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  • Ann,
    You`re right. I am the queen of back stitch. (Ouch, somehow that sounds bad!) I do match up though. I always knit the first and last stitch on each row, and match knot to knot when I sew. I watched a colleague join in the sleeves with mattress stitch yesterday, wow, was that cool! I was impressed enough to actually give it a try….or not:)

  • Ah heck, Sissel, I didn’t mean to misrepresent your fabulous backstitch technique! Sorry! I was just impressed with the elan with which you sewed up. I always fuss over it too much, and dread it. Backstitch was so liberating for me, that’s what I meant to convey.

  • Ann,
    Next time you get a hankering for sewing up, I have a Chill waiting for its sleeves to be attached! 🙂
    And, I too sweat matching sts (not that you could probably tell from looking at my sewing up) so, more geekiness. BUT, I have only written an article about Martha “I look good in pinstripes” Stewart. I’ve never actually stood on a line to see her, so you may be edging me out at the moment! 😉

  • Hey now!! No Martha bashing on MDK!! That’s right there in the by-laws. So she’s not perfect. So she lied a little. So she’s becoming more and more indistinguishable from that fiendishly funny parody of her on Saturday Night Live. But she’s still Martha. She saved America from plastic-slipcovered sofas. She made it cool to collect dishtowels. She showed us that there is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to vacuum. She saved KMart’s butt (almost). She desperately needs a new legal approach, in my humble opinion. Grovelling: it’s a Good Thing. DON’T MESS WITH MARTHA.