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  • Your peony buds look gorgeous. I don’t think we have any yet (north central IN). Ours are usually late in May so thanks for the preview.

  • Thank you for the picture! Memories of my grandma’s amazing peonies in the backyard on 17th Avenue. You took me back to Nashville, circa 1963, for a few minutes….

  • “Enjoy the process” – that depends on the process. Knitting yes, gardening no, which is why I didn’t enter the contest. (My advice would have been to live in San Francisco near Golden Gate Park or Lincoln Park, then walk in said park daily).

  • As someone who only in midlife came to both gardening and knitting, I agree with Lisa H.’s advice. If given the right care and attention, both gardens and knitting of whatever kind can flourish. Fully enjoy YOUR process, whatever it is, always taking time to smell the roses or fondle the skeins!

  • I’ve been really amused by all the variations on this book’s title. And all of them work!

  • Love the Shakespearean quotation!
    Love your blog, actually!

  • Love the Shakespearean quotation!
    Love your blog, actually!

  • one of my most favored flowers
    my grandmother long lived in crawfordsville in
    if we visited in may her peonys or pine o nies
    would be in bloom hopefully by memorial day
    memories from the past century i seem to
    still have a little girl inside me

  • Whoever took that picture has both a beautiful peony and a really wonderful eye.
    Thank you.

  • I had to learn that sonnet in 10th grade (1986), and still know it/love it! I have been feeling guilty about how my new-ish love of knitting has impeded on my old-ish love of gardening. Must remember that I can knit all year, but”Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

  • I love the peony bud shot….few things in life are more joyful than watching ants work their way through the petals of a peony, forcing that bulb open. I love to watch nature cooperating. Without ants, well, peonies would just wither and die without blooming and what a loss to the world that would be!

  • I keep debating whether or not I will try a garden again this year. I’m pretty sure the answer is yes, and that the second answer is that I will buy the seedlings already started. The idea of starting everything from seed quite so late seems to me likely to be doomed to failure!

  • MB – Thanks for explaining the ants! That’s the other thing I remember from my grandma’s back yard…

  • Did you see the “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding” book? The Guardian has generously made available (for free) the “knit your own corgi” instructions.
    Just FYI.

  • more storms on the way ann
    happy passover kay

  • Note to Kay…
    The Woolen Willow has some Noro yarn in your colors.
    Kureyon #211B 6 skeins
    silk garden #269B 1 skein
    silk garden sock #S269 1 skein

  • … and mud season’s lease has none too short a date.