Sending Love to Fruity Knitting

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
October 25, 2020

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  • I’ll start this relay race. I donated, so who do I hand off the baton to next?

    • Thank you for supporting them. I have doubled my Patreon support. I cannot say enough about how excellent their videos are! And like MDK, they weave in culture, travel, music, and history that enriches our lives and knitting experiences. They are a delightful couple. As I have seen over and over, the word “joy” follows them. I have started to rewatch their episodes. I think that #108 is among their best. Step into their world in this episode and you’ll be working your way back to #1 in rapid succession. Like potato chips, it’s hard to just have one.

      • Beautifully expressed. I have also increased my support. Andrew and Andrea have been my companions since the beginning of covid. They have certainly brought joy to my life.

      • It’s so heartwarming to see how much love and support is being offered to this wonderful couple. They have changed my life too. I’ve doubled my Patron support; that and heartfelt prayer is the only thing I can do

      • I agree! Their podcast is the best. I have come to appreciate both of them and I’m very sad they’re going through this crisis.

    • I just signed up. Love their podcasts, done so wonderfully.

    • Done!

    • Andrew and Andrea have put their heart, souls and livelihood into producing the most magnificent channel. I encourage everyone to Gift themselves by subscribing to their channel AS WELL AS joining me by becoming a patron on Patreon and/or making a donation if at all possible.

    • Done.

  • I am a monthly Patreon and upped my donation when I heard the news.

  • I am also a monthly donor and will up my donation. I just love Fruity Knitting. Watching their brave announcement last week was surreal. Bad things happening to very good people.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I increased my Patreon support after watching their very brave announcement last week. I have also started watching their podcasts from the beginning. They are such a cute pair. I feel like this is happening to good friends. I hope knowing how much they are loved brings them some comfort.

  • Thank you for encouragement the knitters of the world to support Andrea and Andrew. I am a Patreon and will contact to do so, and I have also contributed to the PayPal account set. They are a wonderful couple full of joy and bringing joy, they certainly deserve our support. I’m sure the knitting community will do so.

  • Fruity Knitting is a wonderful gift to the knitting community. I am grateful for Andrew and Andrea’s for enlisting the community in walking with them through this illness. Thanks to MDK drawing us together in this spirit.

  • Dear Ann and Kay, I was hoping you would address their sad news here as you have such a wide readership and they need all the help they can get. I cried when I heard their announcement as, like so many others, they feel like members of my own family. I too have upped my membership. Miracles do happen. I do hope and pray that a big one will land in Andrew’s and Andrea’s lap.

  • I was heartbroken to hear their announcement last week. Thank you for including the PayPal link. I am a Patreon but wanted to send a one time donation and couldn’t find a link that worked.

  • Andrew and Andrea have been welcome guests in my home through their beautiful and informative podcasts. They bring joy as well as a look at fairs, designers, techniques, etc. to motivate and admire the knitting of both of them. Andrew is a new knitter with a master teacher (Andrea) by his side. Andrea is a fan of Alice Starmore and other wonderful designers. Have a look at their page (it is really like a top quality magazine). And if you like classical music, that is the background of their work. YES, they have given so much to us, now we can give a token of our appreciation to them.

  • I have watched Fruity Knitting intermittently since the beginning and this is the only podcast I ever really enjoyed. I will finally become a patron and will pray for Andrew, Andrea, and their daughter as well. I am taking a virtual Keith Leonard class this morning and will let the other people in our class know (before it starts) through the zoom function. Thank you so much for telling us as I dip in and out of Fruity Knitting and could easily have missed the news.

  • I was heartbroken to learn this. Their announcement video must have been so hard to create. I’m a patron, and have increased my contribution. Healing thoughts to Andrea and Andrew.

  • Just joined Patreon. Looking forward to binging on Fruity Knitting!

    • Andrew and Andrea asked for two things—please watch their video. The video will not only make you cry but their courage will buoy your own darkness. They also ask for prayers—specifically prayers of gratitude, joy and hope for their family.

  • Andrew and Andrea spread love and joy and deserve it in spades in return. I found MDK through them and like them you too bring civility to our knitting discourse. Thank you for spreading this sad news. They are an exceptional couple who will deal with this trauma with courage. Everyone is rooting for them.

  • Just listening to Andrew and Andrea lowers my blood pressure. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to support them.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew at VKLive! in NY City this past (pre-andemic) January. My husband and I were in the lobby on the main floor of the hotel, waiting to have lunch and get on our train back to Maryland. I noticed Andrea and Andrew- Andrea hard at work in her computer and Andrew close by. I must have been staring too long (sorry) because I caught his eye. I would have been more than happy with a wave, but ever protective of Andrea’s time and incredibly friendly, Andrew walked over to us. He was so kind and that frank and open-hearted smile of his won over even my non-knitting husband. We chatted for only a minute or so, but he commented on my crazy Christmas socks and mentioned that he and Andrea had really enjoyed their time in the U. S. and hoped to come back. I hope you can both come back too, Andrew, in perfect health! I joined their Patreon and hope we all can. While I intend to offer thoughts and prayers, this is another way to help meet their needs.

