Shakerag by Night

By Kay Gardiner
May 24, 2018

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  • Based on my current rate of WIPs and the swirling projects in my mind, I probably wouldn’t finish a Shakerag until fall/winter. I was already thinking about just wearing it over long sleeve button down tops, a la Carbeth. I am now swooning at all those colors. I saw the Sylph at LYS the other day and couldn’t stop petting it.

  • Pretty sure your picture is not of loft but something like silk cloud.

    • This isn’t Brooklyn Tweeds Loft, but a different one. Click the link. You’re right that it’s mohair and silk, and that color is so juicy and rich. I want Kay to knit it so I can see if it works before I invest in the yarn.

      • I might get to swatching but I’m not sure I’m in the Mohair Mood until the humidity drops a touch!

  • Yes! You + Shakerag + Shaw = Stunning

    • I love a dark or muddy red so it’s teally calling to me.

  • Thank you Kelly Dew! Adding the split makes most every top more flattering (my opinion!). I can now feel the desire growing stronger to make Shakerag. How about Shibui Silk Cloud in Fog?!!

  • I also think that this Other Laura’s suggestion of a dark blue Shakerag is excellent. I love the yarns in your shop, but if you’re allowed to think outside the inventory, Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool seems as if it could work in a Shakerag, and would be interesting held with Loft. If you’re thinking dark red, she has a lovely shade of that called Oxblood. And Ocean is a lovely dark blue, just saying.

    • I have loved Silky Wool since the days of the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. It would be divine held double with Loft.

  • I just bought Anzula Breeze in rust to make a top. Will probably start it later in the year. Too many other things going.

  • Love the Shaw and love Kelly’s top. Since I’m reading this late, it’s actually the wee hours of May 25th, I could tell you that there is no humidity here. I do not have the air conditioning on and it is a slightly bit chilly. So Kay, the knitting is on? 😉

  • My question is really “how sheer is this?” I think Kay said she’d get a cami for underneath. I would think a dark color would have all the greater need for another layer?

    • I’ve been wearing my light-colored Shakerag Top without a cami (haven’t found one yet). I think that in Loft (a translucent yarn to begin with) it certainly needs another layer underneath, but I think I would be comfortable in the Sylph version without it.

  • Oooh, a Loft version would be really cool. A floaty dark cloud with subtle stripes.

    I just finished my Shakerag with a merino/tencel fingering weight yarn and a carry along of a Loft-like silk/mohair (Sincere Sheep’s Shimma) for the stripe. Waiting for it to dry so I can try it on again!