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  • The Print o’ the Wave shawl is gorgeous – use it well 🙂

  • Love the shawl and the mirror.

  • it may have been early, but i think it’s very vermeer-y. woman in blue taking a picture. gorgeous!

  • *smile* 🙂 The shawl is lovely, Ann!

  • As Fernando once said,(OK 1000s) “Dalink, U rook maaaavelus!”

  • Just lovely! It’s so fun seeing the finished version of something in my WIP bag! Great work, and kudos on the grafting. You’re a stronger woman than I!

  • That’s a great picture. Love how it’s framed.
    As for the snow, it’s way too early, imnsho, for snow.

  • Ooh, kellie ann – I was thinking the same thing, that it looked like a Vermeer portrait…
    Lovely, Ann!

  • So so pretty. So pretty. I need to finish mine. I’d punch whoever is making me do all this gift knitting in the mush if I could, but my arms are too short.

  • I was thinking Vermeer, too! Such a pensive, thoughtful look. Obviously, much care went into this picture. Oh, and the shawl, too 😉

  • erm– where are the boys, ann? (have i missed something?)

  • Kelli Ann–
    At school! Jeez, it does sound like I lost custody of them or something!
    All’s well here!

  • Hi Ann, so great to see the strong work you did in that gilt-painting class last summer at Shady Dell. Nice shawl too. NO Jemima Puddleduck Effect. xoxo Kay

  • Ormolu? Did someone say ormolu? You’re looking very Vermeer, Ann!

  • Fascinating. I am trying to figure out the geometry involved in this portrait. The cats haven’t figured out the digital camera settings yet so I am on my own in that respect. Using a periscope/mirror approach hadn’t occurred to me!

  • The shawl is beautiful… looks great on you, but you are waaaay too serious looking.

  • Nice shawl! I love the color. It snowed around here this morning, too.

  • Just lovely, that self-portrait. I’m glad your photographer had to “go to work.” 🙂

  • Ok, this must be your new photo format… I agree with the profile and all it looks just like a Vermeer.

  • I wish it would snow here already, it’s cold enough to. I think if it’s going to be this cold, it might at least snow. Beautiful, beautiful shawl, you look lovely.

  • Wow, great minds, my first thought was “how Girl with the Pearl Earring”y of you!!!
    I love it.
    Happy Holidays.

  • You look warm, cozy, beautiful. As serene as if you’d just sat for a classic portrait.
    And you say it’s too early. I should look so good at that hour.

  • Love the shawl, love the mirror. You do good photos!

  • Fooey, 700 people got to the Vermeer comment before me.
    It’s snowing here too, and I plan to settle in with the ball band dishcloth pattern and a mound .cotton yarn

  • Lovely shawl. Lovely picture. Lovely Ann.

  • VERY Jane Austin.

  • I love that photo.
    It reminds me of 15th century Dutch portraits like those by Jan van Eyck. Framing yourself in front by a “window” and behind by a doorway, the hand gesture not quite captured, all give a sense of motion, mystery and possibility. I guess new lace will do that to a person.

  • The shawl is gorgeous. I’m psyching myself up to do my first shawl. After a few, maybe I’ll be proficient enough in lace knitting to try this one.
    But Ann? You live in Nashville, right? Then somehow I doubt that your snow was a blizzard. I know from blizzards (I’m in Chicago); I think it has to snow at least 2 inches an hour to qualify. It’s been a while since we’ve had that around here (although we had a big wet dump of snow last week followed by a deep freeze). Not to be all snarky about it, but I think those of us north of the Mason-Dixon Line would call what you described “snow flurries.”