happy Halloween!

  • Please sign me up. I’m glad you’re back!

  • Definitely go with the tomato/buff combo!

  • Thank you for the heads up to Wendy’s cowl. The beautiful fair isle patterns will keep me from trying to find any others!

  • Thanks for sharing the beautiful patterns, and the interesting article about tomato juice… Fascinating! It came about as a fluke, but I’m taking Franklin’s class on Sunday!… And I’m just giddy with excitement!

    • Give Franklin a hug from us!

  • I also vote for the tomato and buff combo. I’m going to try and avoid the internet wormhole. (I’ll let you know how that goes.)

  • Tomato/Buff for sure.

  • Checked the Most Haunting list immediately for Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell… my most favorite goth-ish fiction and now a BBC miniseries. Book is full of fake, footnoted scholarship on the history of magic. Loved the mini-series so much, I dressed up as John Childermass, Confidential Man of Business, former pickpocket, and secret magician, for Halloween this year. Highly recommend both book and BBC version!

  • Love the Friday “Snippets” posts!

  • Wonderful costume idea. I will celebrate in a similar spirit.

  • Gee, thanks; now I’m obsessed with the Inside Outside Cowl as well . . .

  • Thank you for that film. It’s made me think quite a bit, but all I’ll say here is that the main woman’s smile was wonderful.

  • Ha, you can’t get away with the sloth costume if you’re knitting both a sweater and a scarf! I vote green, but green is my favorite color so I’m biased. Thanks for all the interesting patterns and links. The India documentary makes me never want to buy another piece of clothing again.

  • I hope you won’t give up the blog. I’ve never been on Facebook and have no plan to do so.

  • Tomato/Buff for sure. The green is lovely, but has no spark with the buff.

  • my vote is for pale green.

  • I’m not on facebook but my dog is. He’s not a fiber person, though.

    I think most tomato juice at 30,000 feet has vodka in it…

  • Gotta go with green- I think that the similarity in color will result in an overall impression of a single very interesting shade.

  • The Knitter’s Guide to Tokyo brought back wonderful memories of my six years living in Yokohama. I had a membership card to Yuzawaya, so got a discount if I bought more than ten skeins at a time. I still have 11 skeins of a beautiful Shetland wool, that varies from purple to green. And let’s not get started on the joys of Noro. Loft, Tokyu Hands, the fabulous 100 yen stores – bliss. I was a more casual knitter when I lived over there, though, and didn’t know that Japanese stitch pattern collections were a Thing, or that Habu yarn was fabulous. Oh well – I’ll know what to do when I go back to visit.

  • I’m just catching up after spending 2 partial (need i say glorious) days at SAFF. Took a class with Franklin this morning, lots of color theory, amd here you come with all these fair isle temptations. Now the proud owner of the Crazed pattern, I’m off to follow that inside out link…
    Love that you’re back at it!

  • Loving it all. especially sloth. A little saddened, though, to discover I am not a Special Snowflake regarding my tomato juice while in flight habit. oh well.

  • Was so busy making the friar robe for the husband, the “fire guardian” vest & hood based on pinterest pic for son…put all of daughter’s flower hair clips in my hair (there were a lot) and called myself a garden.

  • Please sign me up! Thanks

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