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  • Hahaha..Ann, that’s hilarious..

  • That was fabulous. I’ve forwarded it to my parents and friends, and I’m sure they’ll send it on as well. 🙂

  • Bravo!

  • Love your reminder — may have to borrow it!
    thank you for the laugh

  • Good for a laugh through my tears tonight Ann – thanks!

  • Hilarious! Please tell BCG hello from his stalker. By the way, I need help on the voting often part – I would love to be able to do that

  • I personally like Michael Phelps. Love the song thanks.

  • Write in it is!!!! I’m actually somewhat surprised that neither party could do any better this time around. Please don’t flame me!!!!! I’m just one of those nutty Ron Paul people!
    IAC, quite an amusing little piece. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • By the way, Who is Michael Phelps????

  • Off topic, but thought you might be interested. Didja hear that Fons and Porter are starting a knitting magazine?? More about it here:

  • That’s really cool! I like their quilting magazine. I’m anxious to see the knitting!

  • I don’t know if either of you ladies read the Onion regularly, but last week they had a great headline:
    Michael Phelps Returned to His Tank at Sea World

  • Thanks Ann, between the blog and the songs you guys are getting pretty famous!

  • just plain funny
    am i the only one who
    could not keep my eyes off
    all the tuned bodies at
    the games- honey why dont you look
    like him-quiet the girls are on
    love them beach games

  • Hollywood, boy I tell you. I’m sure glad we all get to vote, no matter what our television quotient is.
    I moved on from the Hollywood Endorsement Song, which really tickled me, to another in the Related Videos sidebar: Competition Outside of the Newsroom. It shows the highlights of a basketball game between some American reporters and some Beijing graduate students. The last line was to the effect of: Team USA left after eating some watermelon. I liked the video because of its amateur production values, lopsided match-up (grad students won easily), and extremely low-key game description. Very un-NBC 29th Olympiad.

  • LOL like crazy! It’s a big day for the David Shayne (Senior and Junior) Fan Club. (Probably also a big day for the David Shaynes Club.)
    xo Kay
    PS Everybody on the rolling WiFi bus loved it too!

  • Truly inspired. Sadly, though, I will now have the Hanakkah song in my head for at least a week.

  • the Michael Phelps article is still up there on the Onion and is absolutely hilarious!

  • You are two inspiring ladies – helping us all think “outside” our boxes – or maybe that only applies to those of us who’ve done “execution” knitting forever (pick a pattern, the appropriate yarn, and go!)
    Thanks to the inspiration from your great first book and a helpful e-mail from Kay I’ve used the Memorial Day to Labor Day time frame and almost completed a mitered-square blanket which was glombed-onto by my college daughter immediately when she saw it. The words “I would love it. It’s perfect for my room and I would tell everyone you made it!” absolutely did the trick! Some might say “how could you let her take something that took so much time to colleg?” I say “What better place to share the love?” Now the son heading to college next fall wants one as well. Since the original one was to be for our family room there may be a total of 3 in the queue.
    After looking at your book-signing venues on an earlier post I was wondering if you have any Chicago-area appearances on your calendar?
    Thanks for the inspiration and all you share with the knitting world!

  • Given the choices this year, I could totally vote for Michael Phelps, but then I’d have give up voting for Dolores. I wonder how the county will feel when I write her name in on my ballot… Ha Ha!