  • I became a Patreon supporter last week after first hearing the news. I really don’t know why I hadn’t done so before – their podcast is extraordinary. ❤️

  • When I heard their heartbreaking news it took my breath away. It’s a privilege to support Andrew and Andrea. I’m envisioning a return to perfect health for Andrew.

  • Beautiful couple and their contributions to the knitting community is extraordinary! Positive thoughts and prays!!!!

  • I learned about this from Alasdair Post Quinn through his blog about double knitting (he was featured on one of the Fruitty Knitting podcasts). I too became a Patreon to honor Andrew and Andrea’s contribution to the knitting community and offer a measure of support to them during this difficult time. I’m glad to see such an outpouring of love and help from so many knitters. God bless them both.

  • It is so heartwarming to see all the love and support they are receiving from the knitting community around the world. They have graciously given so much to us over the years. Their content has always been free with just a request for Patreon support. I have lived vicariously through their travels and have met so many amazing artists and creators. I know what it is like to have a life altering illness and the financial support everyone is giving will definitely ease their stress which is important for healing. I jumped up a level with my Patreon support and encourage everyone to help as well. Every little bit when given my so many is huge!!! My thoughts and prayers are with them and for Andrew’s remission. The love they have for each other is so real and complete. Thank you for sharing this letter.

    • I should have become a patreon a long time ago I am embarrassed to admit. I am now a very proud Australian Merino. They have the blessings of the worldwide knitting community. Surely good must come of that.

    • Thanks MDK. Another way to donate is at the designer support topic, Fruity Knitting ravelry.

    • Thank you for spreading the news. I also felt heartbroken at the announcement of Andrew’s diagnosis. I have been watching Fruity Knitting for over a year and have learned so much about knitting and the knitting community from them. I have been and will continue to be a patreon. There is a thread in the Fruity Knitting Ravelry group for people who are watching the episodes together once a week starting from #1.

  • This news is heartbreaking, but for every dire diagnosis–there is always a percentage of people who recover fully. I pray that Andrew will be on that side of the scale. They are such a wonderful couple. You can feel the love in every episode. I increased my Patreon membership and sent a separate donation, too. Thank you for helping to spread the news.

  • True confession: I haven’t yet watched an episode of Fruity Knitting, although I had heard of it. That said, I just donated, and look forward to watching their impressive library of videos. Sending all the good vibes in the world to Fruity Knitting!

    • You will love every single episode. They are a work of art, really, and you will come away from each inspired, happy, and in awe of this wonderful family who is giving their talents for the world to enjoy through their podcasts.

  • So glad that you put the information for joining as a Patreon to Fruity Knitting and for giving a donation. So many read your information, that this will get to many who may not know about Andrew’s diagnosis or even about Fruity Knitting.

  • The Fruity Knitting Podcast is absolutely top notch! It has amazing content and beauty. However the very best part of the podcast is the relationship between Andrew and Andrea. They obviously adore each other and the sweet way they look at one another is just so heartwarming. I am devastated by their news and so worried about both of them. I have repledged to Patreon at the most I can afford.

  • I cried all the way through their announcement as I am also a cancer survivor and know the challenge of facing this kind of diagnosis. I have been a patron since the beginning and also sent a one time donation. I deeply value their contributions and their work-it is professional and brings new designers and content to my home twice a month. I hope that many of us can contribute and take a look at their many episodes if you haven’t already-they are a treasure and Andrew is a complete dear!

  • I LOVE this knitting community. I, too, upped my monthly contribution. I imagine all of this influx has lightened Angela and Andrew’s load just a bit. They gotta fee the love, right??? and that’s why the world needs now more than ever. We are so lucky to be part of this swelling of positive energy. Go Andrew!! We love you so much!!!

  • I love knitting and my greatest joy and relaxation is watching my favorite Youtube videos from many podcasters. I could not stop crying when watching Andrew and Andrea’s news as they share with us the saddest moment of a couple’s life together – Andrew’s brain tumor. I enjoyed Andrew’s slow knitting and was happy that I was not the only one. Anyway, I make sure, since watching their sad news episode, that I become a patreon to help this beautiful couple. I donate a lot to help a little. Thank you to Andrew and Andrea and thank you, MDK, for sharing with us.

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful shout out to Fruity Knitting! They are a jewel to the community and we can ease some of there distress by being there for them now:) much love to their family

  • Devastating news. Andrew is the best part of the podcast for me–the heart of it. I feel horribly for Madeline (and Jack). I’ve been a Patreon almost from the beginning and have increased my patronage. This hit me in the gut.

  • This is the first that I have learned of Fruity Knitting. I watched their first episode and the 108th and was very impressed. I will continue to watch more because they contain some good knitting ideas but other things as well. Thank you for including this on your website.

  • I just discovered them recently. I saw the podcast and plan to become a patreon. Thanks for putting this out there for more folks to see and be involved.

