Self-Care: The Power of Routine

June 23, 2017

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  • Max! Thank you for sharing this wonderful interview. I want to start on this today, not tomorrow <3

    • Yay! High fives!

  • Max,

    Your choice of image for this post (gal in a fetching cloche bonnet scrubbing a pot while looking serene) validated my belief that some forms of housework can feel like self-care, which is a handy mental shift. I count making my bed as an act of self-care because it makes me feel good to smooth sheets and plump pillows, and ditto (usually) for doing the dishes after a meal. Turning the lights out on a tidy kitchen, and waking up to one, give me a feeling of calm, that everything is OK.

    • Me too! The sound of the dishwasher going as I finish sweeping up the kitchen and turn out the light is a comfort. And having lived without a dishwasher for 3 years while my husband was in graduate school, I gratefully empty it (now that we are empty nesters).

    • It’s really interesting to see how much effect the environment has on my mood. Care of my surroundings has an enormous overlap with care of the self for me.

  • Love this interview, thank you! Great reminder to take care of ourselves.

  • I like the comment about if it will make you feel better in the morning. I do the self-care of administering wine and chocolate before bed, but have realized that I sleep better and feel better if I don’t indulge before bed (imagine that). But it’s hard to give up all vices, so I just try to abstain during the work-week. 🙂 I’m still working on getting a consistent home yoga practice too!

  • Enjoyed this interview. I don’t know much about Ayurveda but what Obuchowicz says about balance makes total sense to me. I ran into a friend this morning whom I had not seen in a while. She is 67 and looks wonderful. We were discussing well-being and she said that taking care of herself is a matter of making decisions every single day. Sounds ridiculously obvious, but somehow rang a bell for me.

  • This interview really speaks to me. Thanks, Max and Gracie for doing what you do. I didn’t understand Ayurveda and will definitely be checking it out.

  • Timing! I am on Day 9 of a 100-day challenge to add a habit that will increase happiness in my daily life 🙂

  • This will sound crazy, but having all my laundry done and neatly folded and the carpet vacuumed make me feel self-cared for. Also taking the time to shop for healthy foods and plan ahead for how to eat for a busy week instead of just eating whatever is convenient.
    Add exercise and those are my baseline routines for taking care of myself. If I let any of these drop, especially during a busy week, things get chaotic and I feel out of control.
    I appreciate the perspective that routines are part of self care. It helps me see all of the ways I am taking care of myself. even though it cuts into knitting time, having an ordered environment brings me a sense of calm and control.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this interview! I actually just learned about Gracy’s work from a Washington Post article so loved that this showed up as another reminder from the universe about the importance of “self-care + self-awareness = self-love.”