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  • The blanket looks wonderful. I wish I could come to your semi-secret finishing party! πŸ™‚

  • It looks so good! How many squares did you end up using in the semi-secret project? I can’t wait to see a finfished pick…those are totally my colors…hmmm. Me likey!

  • It is taking all of my will power to keep from jumping on a bus to NYC. Can’t wait to see the semi-secret revealed!

  • Que hora, Kay?

  • wish I could be there! so lovely…so spring like…so orange and pink…

  • knitting comedy would have to be “sit-down” comedy.
    you kill me! that teaser photo of the blanket is so sweet!

  • Ohhh I love it…! Pattern???

  • Nicole: Here are the deeply semi-secret details of this blankie:
    Shhhhh! xoxo Kay

  • I wanna come! But I’m on the other coast, so I think it’s unlikely. The semi-secret project is LOVELY!

  • Hi Kay, I sent an email to my friend Marne about this…she’s new to NYC and an awesome knitter. She may get in touch with you. πŸ˜‰

  • I really really wish I was in NY. Have a fab time. A.xx

  • such hues of sherberts and confections….i’m a salvating way over here in greater CA…..

  • Ahh! I love that afghan but my link to the pattern no longer works. Do you still have the pattern? (BTW The one you gave Nicole in the comments above doesn’t work either πŸ™

  • Hi–the link takes you to our archives, and if you scroll down you will see the instructions for making the squares. That is all there is, in terms of a pattern. You make a bunch of squares and seam them together. I’m knitting them together (pick up stitches and 3-needle bindoff), and will blog about it anon, when the semi-secret is no longer so semi-secret. But it’s a very free-form project using a collection of mitered squares knit to a similar gauge.
    Happy blanketeering. xoxo Kay

  • whoa…. that word was supposed to be “salivating”…. not “salvating”….betimes, pinks and oranges and ruby reds are timeless combos….enjoy the festivities!

  • oh baby, baby – count me in. let me know the time! love, ph

  • so sorry to miss this event! that bwankie looks deluxe–can’t wait to see it finished.
    having a rural sort of spring break. the piggly wiggly has organic milk, which is a shocker. right next to the pickled eggs.

  • I’m supposed to be around the corner at the Met Opera on Wednesday evening. “Der Rosenkavalier.” Semi Secret Knitting Project. Hmmmm… I’m torn!

  • wow – it looks great so far!! πŸ™‚
    i think i spy one of my squares! πŸ™‚

  • Oh wish I could come to help! It looks great. Thank you for putting this all together.

  • If only I were in the right hemisphere! Have fun! It is looking so cute already.