  • I’ve been watching Fruity Knitting for a year and a half as I got back into knitting. From almost the first episode I felt as if I had two new friends with whom I’d settle in each evening as I knit. I’ve learned an immense amount from their passing on of knowledge, and been exposed to so many knitters, designers and farmers I’d not yet heard of. When I saw their announcement last week I was devastated. I immediately became a patron, something I’d intended to do for over a year. I’m embarrassed that it took this to get me to commit. Thank you for encouraging others!

  • In addition to being just delightful and educational, Andrea and Andrew are doing a remarkable job of documenting the current world of fiber production and knitting–and I think thereby producing a record of some traditions, companies, and skills that may be lost. I have been haunted by their news all week and was hoping you would help publicize their circumstances. Thank you. I think I found them via Knitting Stars last spring when you promoted that resource, they have been a cornerstone of my pandemic therapy.

  • Thank you for spreading the word on your forum. I also increased my patronage after watching their heartbreaking video. I’m hoping for a miraculous recovery for Andrew, who feels like part of my family.

  • I too had health issues cosisided with a brain tumor still healing and putting 100% effert in healing I’m sending you big hugs and healing heart felted hugs to you and friends and family

  • Their podcast is new to me, however, my family and I know what it’s like to face a shocking diagnosis. I’ve made a contribution to help them as they face this together.

  • Wisdom and Joy is words following Andrew and Andrea. They changed my knitting world to the better in any way, Watching the love and respect for eachother is lovely. I hope their journey in the cancer world will end up so good as possible – crying is no help, but it is so unfair – that this should happen to Andrew, that brave man – learning to knit and becoming a worldstar. I pray for him, though I am not religious. Pia in Denmark

  • This news grieves me deeply. The knitting community has lost far too many iconic members lately, and now we stand on the edge of losing yet another. Cancer is such a horrible disease process. It dehumanizes those who suffer from it, and taxes family members and friends to the utmost. Prayers that Andrew find a study group that will help him fight this tumor and give him quality time with Andrea and their family and friends. May he be carried on gentle arms through this time.

  • Thank you so much for posting this, I also became a member.

  • Thank you for supporting Andrew and Andrea and their daughter. Fruity Knitting is the most well done video podcast I have seen and obviously takes a lot of work. I too was devastated by the news of Andrew’s tumor. I am focusing on him healing, the tumor shrinking, and have up’d my patreon support as well as made a donation through PayPal. GET WELL Andrew!! You are loved.

  • Thank you for highlighting Fruity Knitting and their current situation. Like many I love their shows and have donated. Hopefully other knitting sites, podcasters, bloggers, etc… will do as you have done.

  • I began watching Fruity Knitting on the current podcast. I was taken with their approach, asking new watchers to begin somewhere else, not wanting their introduction to Fruity Knitting to be one of bad news and sadness. As a doctor and patient I am accustomed to bad news and am impressed by their show of resilience and willingness to accept the challenge involved. After the losses of Cat Bordhi and Annie Modesitt, this news is a call to prayer, support, and hope that I too will join.

  • Yes, it was shocking to learn of Andrew’s health crisis. I love Fruity Knitting, it’s become a staple in life, like knitting or eating. I’ve doubled my Patreon support and sent an extra donation. For a couple who bring such joy, I wish them peace and healing.

  • I have donated to paypal.I can’t be a Patreon any more because my ipad ios does not support Patreon.If anyone knows how to get round this please let me know.
    I have watched FN since the beginning and it has been uplifting and a joy in some of my darkest moments.I am sure that we all want to hug them better and free them from this devasting situation.I can’t believe it.They have a very special place in my heart and I pray for some good news.Thankyou.x

    • Hi Susan, I wonder if you have contacted Apple help and/or Patreon to find out how you can restart your Patreon membership? Sometimes when your device is no longer able to be updated with a current version services do drop off. It is worth another try if you are up for it. I agree, their podcasts are definitely professional and fun, it is a great service they provide to us. Good luck.

  • I mention this because you said that you are researching various treatments. Is stereotactic radiation an option? My sister in law needed to have that for a tumor in her brain which had metastasized from her bowel cancer. It did disappear after the brain radiation with minimal disruption to her overall health and function. She had minimal discomfort and had also chemo therapy for the bowel cancer after the surgical removal of the bowel blockage and the liver metastases. I know everyone’s treatment is diffetent. She did live for
    eight years cancer free after treatment before she passed away at age seventy two. I am seventy four myself and on limited income but will send a donation as well as my prayers. I just chanced on announcement. I am a hand knitter and crocheted since childhood. I only do quick easy projects now. Using heavy weight yarn and large needles. I will go back and watch some of your videos starting with episode 108 as you suggested.

  • Ich bin sehr sehr traurig darüber!! Andrea und Andrew waren mein erster Podcast den ich auf englisch abonniert und unterstützt habe, trotz eingeschlafener englisch Kenntnisse. Ich bin längst ein Fan ihrer tollen Videos und wieder einmal entsetzt darüber welche Dinge das Schicksal uns abverlangt!!! Ich selbst stand bereits mehrfach in einer ähnlichen Situation und wünsche beiden viel viel Kraft für die kommende Zeit!!! Ich drücke die Daumen das alles wieder einigermaßen gut ausgeht und schicke Grüße aus dem Schwabenland Viola