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  • I certainly admire a boy who knows what he wants out of life so early in the game. Go, Clif, go!

  • May I ask what you have against the Northwest? Only one stop here?!?! You really need to come to Seattle!

  • That baby blanket is incredible. Love how the squares “pop”, she really did a wonderful job arranging the colors.
    P.S. A “slogalong”? Hard to refuse with such an appealing name. You ought to be in marketing.

  • I think your son has the same ambition as my 24 year old son has right now. Has your son been on my son’s my space?
    Love the baby blanket. Perfect colors!

  • Clif’s perdictions remind me of an assignment my sister did in kindergarden. All the students where to write what they where thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. Many of the children chose to write about their families, toys, and pets. Not my sister… she was thankful for Chicken. She always had a problem with confusing meats.
    Keep on slogging along!

  • I am so excited about your stop at Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks. I’m considering doing two things: bringing all my ball band washrags for you lovely ladies to sign, or checking out all the copies of your book from the library so you can sign those. (My utterly strange way of honoring the public agency which actually facilitates my knitting habit.)
    I’m sure there are logical reasons for your choices about stops, but may I chime in? Seattle, too, needs a stop. Your publicist needs to get on the horn to Weaving Works near the UW campus. Or better yet, the University Bookstore on the Ave, a place that would actually have enough room for all your fans.
    PS I’d imagine Abundant Yarn is going to be a little crowded come the 28th. See you there!!!

  • Love Clif’s wrinkly face! Still smiling at 100, that’s good, and really, pretty abundant hair for that age….
    I can’t slog along with you, and we’re still waiting here for your Toronto appearance!

  • If I am knitting on a Never-ending Sleeve, does that mean I can join your slog-along?

  • honk.

  • Can I do that when I am 100? Maybe some knitting too, but sitting in Miami playing poker with friends sounds fun.

  • Yay, ya’ll are coming to PDX???? Yippee!!!! I’m so there!!!! (jumping for joy!). Whoo hoo!!!!

  • Do you know how sad it is for the West Coast knitters that ya’ll continue to shun us? At some point, we are going to start to be offended. Tragic.
    For a brief moment, I contemplating trying to convince my husband – or anybody else I know, actually – to make the 11+ hour drive with me to Portland. Surely ya’ll want to visit San Francisco (a mere two hour drive for me) – – or better yet, the Napa/wine country areas…surely Kay needs to make a return visit to the fainting goats – – or even some place in the LA area (a completely reasonable 7 hour drive).

  • Clif’s prediction is so excellent. Reminds me of my late father-in-law. At the close of each Passover seder, he reportedly said, ‘Next year in New York!’ (Note to non-Jews: it is traditional to say, ‘Next year in Jerusalem!’)
    Bloom where you are planted. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if it ain’t falling off, don’t honk.
    Shouldn’t it be Candide ’08? Pangloss ’08? If I’d been paying better attention in French Lit, I could tell you. xoxo Kay

  • Bermuda rectangle – Oh my God – that is rich!
    I love you all but there is no way in God’s “verte” earth I would touch that endless desert of stockinette expanse. You need a little quick fix – break it up with a little treat – a quick one. Either that or some poker. Save yourself!

  • You know that’s not a bad life for a 100 year old. If he added some knitting , I could be there.see it.

  • I have only two knitting rules: Never knit anything that looks like you bought it at Sears. Never knit anything that bores you to tears. So why is my current project a navy blue cotton cardigan that is 211 stitches per row and a four stitch repeat? Even better, when I finish the body I get to knit and then sew on eleventy zillion yards of inch wide lace trim. I don’t dare start anything else or it will be come a UFO for sure. Slogging along puts it really well.
    Cliff’s self-portrait at 100 is wonderful and both bumper stickers are a hoot.

  • Oops, sorry about the extra “f” in Clif.

  • Cliffs dream… isnt that the dream of all 100 yr old americans?

  • Huzzah for a stop in the NW, and at my favorite spot of all! I can’t wait. Quick, where’s my Log Cabinish blanket? Better get in gear on that one – thanks for the motivation!

  • Awesome blanket, and love the post, especially Clif’s.

  • OH MY GOSH, you all are coming to PORTLAND! I am so there. I no longer live in Portland, moved away 9 years ago. But it is a doable drive. I have never been to Abundant Yarns so I have no opinions about it. I hope I can find parking. I’m sure this isn’t a concern for you because won’t you all be dropped off in the Mason Dixon Limo or something?? Anyway, will bring the book and some knitting and see you there!
    I saw the Cat Bordhi thing advertised at my LYS. You will love Newport. Nice little tourist coast town. I hope there is nice weather for you. We are talking March on the Oregon Coast. Also it will be Spring Break here.

  • Boy’s got his act together – amazing goals in one so young. Are those wrinkles on that face, or did he have an unfortunate backpack encounter? I’ve been thinking about the shrug, but seeing a speed knitter like yourself in the Bermuda rectangle – I don’t know…it is awfully pretty though. Looks soft, fine, even elegant.

  • Is that blanket moving… or is it me?

  • Whhhaaaaah! No Seattle visit. I offer, Chocolate, Beer, Coffee and a dinner overlooking the water if you visit!

