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  • Point of information: I am not allergic to these fibers, in case a recipient is needed. Mohair always fools me. Due to its fuzzy animal appearance, I start to itch just looking at it, and then I put it up to my face and my face goes, ‘Cotton? Acrylic? I’m getting no reaction here, babe. You can take it off me now. Go ahead. Buy a bag. Knock yourself out.’
    Nor am I at all judgmental: all knitting is good. The No. 15s plumb wear me out after a while, is all.
    An inspired combination of cool & smooth with warm & fuzzy, yin & yang. xoxooxxo Kay

  • Watching a scarf roll off of a pair of 15mms is my kinda quick knitting satisfaction. You go!

  • No way is a garter stitch scarf NOT PROPER KNITTING. At least not in my book. But then I made 3 last year… and not even in such a funky yarn combo… so I am obviously compromised on this particular issue!

  • I bet Nicole Kidman couldn’t knit – no, design – a piano bench cushion – or even a garter stitch scarf…..
    Lovely Autumn colours……

  • As always, MDK has inspired me: I’m going to dig out the garter stich mohair scarf I abandonded last winter. Sounds like about my speed right now, and since it’s a WIP, guilt free! It will look cute with my fall jacket too…

  • Just a minute there. I know Nicole Kidman [well, sort of–she body-checked (think hockey, not flirting) my brother against a bar at an Oscars party] and and…I bet you have more yarn than she does!
    xo, Cristina

  • Cristina–Your brother is JUDE LAW???????? Rowrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Speaking of scarves, is anyone reading Pam Allen’s new scarf book? I’m so inspired by the multi-color square-you can wear it as a skirt over your jeans scarf! But I’m leaning toward some Kaffe colors from the Windows coat and making it larger (to cover peanut butter stains on the chairs) My Mom made me a Dr. Who scarf for my year in England and it still hangs in the hallway – perhaps I should start on a Dr. Who and Mr. Fassett version…

  • Ann HB, Just so you know, we have no idea what you’re talking about but we support you all the way.
    (LOL.) xxo Kay
    Must check out this scarf-skirt contraption!

  • I think it’s some kind of human slipcover.

  • Here’s a little review of scarf style:
    first picture after the cover shot is my current fascination
    and for dr. who shots!!!!!!

  • Ann HB–I saw this book at Habu, where it was one of only TWO books they were selling. And we are truly sisters on some level because the one you adore was the only one that really grabbed me. I didn’t buy it, but only because I was so ill that the life-force was waning.
    I am gobsmacked out of my ever-lovin’ by the Dr. Who site. Who is Dr. Who? Never heard of him, and frankly I had him mixed up with Dr. Who-vy of the Horton Hears a Who video; I meant to go check out his scarf. I have seen a Harry Potter scarf site, but this one truly takes the cake! I love the very idea that someone has a website devoted to copying scarves that a t.v. character wore. It’s a wonderful, cracked world.
    Is there a site out there to knit the Starsky Cardi, by any chance? xoxoxoxo Kay

  • growing up in Ontario, CAN, Dr. Who was on TV every day twice a day, I think. i don’t think i ever “got it” or watched an entire episode, but i can still hum the theme music & picture the scarves & have vague memories of the sets & props. the bits of stuff left over in my head…
    i have heard about a knitting channel, or TV show on cable, or something like that. has anybody taken a look? we have put our TV in a closet but I’ll go to Future Shop to watch it out of curiosity…