Settling In

By Ann Shayne
September 8, 2020

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  • Welcome to your new digs! I am knocking on your virtual door bearing a virtual poundcake. Sorry it’s over-baked — I had to finish my row.

  • How exciting for you all and us!

  • Aw you make me laugh so much!! Also, I want to know why you have two massive washing machines in the top photo (on the right)?! 😀

    • Oh yeah!!! Why are there 2 massive washing machines in the top photo?
      Also CONGRATULATIONS!!! This post is so fun!!! And the new digs are beautiful!!!

      • WOW! You all have done a lot already! So much space for dreams to come true!!

    • Washing machines? I see two large refrigerators (or one refrigerator and one freezer)

    • Jen and Linda- I think they are refrigerators not washing machines. I could be wrong #priorities #lunch #let’seat!

    • We inherited two fridges. #snax #hotpockets #GetawayLeftovers #BLTs #ice

  • PMA – love the Positive Mental Attitude!!! Great! Good-luck! One step at a time …

    • I love the garage door in the kitchen/break room. The summer heat has briefly abated in our part of the country so I hope you can enjoy some outside time.

  • Wow, so much space! Enough for lunch-time kickball games! Congratulations!

  • Oh-h moving pains. I know them well. Hope the wee felt folk are helping! Chloe

  • It’s just. Wow. So good. Congrats.

  • I wish I were there to help.
    Welcome to the new MDK home. xo.

    PMA is my new mantra.

  • Too bad I’m not in Nashville at this time, I would have been happy to help! It would be fun to see what it’s like to move shop and not be the person who decides where everything goes. 🙂

  • Hooray for the successful move !!

  • Congratulations, and Phew! Love the light coming in from three sides.

  • Is there a break patio?

  • Congratulation on your new digs! Having more space is always great. Love you guys. You keep us all grounded and knitting in these crazy times.

  • Thanks for the peek inside your new digs – so light and bright and exciting!!

  • I love it! I also think it would make a great apartment so let me know if you ever decide to move again!

  • Wow! There’s so much space! It looks like Olive’s chauffeur could park the limo in there!

    • So spacious, so fresh! No clutter…looks fabulous. Enjoy!

  • I love the look of being open and white and the space isn’t cluttered

  • I love your new headquarters, but I also love the cactus. Plants “soften” the area.

  • I. Hate. Moving..
    Seems you all do too!

  • Love me some PMA!!!! I’m gonna start using that!

  • “We have made sure that you are going to have a perfect place to hang your Knitter’s Tote when you come to Nashville.

    Right next to me.”
    I got a little chocked up by that. These days having a space ready for a friend is a Very big deal.

  • Congrats on your new space. It’s so nice to see anything positive and/or happy taking place this year.

  • Congratulations! What a great space. I would love to visit in my latest imaginary future out of the home desires! In the meantime, I support you as best I can. You always bring fun, fantasizing, new ideas, new info, etc. into our home. Thank you.

  • Wow! Looks amazing, and despite wanting to see lots and lots of yarn, I’m envying that emptiness right now, as my dining room now home office is overflowing with papers and office paraphernalia and not even a fake plant to look at.

  • It’s awesome and huge! I love it. Ann you literally made me guffaw at your nameplate :-D. Congratulations on the successful move!

  • as long as you can find the toilets/washrooms and have a place to make and drink cup/mugs/glass of hot and cold beverages then everything else is just details!

    and here is an old Irish/Wets of Scotland blessing.

    May your roof never fall in and your family(workforce) never fall out.

  • You’re going to need a lot more freak flags for this place! Looks wonderful!

  • Congratulations on your new space.

  • Where can I get a Kid Silk Cactus like Ashley’s?

  • It looks fantastic. Open and available for lots of creativity!