  • DAY-um! !!
    that is one fan-TASTic mitered squares blankie!
    simply. amazing!
    hey…have you tried the new addi turbo lace needles? just wondering…

  • That Clif sounds like he’s got it all tied down. I wanna be him when I grow up.

  • Thank your hubbo for getting that damn Overture in my head. (that’s what happens when you mention Voltaire to a musician.)
    And I think that is a fine prediction for a 100 year old, in this best of all possible worlds.

  • Does this mean you are actually attending the Magical Moebius Festival???? I went two years ago and am going again this year. It’s tons of fun and the new location sounds fabulous. I can’t wait, what a treat to see you two and Cat in one spot! At first I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get to Portland on the 28th (I live about 3 hours away), but now I’m getting more and more excited about the weekend on the coast.

  • You are going to have such fun with Cat – and if you haven’t taken a mobius class yet – don’t be surprised when you think this will never work — just keep going with it and you find out the woman is a genius and it works — what perfection!!!!

  • clif has very high ideals! i adore the mr. potato head with cottonballs. refreshing, uninhibited artwork at this tender age.

  • Drat. Double DRAT! You’re FINALLY coming to PDX and I’m out of town. My knitterly friend Heidi who got me hooked on your site & your book is out of town. The significant others are all out of town, so we can’t even SEND them with our books to sign. We would love to show up & help exceed the maximum allowed capacity for Abundant Yarns. We’ll be with you in spirit as the Fire Marshall tsk tsk’s at the crowd. Come again soon!

  • When I was a kid we did a project where we wrote designed our own tombstones (why this did not strike the teacher as a bit grim I don’t know..) anyway my class got really into it and while there were some serious tombstones, there was also some serious comedy. The best one was done by a kid named Ed. Ed’s tombstone said something to this effect “Here Lies Ed- Couch Potato- Died due to the aftereffects of too much Cheeto consumption.” Anyway for some reason Clif’s project just reminded me of that little memory of childhood…
    Besides I think he hit the nail on the head- what 100 year old wouldn’t want to be in Miami, playing poker?

  • Hey Ann, tell Cliff to check out Maddie’s plans for when she is 100 years old..
    i wonder, was this an federally mandated assignment for first graders across the country?
    would love to join you in your slogalong, BTW, need to get a copy of the pattern ASAP

  • Hi Ann and Kay, what can I do to get ya’ll to my store for a booksigning? My shop is in Blacksburg, Va. 3.5 hours from DC. I sell boatloads of your books a week! My customers worship your book and have knitted most things out of it. We’d heart a visit!

  • The “Honk If Anything Falls Off” bumper sticker is just perfect for DD. She is now driving a vehicle that sometimes loses unnecessary pieces of bodywork. Oh dear, that does sound bad, but we really wouldn’t let her drive something unsafe!

  • Ann & Kay,
    I’ve been so looking forward to your trip to Oregon!
    Nancy from Colorsong told me that you were coming to MMF3. I was able to be part of the fun last year, and I am going again. It was a blast last year. Cat is so creative and funny!! All the people that attended only added to the knitting party atmosphere. And we were surrounded by mountains of beautiful yarn, much of it from Fleece Artist & Handmaiden. To say nothing of the great service at the hotel.
    We will have a front row seat[in front of large windows] so that we can see the whales migrating north. A better room than last year. More wonderful sockitecture from Cat. The debut of Addi lace needles and Fleece Artist Sea Wool, a cousin to Sea Silk. On top of that you get to be part of the fun with all of us for about 3 days. [maybe share with us some hints about your upcoming book?] Bring some rain gear if you plan to walk on the beach. It is Oregon after all. [Say Orygun]
    As for March 28, it is possible that Abundant Yarn might exceed it’s fire limits, but it has about 5000 sqare feet. The problem, however, will more likely be parking.
    Looking forward to a great send up for April Fool’s Day!

  • Aw, rats! Ann and Kay in the flesh, in my town, and where will I be on March 28? San Diego! Unfortunate timing, to say the least. I hope you enjoy your visit to the “upper left edge”, so much so that you come back to Portland often. I’d love the chance to meet you ladies!

  • You know, if I could manage it, I would cash in some miles and add some cash, jump on a plane and come to Portland. That sounds magical right now.
    Magical also = that denim baby blanket. She has a great eye for color, too. Love it.
    Young Cliff is wise beyond his years.

  • Or, re Portland, I would wait until 3/27, and spend the interim working on reading for details.

  • Omg, Voltaire 08…I’ll be laughing all day. 🙂

  • uhmmm…Voltaire? the singer??

  • Funny thing is that I’ve taken to muttering, ruefully, “all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds” (I know, I’m slightly off from the usual translation) whenever things go wrong. It seems to express the exact combination of extremely aggravated/frustrated/bemused semi-optimism I need.

  • Hey y’all, we are getting tons of phone calls about your upcoming visit to Abundant Yarn. The parking lot has 11 spaces but there is plenty of on-street parking and we are also on bus line #70. Call ahead to reserve a book and bring a special pen if you have a cast for them to autograph (this was one of the phone calls- “Will they autograph my cast? My doctor knits and I want to surprise her”)
    See you soon!

  • Love the Voltaire! I’ve been laughing all day! Has hubbo considered buttons too? We French teachers would love them! 🙂