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  • Slothing away up here in Boston!

  • Sloth,sloth,sloth.
    I’ll post after the chick’s in bed.We’re slothfully eating Marks & Spencer pizza right now !

  • slothing away up here in southern Michigan as well…

  • Sloth, sloth, sloth here in New Haven. I was supposed to have lunch with my parents in NW Connecticut today, but they cancelled last night, due to the forecast storm. It’s a tad windy here, but my rain gauge (electronic, so I don’t have to go outside) registered a grand total of .04″ (that’s four one hundredths of an inch!) of rain overnight.
    I’ll have lunch eventually, when I can be bothered to go make some tuna salad.

  • I’d be happy to post my slice of sloth except I’m finding myself a little low on energy. Seems like a lot of . . . work.
    Off to contemplate the Pop-Tart crusts that are still on the breakfast table. Question to the five year olds: is the crust really all that different from the rest of the Pop-Tart? Is the filling that important?

  • Thanks for the Making Fiends link: we’re instant fans over here!

  • Sorry, ladies: I’ve spent the weekend squiring around jazz legend Dave Brubeck! No time for sloth, must play hostess to the sweetest-with-a-kick octogenarian piano virtuoso on earth! When I had to turn down Maggi and Greta’s kind offer to tag along to MS&W this weekend it seemed like a good wifely thing to do, but when this amazingly talented artist had me in stitches in the “green room” before last night’s performance I remembered that I can go to Maryland next year. THIS opportunity won’t be back!
    Son #1 at movies; Son #2 cutting my mom’s lawn; Husband #1 talking to Dave’s conductor and on his way back to church (this whole Brubeck Concert With The Choir thing is his baby!); FIL #1 is on the deck reading. I’m packing a box for http://www.anysoldier.com (don’t know how to set up a link, but you should all go there!) and washing laundry load #3.
    Now that I think about it, a little sloth sounds like a treat!

  • Oh, I got some fantastic who-nees-marryland action going on, that I intend to go on at length. Who needs Maryland? I don’t. I have enough yarn.

  • I LOVE Making Fiends. I love it so much that I have a Vendetta t-shirt. (I call it–and my “axe girl” shirt–my “fair warning” shirt.) Whenever I get bitchy (so, so very infrequently), my husband starts singing the Making fiends song. Unfortunately, it usually makes me laugh.

  • Collette:
    I think I need a Vendetta shirt–maybe two.
    “Eat vegetables with every meal
    Or your lips will start to peel”
    “Happy birthday to you
    You are stupid and blue”
    You gotta love it.
    xoxo Kay

  • Brubeck? I am so green with envy. My first boyfriend took me to my first concert – and it was HIM!
    I wasn’t slothful today – I went shopping! Yes, yarn, and books, and underwear and socks. But now I am definitely slothful. I promise I will do my best to make up for it tomorrow. Jammies all around!

  • If I didn’t have Business Ethics what an oxymoron!)class this morning, it would have been PJ day at Debi’s house…sloth, sloth, and more sloth on the morrow!
    I did manage to eek out a missing MDS&W post too, even my kitty looks sad 🙂

  • I got yarn on my own today, here in New Jersey–I feel like I’m doing just fine without Maryland! I mean, as a state I’m sure it’s perfectly nice, and I have actually been there–the state, that is–but I’m managing quite well without its sheep festival, thank you very much! Although I hope everyone who’s there is having a good time!

  • I planned since missing last year’s festival to go this year and then The (Usually and By Far) Better Half decides to go to a conference in Savannah, GA…on Mother’s Day weekend…without his children and their mother. I didn’t sloth (neither two- nor three-toed) around in self-pity, no ma’am. I dragged Cheryl to my lys to spend money at their Knit for the Cure event. (Answer: Some Felted Tweed just because and some 1824 Wool for baby pants and size one needles to make the Koigu sachets in the current IK).

  • Definitely slothing here in Massachusetts. Much better to lie around and drink coffee than push through crowds of obsessive knitters in Maryland, right?
    Love the Making Fiends site, you made my morning.

  • We LOVE Making Fiends at our house. Just thinking about it is enough to have me singing for the rest of the weekend. Making Fiends, making fiends, Vendetta’s always…..
    I feel I have paid my dues to the knitting gods for this weekend, so… no festivals, no lys, just knitting. Mother’s Day knitting. M Day is very special to me, because our “Gotcha Day” (aka adoption day, or the day “I gotcha” was Mother’s Day. 9 YEARS AGO!!!!
    May you all have slothful knitting time this weekend!

  • Monkeys live in trees
    Monkeys have furry knees
    Monkeys don’t wear shoes
    Monkeys never lose their wallets
    they don’t have anyyyyyy!
    I drove my friends crazy for a long time with that one. I love Making Fiends.

  • There’s a Vendetta t-shirt??? ohhhh dear…there goes my parent-of-the-…um…-hour nomination…
    I, too, admit to turning my kid on to Making Fiends. She thinks Vendetta is totally horrible. I am clearly doing something right. When she starts to think Vendetta is cool, I’m moving out of the house…
    I wasn’t bitter until Claudia posted the photo of the pre-festival shoe-shopping extravaganza. This. Is. Just. Not. Fair.

  • I just watched the first cartoon and it was soo funny and cute. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

  • I am working all weekend (at the yarn shop). But tonight I went to see a movie with my husband and passed a woman walking down the street with a Button-hole Bag(!) and thought of you. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  • It isn’t Mother’s Day here in London, we had ours back in March. A bit slothful – but I did manage a large chicken casserole and took it over to my daughter, who five days earlier gave birth to a new daughter – there is already Poppy aged 8 and a bit and Rudi aged 2 and a half in the family. There is a lot of discussion going on with names, at the moment the lovely plump cuddly bundle is called Roxie Jezebel – don’t mind the Roxie bit, but don’t like the Jezebel part – I am not telling her about the name Vendetta or she might fancy that….. today I am going to crack the decreasing (in crochet – why did I start this?) that is my task for the day……

  • I’m loving Making Fiends – thanks for pointing me to it!

  • Be sure to go see her muffin films too! My favorite is the I’m Hungry one- keep feeding her and she blows up! (or sometimes runs away) http://muffinfilms.com/
    bye for now,

  • Making Fiends!
    Have you seen Big Bunny? It’s by the same person. I like Making Fiends, but I /loooove/ Big Bunny.
    ‘Hello, tasty children!’

  • Did you say South Park WITHOUT the gross part? It’ll never fly around here! But I’m checking it out, anyway, just to meet Vendetta.

  • Oooh I love Making Fiends! Thanks for posting the link! My favourite quote:
    Charlotte: So what’re you doing today? I wanna be just like you!
    Vendetta: In that case I was going to play in traffic and drink bleach!

  • carrie’s drawing is an absolute pearl! yes, upside down glasses must be all the rage…. i didn’t know you had such sweet tiny ears!